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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 06, 2012    

TAB is a live music venue split over 3 levels of the old Orchard Hotel Galleria space. It showcases the talents of local and foreign artists by providing a platform for these singers/songwriters to perform their own original tunes.

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An exclusive fusion club

I was introduced to TAB because a friend of mine worked there, and he encouraged me to go support this newly opened club guaranteeing that I would have a good time there.

The concept of this place, decor wise, is fantastic. As compared to the rest of the clubs I've been to, the decor of TAB impressed me. I especially liked that this place has three storeys - so there's no need to worry that it would get too crowded or packed on weekdays. The best part is that these three storeys are connected by escalators, so there's no need to climb stairs to get from one floor to another. It might also be useful to note that the ladies' toilet is on the third floor.

TAB is supposedly known to be an "exclusive" branch of Neverland - meaning that it is managed by the same people behind Neverland. And I'm not surprised, because TAB does bear some similarities to Neverland.

TAB attracts mostly businessmen who have the money to spend on liquor and girls, so the crowd there isn't as rowdy as other joints I've been to. I especially like the performances at TAB - the singers and dancers have obviously gone through many rounds of rehearsals and all of them put in a lot of effort just to make sure they put up a good show for the audience.

Beer tower (Tiger) goes for $98 here - too expensive for my liking, in my opinion, especially since I'm not a fan of Tiger beer.

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Creative drinks

I was at TAB for a local band performance, and I must say that the layout of the place isn't too good. The upper floors had poor acoustics and you'd need to stick to the banister in order to see anything that's happening on the ground floor where the show is.

That said, TAB is a great place to lay back and chill if you count the performing band as background music rather than the main must-watch item of the night. The plush seats are comfy and the bartenders are awesome at whipping up the most creative drinks - I asked for them to create any special non-alcoholic drink for me and I got a delicious chocolate peanut butter ice blended drink, which was definitely an intriguing surprise for me.

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Was here for a show

I was here for a Lenka show some time back and the atmosphere was great. It had a cozy setting where the audience could stand near the stage. It was a lovely evening where we were serenaded by the singer.

However,Tab is mainly a restaurant with live music? I have to say that it is not a place for food and drinks alone. With so much empty space (due to the standing area and stage) , it really looks weird. The main courses and drinks are reasonably priced for such an establishment though - About $15 - 20++ for a main course?

Overall, not a place I'll recommend for dinner unless there's a show that you really want to catch.

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Remind me again what TAB is for

Ill taste.

For the life of me I'll never understand why people come here. I went on a Friday with a girlfriend, shouldn't it be much more happening?

The place was strange, everyone there was on their little tables and straight up looking miserable. Truly miserable. Nobody there was smiling, not even the staff. We were wondering if the stock market crashed or something.

Me and my girlfriend found an empty seat near the podium and a waitress came, gave us a short patronizing smile, then dumped the menu unceremoniously on the table.

I am known with my friends for my low tolerance on my bad days and hence, I got and left the place in a rage, accidentally upsetting their little menu stand along the way. My girlfriend was stunned for a bit then she quickly followed me out.

Don't ever come here unless it's a Neverland exclusive night.

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