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#03-07 Odeon Towers Extension Rooftop 331 North Bridge Road
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

The Lo & Behold Group re-opens its beloved Loof, Singapore’s first standalone rooftop bar located atop Odeon Towers in downtown CBD. The name Loof is a playful reference to the idiosyncrasies of local speech and culture. Going back to their roots, the new Loof is refreshed but maintains its cheeky and quirky character, but now comes with extra local flavour.

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I was totally awed by the setting of the bar. I have always had a liking for outdoor bars and therefore, I will visit this place again if there is any gathering in the months to come!

Fortunately for me, it wasn't too humid when I was there that night. Coupled with the breeze and soft background music, it was easy conversing with my friends. The service was excellent as our orders were served to us promptly and we had no issue with waiting for someone to attend to us when we needed help on the menu.

It was an enjoyable place to chill and catch up with friends.

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Nice place to check out

I was there 2 days ago with a bunch of friends. Haven't been to this place for about a year. The place was renovated with some changes in the furniture arrangement. Nevertheless it is still a good place to chill and catch up with friends. Situated in the heart of city, it is very accessible by public transport.

We made reservation the day before as it can get pretty crowded and difficult to get a table. We were seated at a corner, pretty conducive for gathering. The music wasn't too loud and it was easy to talk to my friends. The waiter was prompt and responsive.

The only drawback was the warm weather. As it was an outdoor bar, it was pretty warm and humid. Luckily for us it didn't rain that night.

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(Updated: November 09, 2012)

Absolutely Amazing Aura

I"ve seen my fair share of rooftop bars, most of them are sneakily disguised behind "rooftop" to come off as being more exclusive and exotic when in fact, it's just an cramped bar on a roof, quite literally. I have to say Loof Top Bar stays true to their word takes two cakes on top of that.

The cleverly compartmentalised seating area makes full use of the already wide space; the urban garden with bar stools has a wonderful view of Raffles Hotel and overlooks the street, those who prefer to lounge in comfy chairs will reside in either the open air area surrounded by lush vines or the posh air-conditioned room behind the bar itself. Rows of long tables are also able to accommodate large groups. If chit chat isn't your thing - fret not, head on over to the round top tables right in front of the deejay to soak in the infectious tunes first hand or plant yourself at the bar itself for some serious drinking all night long.

Definitely will have to recommend Thurdays with Loofapalooza - Singapore's most elevated underground party. Amazing tracks with DJ Uncle Johnny from the likes of - Garbage, NO, Radiohead, Muse, Bowie, Arctic , Libertines, Smiths, Manic. Even requested some Cure from the amazing Deejay.

Don't forget to purchase some gems from the nostalgic "Mama Shop" at the exit. - that is if you can bear to leave..

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A very pretty place

A pretty place.

My first thought when I first saw this place. I came here once with a friend after work and I wanted to stay outside and enjoy the view but the place was full. It was a Saturday night so I expect I didn't any less but did it have to be that crowded.

This place would be much sweeter without the traffic but regardless, we had to settle for one of the seats inside with other cramped couples and it was still a nice experience. We ordered a mocktail each and no matter what their recommendations is, stick to what you like best. I have a feeling the drinks here are too exotic for my taste but if you're all up for a sensory adventure, order their bestselling Bandung Bloom. A simple drink from simpler times.

The deejay that night was pretty average so I didn't have that big of a blast but it was the company that matters so I guess I enjoyed my overpriced drink in this panoramic view of a place.

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