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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

Feast your eyes on the colourfully-delicious array of more than 35 tapas and pinches at the new District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant at The Star Vista. The pinchos, are traditionally eaten in bars in Basque in Northern Spain. These small bites skewed on long toothpicks are exquisite to look at on District 10's never-ending open bartop counter and even more tantalising to eat.

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Just chill

Was there with a couple of girlfriends to simply chill for the night. If I remember correctly they offer only Stella and Hoe Garden for beer.

We had dinner and went District 10 only for the beer. We sat and chatted and nobody really bothered us. The waiter and waitress were friendly and observant. They came to us when it seemed like we needed anything. The ambience is good, but I felt they dimmed the lights a little too much. I like how they grafted "District 10" onto the wall. Gives a nice feel.

While inside, one could forget he/she is actually at a place that's considered rather neighbourhood. They had lots of wine bottles for display and we joke about the part when someone needs to do the dusting. Definitely not me. Ha!

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Good place, but bad experience

First of all, I would state it out: District 10 is a superb place. Good crowd, above average tapas food, and a convenient location. However, I was perturbed when I last visited the bar.

I think there was a new group of staff members that day or something, as waiting time was almost thrice as long as usual. I recalled several tables grumbling about the long wait, and a couple even walked off! As I was with a small clique, it wasn't that bad, but I could have imagine the chagrin of the couple, waiting for close to 30 minutes (apparently).

If they can maintain their standards, this would be the perfect place to catch up with old friends and family, and just enjoy a drink or two.

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A very homely, warm bar

District 10 is better known for their food.

I have very boring food tastes and for everything else I'd insist they're un-delicious or it's an acquired taste kind of thing. So I was really hesitant when my ex-boyfriend brought me to this place.

As it turns out, it isn't too shabby.

I didn't know what to order because everything looked so mexican and spicy, so I decided to go with the one with its food grilled on a stick (it reminded me of homely satay) and it was a good decision.

I don't know what I ate but it's fantastic. I normally can't take spicy food but this one was so mild that I actually enjoyed it. I didn't notice a patio and was pleasantly surprised when I saw the deejay enter. What a nice touch.

A great place, too bad I wasn't drunk or I'd live it up here.

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