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903 Bukit Timah Rd
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

Head here to avoid a hard day’s night. Beatlemania is alive and well at the recently opened Bukit Timah branch of this pub dedicated to the Fab Four.

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(Updated: November 02, 2012)

I love the fish and chips here

Even looking at it now is making me sob.

(this is irrelevant to you but that's gonna be my dinner tonight or I'll be a lost lamb.)

The Cavern is an unassuming bar down Bukit Timah. You would probably miss it at first look but please do stop by. You'll wonder how they squeeze all these gourmet-goodness into this 20sq feet space.

I personally came at a bad time, it was the EPL and nothing was playing except soccer commentaries and I was bored. I'm quite sure if I had a music backdrop to this place, I'll never leave. Oh but this place isn't air-conditioned so if you're spoiled, you should head elsewhere.

As mentioned heavily, order the Fish and Chips here. The fish is sort of bathed in cheese so be prepared to confused your taste buds tantalizingly. I wouldn't drink here because it has the mood of an eatery more than anything else but it's your call, I believe in being tipsy all the time and if you believe in it too, order the home brews here.

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