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Listing created by equina on March 07, 2014    

The Ukulele Girls, Kaylin & Tian, are one part sugar, one part spice and almost everything nice! Also featuring Ukulele boy wonder, Don, and percussionist god Zi.

This ukulele duo performs regularly in Singapore, covering songs from an eccelctic mix of genres and making each song their own. Now they write original catchy and uplifting tunes with funny, heartfelt lyrics.

The Ukulele girls have performed at many events such as Habitat for Humanity's Bare Your Sole Walkathon, SPH My Paper's inaugural Love Parade on Haji Lane, Stefanie Sun's Wedding, Singapore Mint's annual International Minting Conference, the official launch of TURE, and were most recently engaged a Christmas Special at Wheelock Place.

With the unofficial Ukulele Boys, Don Tantono and Hazizi Jafaar as regular sessionists (on bass and percussion respectively), they've achieved a fuller and more interesting sound together.

They are also Ukulele Movement's sponsored artists.

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