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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on February 24, 2013    

 SKarf (Korean: 스카프) is a South Korean girl band formed by Alpha Entertainment, releasing their first debut in 2012. The meaning behind the group's name is based on the word  "scarf". The S stands for Singapore while the C was switched out with the K for Korea. The group is made up of five members, namely, Ferlyn, Tasha, Jenny, JooA and Hana. SKarf has been gaining much attention locally especially with the Kpop wave hitting Singapore.


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SKarf's potential has yet to be fully maximised

The Korean-pop industry has been growing rapidly these years. However, in this over saturated market, will SKarf be able to succeed? As of 28 February 2014 according to the girl group Daum cafe ranking, SKarf is at 53rd place.

Skarf debuted with 'Oh! Dance' in 2012 and made a comeback with their first mini album "Luv Virus" on mid 2013. The girl group appeared in a handful of Korean variety and reality shows. Members of the group Tasha and Hana are currently hosting television series Arirang TV and Mnet Japan Jjang respectively.

There were a couple of things that I'd observed in SKarf's fan-forums such as netizens commenting things like, 'Oh this rookie group isn't getting recognition they deserve' and 'These girls are working so hard and it's not fair' but that argument does not work. It would be biased to say that SKarf did not work as hard as veteran idol groups (such as Girls Generation and 2NE1) because everyone works hard, so to pity from one band to another is unfair.

SKarf definitely has a long way to go and given their potential, I believe that they are able to outshine other rookie groups. Unless they make a new and interesting concept and are able to quickly create a unique and fresh identity to the public, it may be tough for SKarf to make an impact in the international music scene, period.

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(Updated: January 30, 2014)

We are your SKarf!

The title of my review is actually their catchphrase. They usually say it, along with a cute hand gesture, when introducing themselves during interviews or variety shows.

They are the first Korean-Singaporean kpop group in the industry. This alone is pretty exciting, especially for Singaporean fans of kpop such as myself.

I felt that their debut song, Oh! Dance, did not leave a strong impression albeit having a pleasant-enough melody. Their first mini album, however, titled Luv Virus, was much better! I personally like all the songs on the album with the exception of the title song, Luv Virus. Having said this, I feel that there should be more consideration in the selection of their title songs, which they usually promote on music shows and events.

I've been following SKarf since their debut in August 2012. In my opinion, they are a cute group, with the members having a kind of sweet but mature girl-next-door image. However, I feel like Ferlyn, the main rapper and dancer in the group, suits the strong-female image better and would definitely shine if the group ever goes for a hip-hop-street-style concept.

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A long way to go for this K-pop group

It is honestly quite exciting to have Singaporean representatives Tasha and Ferlyn in the K-Pop industry, especially when many youngsters both in Singapore and internationally admire and aspire to be like their K-Pop idols. No doubt that there are many Singaporeans rooting for them, but in an almost saturated K-Pop industry, SKarf as a whole still has a long way to go, in terms of identity and showmanship.

Many K-Pop groups have debuted in the recent years and SKarf have been part of this influx, hence they tend to be less memorable amidst the tough competition. It is quite unfortunate that they have gone for cute girly concepts for their title songs, because it has slightly undermine what they are capable of. Both Tasha and Ferlyn have shown potential in terms of their powerful dancing, do take a look at their dance practice videos on YouTube.

As a whole, I hope that SKarf would comeback with a more suitable concept and become more recgonized in K-Pop. If they manage to do so, it could possibly pave the way for more Singaporean talents to be part of the K-Pop industry.

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