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Khairul Nizam
Listing created by Khairul Nizam on December 08, 2012    

Stomping Ground is the definitive Lion City Hardcore band. Made up of 4 passionate musicians, they were very active in the 1990s, playing numerous gigs in Singapore and Malaysia.


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Awesome live gigs

I am writing this as a fan of the band. This was one of the bands that nursed me through my teenage angst. There were others but none struck a chord in me better than Stomping Ground did.

Let's face it, these guys were never going to make it big in the music world. Not the most talented of musicians but they had passion and they had plenty of balls. What they were able to do was to make the best of what they had and communicate with us kids about what it means to pursue our passions no matter what detractors say about your lack of perceived talents.

Their live shows were very youthful affairs and they rock hard from beginning to end. I wish that they would get back together and play another gig one of these days after being quiet for a while.

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