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By2 is a girl group from Singapore composed of twins Miko and Yumi.

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Audition Days..

I first heard about By2 and their music through the hit online music game Audition. Something about their music appealed to me initially that made me want to read up about them and hear their music. However, that phase passed by quickly.

A long time later, I saw a music duo on a Taiwanese variety show and to my surprise, it was By2! Oh man, how different they looked from when I first noticed the two girls. They looked more mature and more...Taiwanese. I thought it was great that they managed to have a career in Taiwan, where the music business is way more promising and rewarding than in Singapore.

It's just unfortunate that I have lost every inch of interest for this duo. Whether or not they are a hit in Taiwan, I have no idea, These girls have nice looks and okay vocals, so they should have a chance to make it big in the Taiwanese music scene if they haven't already done so.

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

They're not that bad

After reading through a few reviews I regret to say that the negatives outweigh the positives. To me, By2 is a band all aspiring Singaporean singers should look up to.

When I first saw their music video and heard their songs, I thought that they were Taiwanese too and I was pleasantly surprised that they could be compared to Taiwanese singers. Courageously pursuing their dreams at a young age, these twins actually survived and emerged triumphant from the dark music industry and the songs they produce are not that bad as well.

I find their songs quite catchy and are comparable to many Chinese pop singers. Other than the common JJ Lin and Stephanie Sun that many people use to show that Singapore has some musical talent, By2 should definitely be given some credit for making it thus far and for contributing to the Chinese pop world.

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I love their songs and find a lot of meaning in them!

I am really proud of them as they are Singaporean singers with really awesome voices! Also, they are so young and have not finished schooling but started singing to earn money ever since their father died. I really admire them for being so mature despite their age. Some of their songs are really catchy and have really great lyrics. Best emotional songs to sing in KTV session. They are rather good at dancing too and improving day by day :D

However, recently, they look more mature than last time, quite different. I do not really like their new looks now. They look more youthful and innocent last time!

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Unfortunately, a forgettable band

To me, the duo looks nothing more than the next Taiwanese pop band, but they get my attention more than others solely because of their Singaporean descent. I've never actually actively sought to hear their songs, but I do see them on Taiwanese variety shows from time to time promoting their songs. However, these songs are pretty forgettable and I remember more of the accompanying dance than the song itself, because they look like they're trying very hard to be good dancers, at least.

Although they've been on the entertainment scene for years, there has been no breakthrough for them, and they remain an obscure band to most. They are also a little bit too much of the 'act cutesy' type for me. I really admire their passion to chase their dreams at their young age though!

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Nothing special..

I used to know a group of friends who were absolutely taken by By2 to the extent that they would sing their songs all the time. I'm not usually a fan of Mandopop, but I do know talent when I see it. And in By2's case, such talent appears to be lacking.

Hailing from Singapore, By2 is a girl group consisting of twin sisters that ventured into Taiwan to further their music career. I have to admit, venturing into another country to pursue your dreams at the mere age of 16 is impressive, but sticking with the same cutesy, pouting image ever since that age is not cool.

Their songs are average - nothing impressive, but not exactly bad either, and fails to make an impression on listeners. Their vocal range, like their songs, are mediocre as well. They cannot really belt out the high notes, and their voices are boringly typical.

I don't really understand By2's appeal, but perhaps when I start mussing up my hair in a cutesy way and speaking in high-pitched squeals, I might finally grow to like them.

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Wait, they are not Tawianese?

I've heard of BY2 for a while now and always assumed they were Taiwanese. Imagine my surprise when I read about an interview of them in the news and realize they are actually local! Woah!

I've heard a few of their songs while having KBOX sessions with my friends. Their style of singing and music videos is really those most Taiwanese singers would do. Nothing Singaporean-ish at all, sadly. Have they actually forgotten their roots? Somehow, they don't have the looks of a Singaporean too.

The twins left school early to pursue their career. This is something I do admire because not everyone has the courage to give up whats 'safe' for them and pursue something they might fail in. I'm sure they did make the right choice, look how famous they are now!

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Give them a chance

I used to think that BY2 is a disgrace to Singapore since they dropped out of school at such an early age to pursue their singing career. I didn't think their singing is great and their image is just like the typical 'ah hua ah lian'.

But recently, I chanced upon one of their music videos and was astonished that their singing actually improved, and their current image is more towards the Taiwanese style instead of the Singapore 'ah hua ah lian' style.

Come to think of it, if they can be this successful right now and doing what they really love, it does not really matter whether they are scholars or not.

How many of us can earn money by doing what we really love anyway?

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How distasteful

I am so going to be hated for this.

But let me know if I look like I give 2 hoots so I can change my expression.

By2 looks like your typical Taiwanese duo. Give them a choice and I'm pretty sure they'll wish they were Taiwanese too. I also believe that to stand out to this industry, you have to be either exceedingly lucky (think S.H.E.) or exceedingly strange (think Lady Gaga).

By2 just has the face that says "please love me and do not bully me" and other weak undertones like that. I've heard their songs and most of them are love-related, again everything weak and common. They'll die into the industry if they keep up this "watch my pout my lips sadly because you're not buying my album" image.

I've read that they don't know what's Vietnam and inquired if its a dish. Yes my darling girls, it is, and it goes damned well with fish sauce, yum yum!

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Maybe they need to study more

After four years of hard work and perseverance, BY2 has marked out their own name in a foreign country. This pair of twins sure has done Singapore proud. Personally, I really admire their courage to leave home at the age of sixteen and chase their dreams instead of being tied down by studies. How many Singaporean teenagers would actually materialise this wild dream against all odds?

Sadly, they left a bad impression when they attended a Taiwanese variety show. Although they were eighteen then, they never knew about the existence of Vietnam! I was flabbergasted when they asked if it was a type of food.

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(Updated: October 04, 2012)

Very talented twins

By2 is a twins from Singapore whom have went to Taiwan to study in their arts and music school and pursue their dreams as singers and artistes! I have been following up with their production and supported their songs since their first debut!

It's very proud as a Singaporean to see them being able to make a name for themselves in Taiwan and many other Asia countries. As they went to Taiwan at a very young age of 16, after four years of experience, they have become more experienced in their performances! And in their latest album recently, I have realised that they have become much more prettier than before with a tinge of femininity as they matured with age.

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