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Emicakes is a cakery that prides itself as the No.1 Singapore Durian Cake Maker. They offer customers healthy choices of cakes - 30% lower in cholesterol and fortified milk protein as ingredient. They have 11 cakery branches and available for online orders.

Additional Details:

Avg Price:
  • $10-$20
  • $20-30
  • $30-$50
  • $50-100
List of Outlets:

Ang Mo Kio:Blk 722 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-2835
6458 4578
11am-8pm Daily

Bedok:Blk 56 New Upper Changi Road #01-1298
6441 8635 (10am-10pm (Daily))

Bukit Batok:Blk 636 Bukit Batok Central #01-08
6563 1508
11am-8pm Daily

Causeway Point:
1 Woodlands Square #B1-K25 S(738099)
Line 1: 6891 0801 (10am-10pm (Daily))

Compass Point:
1 Sengkang Square #B1-20 Compass Point SINGAPORE 545078
6388 9901 (10am-10pm)

Clementi:Blk 328 Clementi Avenue 2 #01-190 Singapore 120328
6775 1361 (10.30am-8.00pm (Daily) updated 3rd November 2011)

Kovan:Blk 203 Hougang St 21 #01-65
6858 1563 11am-9pm Daily Effective 1st Feb 2012

Pasir Ris Downtown East:
Downtown East 1 Pasir Ris Close #01-28
6585 1566 (9am-10pm (Mon-Sat) & 9am-9pm (Sun & PH))

Plaza Singapura:
68 Orchard Road #B2-04 S(238839)
Line 1: 6338 5433 (10am-10pm (Daily))
Line 2: 6338 6433

Tampines 1 Mall:
10 Tampines Central 1 #B1-15 S(529536)
6789 5143 (10am-10pm (Daily))

Tampines:Blk 264 Tampines St 21 #01-110
6783 0100
11am-8pm, Tues-Sun (closed on mondays)

Toa Payoh: Blk 116 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh #01-170 SINGAPORE 310116
6353 2313 (11am-8pm Daily)
(Next to Braddell MRT station)


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Pretty cakes, not so nice taste.

Emicakes have pretty cakes that I always find myself staring at through the glass display. However, the taste of their delicacies barely matches up to the design of their cakes. I always buy their overpriced mini cakes as gifts if I am in a rush even though I really don't think their worth it. Their cakes taste rather stale at times and just plainly average, though it seems carefully prepared. Their Oreo cheesecake, the most popular of their mini cakes lot, is insipid.

I think their durian cakes are good, though. The durian flavour lingers but not too strongly to the point it feels fake or too creamy and it's a really unique line of cakes that they are selling.

Their cupcakes are disappointing. Most of them taste as though they've been kept for weeks and are oily. More often than not, the cupcakes spill over their cup and you can see the grease trapped within the covering.

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Love the mousse cakes!

While I understand that Emicakes are most famous for their durian specialities, allow a non-durian lover like me to give my take on this franchise.

Personally, I love their cakes a lot, specifically their mousse cakes. They come in assorted flavours but for me, I usually choose the chocolate or oreo flavour. It is presentable in a small cup with a rounded cover with a small dash of cream with a gummy bear or small cookie on top. The first layer treats you to a rich mousse that is rich and creamy. Going lower, you’ll get to taste the soft sponge cake. For the oreo flavour, you will also be in for a small layer of oreo crumbs which I enjoy mixing with the vanilla mousse.

Price wise, I have no complaints. It is under three dollars for that small cake but to me, it is acceptable. For those who are unsure of what personal birthday cake to get your family member or friend, just getting this cake will be a great idea, be it presentation or budget wise.

I am also aware that they sell pancakes or crepes which they make on the spot, but have not tried them out yet, but my friends love them.

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Causeway Point
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Not as good as it used to be

While EMICAKES has very affordable and cheap cakes ($2 onwards), their standard has fallen sharply since their early days.

I used to be quite a big fan of their cakes, and my family would buy their cakes for birthdays and special occasions. Their Oreo Cheesecake was delicious - note: was, not is. Now, the Oreo Cheesecake should be renamed Oreo Creamcake; it tastes nothing like a cheesecake. The only thing I can taste is cream, combined with an overwhelming taste of cheese, that makes the cake so difficult to even swallow. It is nowhere near as delectable as it used to be.

Their only salvation is their durian cake, which is still passable, although there is more cream than durian.

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No more durian pancakes~

I used to patronize the branch at Downtown East for their freshly made durian pancakes but sad to say, there was a sign in place saying that they are stopping the sales of the durian pancakes for now and there's no indication of when it will last till.

The branch at Downtown East (I'm not sure if other branches has it too) has a small mini teppanyaki like counter where they freshly make their pancakes. The pancake by itself has a soft feel and gives off a pandan aroma which I liked. In fact, my cousin has tried purchasing only the pancakes for she doesn't like durians and that tells a lot on the taste of the pancake itself.

The durian feeling is actually made from the durian meat itself, frozen in white plastic buckets. It tastes exactly like durian after being placed in the fridge, except that they are seedless now. The cold durian filling being wrapped in the freshly made pancake is a heavenly match and cost only $1.60 each, with 1 free for every 5 purchased.

I've also tried the strawberry pancake once before out of curiosity ($1.30) and although it was using the same pancake, the filling was a total let-down. It feels like strawberry jam more than anything.

If Emicakes does sell its durian pancakes once again, I would highly recommend anyone to give it a try.

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Durian pancakes freshly made
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Downtown East
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I had my birthday cake from Emicakes and I was so in love with it. The durian they use in their cakes and puffs are legit durian pulp, unlike some where it's more like concentrated durian puree. It's almost equivalent to eating the durian directly from its shell!

Their cakes and pastries have a limited shelf life, so be sure to consume it within 3 days and keep if frozen - which is definitely one of the best ways to consume their cakes because the durian pulp freezes and it becomes like ice cream, so imagine, Durian Cake Icecream - to die for! It's also considerably healthier as they claim to have lower cholesterol compared to other cakes from different cake shops.

They do sell other flavours as well, but Emicakes have been widely known for their durian cakes. If only Emicakes had a cafe like interior, it'd be awesome as I would spend the whole day sitting around, trying their minicakes and puffs.

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Great durian cakes!

Emicakes are known for their durian cakes and there's real good reason for it! Their durian cakes don't taste artificial but retain a really fresh durian taste instead. The cake had good texture as well. But I suppose it takes fresh quality durians to make cakes like that and this explains the pricey nature of their durian cakes. For the hardcore durian lovers in my family, I think this money is better spent on real durians instead.

They also have cute mini cakes fitted in cups with many different flavours! They're so cute, they're irresistible and the variety of flavours is fun to try too! These cakes are great to order for parties as dessert. I think the guests are bound to be impressed but it's probably much more suitable for those with a mega sweet tooth!

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Best Durian Puffs

I love Emicakes Durian Puffs! The durian within the puff is so fresh it is as though pieces of the real durian flesh were stuffed inside. The best part is that Emicakes allows you to enjoy durian without the hassle of having to open the actual durian or having to spit out the seeds. I am personally not a fan of durians mainly due to the hassle and mess of eating them, but the durian cakes and pastries at Emicakes takes away this problem.

Despite specializing in durian cakes, I usually buy the durian puffs or pastries as they serve as great finger food for parties, occasions or even as snacks. However, if you are looking for a cake for a celebration, Emicakes durian cakes will be the perfect solution, especially if you are a fan of durians!

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The cakes are just ok

The greatest irony is that my favourite product from the store is not cake but is instead their durian crepe. I would put their cakes in mid range with the low range being the neighbourhood bakery store and the high range being cakes from hotels or from awfully chocolate. Their crepes though, mmm...something that I have loved since young. The durian is rich and creamy, just the way it should be. Although I have to admit that there are others elsewhere, theirs are relatively more inexpensive and hence more suitable for everyday indulgences.

A bonus point is that they serve halal food! As I have close Muslim friends, we would often buy from emicakes if we were having a celebration or party that involves us ordering a cake.

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not my type of cakes

My parents bought a "last minute" birthday cake for me at Emicakes as most of the cake shops around the area were either closed or sold out. So, we chose a tiramisu. The presentation and appearance of the cake looked pretty alright . However, the moose/cream was way too creamy. I felt like I was eating cream and I dislike cream a lot. The only layer of "cake" was the thin layer of sponge at the bottom. I was really disappointed as I would rather not eat such a cake, and to make matters worse, it was on my birthday.

I am not sure about their other cakes but after this episode, I might stay away from Emicakes for awhile.

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For the sugar addicts!

I absolutely adore the mini cakes at Emicakes. These cakes come in various kinds of flavours and are presented in adorable little plastic cups, so it's extremely easy and fuss free to carry them around.

My friends and I often buy each other such mini cakes from Emicakes for birthday celebrations, as the cakes are so tiny that they are easy to hide in bags, and we can simply fish out the cakes at any instance to surprise each other with these sweet treats.

One of my favourite cakes would be the oreamisu. Sweet and creamy, yet not overpoweringly so, it's definitely a must-try!

However, the cream in some of these cakes doesn't exactly taste nice when warm, so try not to keep the cakes unrefrigerated for too long, or the cream might be a little unpleasant on the tongue.

Overall, a lovely cake shop!

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