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The Icing Room is the first-ever specialty concept shop that offers Design-It-Yourself (DIY) cake decorative services.

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[email protected] 313 Orchard Road #B2-52
313 Somerset
Singapore 238895
Tel: 6884 8189

Causeway Point - New! 1 Woodlands Square #B1-K08
Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Tel: 6468 1459

Compass Point 1 Sengkang Square #B1-13
Compass Point
Singapore 545078
Tel: 6388 7061

Junction 8 9 Bishan Place #L1-35/36
Junction 8 S.C
Singapore 579837
Tel: 6354 3659

Jurong Point 63 Jurong West Central 3
Jurong Point S.C.
Singapore 648331
Tel: 6861 4644

[email protected] 23 Serangoon Central
Singapore 556083
Tel: 6634 4486

Tampines 1 10 Tampines Central 1
Singapore 529536
Tel: 6484 6598


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The Icing Room sells a lot of cute and pretty looking pastries and sweets such as macarons so the place has a very dolly-feel to it. The fun part about it is that they have a DIY cake decorating station where you can buy a plain cake with white frosting and decorate it according to your liking!

It is not all sugar and cherries on top though, because you need to purchase the additional toppings on top of the already expensive plain cake so the total bill can come up to quite a bit. It is also not easy to control the icing if you have not done it before so your cake may not turn out to be as nice as you hoped! However I’m sure the receiver will feel the sincerity nonetheless.
The taste of the cake is very ordinary, it has a yellow sponge between the layers of cream which I think is probably butter with a bit of lemon. It does not taste horrible but it is just not fantastic. I guess the only special thing about it is the self-made decoration on top of it.

Each mooncake festival, they also have rabbit shaped mooncakes that are awfully adorable. Despite how much I could not bear to eat them, I did try a few. The skin is rather thin for snowskin so would not be suitable for those who like eating mooncake for its snowskin. The filling is nice though, and it is worth it just for the rabbit shape alone.

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Rabbit shaped Mooncakes
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Creative plus cake!

As everyone loves to make DIY cards, DIY presents, how about a DIY cake for your love ones too? Icing Room provide you the playground to decorate your own cake. The cakes and icing cream and icing sweets are provided to you when you made a purchase for the 4", 6" and 8" cake which comes in two flavours which are vanilla and blackforest.

Personally, I like the idea of decorating my own cake because I have the freedom of writing and drawing whatever I want. However, when you do it for the first time, I recommend that you had an idea in mind of what you would like to design. Because once the icing cream touches the cake, there is no way you can erase it. And also you cannot take too long to decorate the cake as the icing would melt into a more diluted form which would mess up your cake decorations. Practice makes perfect, its the joy of designing the cake together with your love or your kids together and enjoying the cake together.

And their cake are very soft and spongy! The fruits that they used in the cake are fresh and they even have grapes in the cake! It's definitely worth your money to satisfy your taste buds and your creativity!

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You pay more when you need to decorate the cake yourself!?

When talking about the Icing Room, I will thought of DIY. It merely make a sponge cake for you to decorate. Alright, some may think the decorate portion will be sweet when you are doing it with your boyfriend / girlfriend, but come to think of it, they are actually charging you for giving you the space and freedom to decorate your own cakes?! That did sound a little ridiculous, don't you think so? Each cake cost around 12 bucks plus when its so small in size, though there are diced fruits in between the layers of the sponge cake, but 12 bucks going 13, for a small cake with some decorating tools, its a bit of a daylight robbery! It maybe fun the first time, but it will be boring after two tries and you will probably feel like buying a regular sized cake and paying like 20+ / 30 than having to decorate it yourself and paying 12 bucks for a small miniature cake. Hit Like if you agree that it is not worth at second thought, thanks!

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Whenever there are birthday celebrations, there will normally be a cake bought for that celebration. Normally the cakes are designed the way the bakery wants it to be and it could be rather boring as they are about the same. However, the icing room allows you to decorate the cake yourself.

You could be really creative when designing the cake and it will be a really unique cake with different meaning as you designed it yourself. However, the cake may not be really nice. I tried it once at the outlet in Woodlands and the cake was really hard. It do cost quite a lot for a cake. The disadvantage is that if you made a mistake, you cannot redo it.

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(Updated: July 21, 2012)

nice girly concept, mediocre cakes

The Icing Room is probably a familiar name to many of those who have been there to decorate plain cream cakes. This bakery allows you to buy plain cream cakes and decorate it yourself. A cake stand is provided along with piping tools and cute edible ornaments. It adds a nice personal touch to the cake as compared to commercialized ones in other bakeries. That's the only plus point I have to say about this bakery.

The cream cake is really loaded with cream. Way too creamy, the sponge is almost soaked with cream, if that makes sense. I'm really not a fan of the cakes. Look past the cute and sincere decorations, the cake is really not worth wasting your precious calories for! The main ready-made cakes are also so-so. As a girl, I am obviously suckered into the pink and princess looking packaging but these cakes and baked good are not up to standard. I would give a 10 for presentation and maybe half of 10 for the actual taste. If you are not fussy with your cakes, this place should be okay. Otherwise, I would recommend other places such as Antoinette!

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Skip the DIY...go for the ready-made cakes!

Self-decorated cakes from The Icing Room are easily recognizable by their brightly coloured icing cream. I used to think that it is a pretty innovative idea to DIY a cake for someone. In fact, I enjoyed my first experience in designing a cake with my friends. I also felt that it doubled up as a little kitchen cum playground for the kids whom, as I had observed, enjoyed doodling on the cakes.

Beyond ‘fulfilling a child’s dream’, to quote from their chef, I feel that the novelty has worn out because it's overused. The concept has been around for a number of years, however, the icing, fondants and other decors have not changed or improved. Even if you make an effort to make the cake look beautiful, it doesn't look very much different from another personalized cake from The Icing Room. Besides, the cake was really average in taste.

I would recommend skipping the Design-In-Yourself concept altogether, and have a look at their ready-made cakes and pastries. I particularly like the exotic flavours on their menu, such as Earl Choco (earl grey tea flavoured chocolate cake plus blueberry macaroons). My favourite has got to be Taro Mist, which is essentially a yam mousse cake. Taro flavours are all the rage now and I hardly see taro cakes around. Highly recommended for yam lovers!

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313 @ Somerset
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Not worth it

This is a shop that sells a concept rather than the quality of a product. The appealing factor of Icing Room is that it provides customers an opportunity to enjoy the experience of designing their own cake. While it is fun especially if you do it with someone else, the materials provided to design the cake are very limited. I also don't think they help in making the cake look any more appealing. The cakes only come in two flavours and are slightly pricey.

You need to have pretty good artistic skills to make the cake look presentable as the tools provided are not easy to handle and can get a bit messy. The staff also do not take any initiative in helping with the design process. I do suppose they would help if asked, though.

The taste of the cake is nothing special at all. It could even be one of the worst cakes I've ever tasted. There is nothing special nor unique about it. All these are the reasons why I feel Icing Room is all about selling a concept that appeals to people who wish to have a taste of how it feels like creating a cake, rather than selling good tasting, visually appealing and high quality products.

If they were to offer better tasting cakes coupled with easy to use and visually appealing cake decorative tools, I think it can provide a better experience for customers.

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ordinary tasting, but the process of decorating the cake is fun

Selling a range of beautifully decorated cakes, muffins and desserts, The Icing Room welcomes people to customize their own on plain cakes as well. The filling of the cakes is available in vanilla and blackforest flavors.

This customized cake makes it fun getting a cake for somebody, since the process of decorating it is enjoyable. My friends and I decided to get one for another in the group, and as we did not know of any other cakes to get for the birthday boy, we decided that this would be it. We chose the vanilla flavoured plain cake, and all six of us girls had a great time drawing whatever we wanted on it. We had rather low expectations on how the cake will eventually turn out, but it was surprisingly pretty. The taste of the cake was also acceptable, just like any ordinary cream cake. I guess it is the fun that all of us had together while decorating the cake and the surprise the person receiving this customized cake got that makes the time and effort worthwhile.

Price aside, the cake from The Icing Room will be something interesting to get for someone on a special occasion.

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Pricey but provides you interactive fun with friends

I believe The Icing Room is one of the widely chosen places for creative people to DIY birthday cakes for their friends and family members.
Personally, I find that their prices are a little steep, but will be worth it if you are one that is looking at some interactive fun with friends to design an "one and only" cake..

My friend and I tried out their service last year, as part of a birthday preparation for a dear friend of ours. Well, we got the smallest size cake (that cost us less than $13) and we tried our best to "squeeze" in our decorations.
Honestly, it wasn't as easy as it seemed! We tried hard in controlling our trembling hands as any wrong move will result in a terrible mess. (We did mess up once and my friend had to pick those "wrong" pieces out using toothpick bit by bit!)
(How is it that some others are able to create such a professional-looking cake?!)

Nonetheless, we still had fun DIY-ing the cake. It gives a personal touch to it as our "final product" is a feature of our efforts. Even though it was quite an, erm, ugly decoration, but its the thought that counts!

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New experience but not very worth it

The Icing Room is a sweet shop for people who want to decorate their own cakes. The idea is very unique and fun. My friends have been decorating my birthday cakes for two years. The cake is just simple vanilla sponge cake and always tastes the same as there is only vanilla flavour for the smallest size. Although the taste is not that great, the personalised touch makes up for it.

I have always seen people decorating their cakes and have been wanting to have a go at it as it looks fun. Last year, when I finally first tried my hand at decorating my friend’s birthday cake, I realised that it was not as easy as it looks. However, it was a new and fun experience. I have seen many kids who decorate their cakes with their parents’ guidance.

Ultimately, I think this shop only survives because of its creativity as the taste is not that nice. The cakes should be improved so that people can enjoy the taste as much as they enjoy the decoration and personalisation.

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Need a tastier cake

Frankly, whenever i pass by one of this icing room outlets, there will always be a lot of people, young and old, men and women, standing around and trying to make this unique cake for some reason. I only have one thought in my mind. "Just another marketing gimmick to tap on people's desire to create a unique gift".

I will give kudos to the shop for coming up with this idea to let people design their own cake. In terms of pricing, it aren't too expensive. The small one cost less than $13, and the big one is less than $30 and you get enough ingredients for you to decorate the cake accordingly to your own wishes. But a cake should still taste like one. I have tasted the vanilla flavour before. And i must say that i am not very impressed by the taste and texture of the cake.

The cake tasted too sweet and the texture feels rough, something i do not expect from an established brand. I think it's not just about the diy of this cake, ultimately a cake should still taste like one to complement the uniqueness of the cake.

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