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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on November 01, 2013    

Krispy Kreme SG has just opened its doors in Singapore, with its first outlet at Tangs Orchard. It is famed for its deep fried donuts which come in a large variety of flavors and fillings. 

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(Updated: February 12, 2015)

Way too sweet

I tried Krispy Kreme donuts because they looked like they would taste delicious. Unfortunately, they don't. I bought the original glazed donut, which was decent, but was only marginally better than the ones from any neighbourhood bakery. My friend was unlucky in her choice of Chocolate Iced Custard Filling. The combination of deep-fried donut and saccharine custard filling was unpleasant.

The donuts are instagram-worthy, but I find more joy in looking at these donuts than actually eating them. Unless I develop a sweet tooth, I don't think I'll be back.

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(Updated: February 12, 2015)


Krispy Kreme has become a household name, yet despite the hype, I never knew what it was actually famous for. When I finally decided to try it one day, I stood awestruck in front of the rows of glazed doughnuts - they looked so mouthwatering and were beautifully decorated.

Unfortunately, Krispy Kreme fails to live up to its name - its doughnuts are sickeningly sweet, and being deep-fried, are extremely oily. Having tried the famous original glazed doughnuts, as well as the chocolate iced custard filling and powdered strawberry filling, I've concluded that the doughnuts are decent, yet not worth the hefty price nor the long queues.

Overall, these doughnuts are overrated, scoring in the aesthetics department but were lacklustre in terms of taste. I'd only recommend it for the true-blue doughnut fans.

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Not worth it, IMO

I remember when Krispy Kreme first came to Singapore - the queues were absolute madness, and my first impression of it was overhyped. I suppose it's a common trend for all new brands landing on Singaporean shores for the first time - llao llao, for instance, while serving up good frozen yoghurt, may not deserve the winding queues that it normally garners.

This view was confirmed when I first took a bite of Krispy Kreme. Really, I didn't think it was that different from anything pre-existent local stores couldn't offer up - donuts tasted so similar (also I suspect has a wider variety of flavours).

I wasn't terribly awed by the donuts, and for the queues, I would much rather purchase my donuts somewhere else.

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If you have a sweet tooth

The queue when Krispy Creme first came to Singapore, no joke. They have got three outlets in Singapore and prices start from S$2.60 for their original glazed doughnuts, slightly priced higher compared to other countries. It would be considered pricey for a glazed doughnut.

I tried the other doughnuts and found them too sweet for my liking. The glazed one is good however; do eat in moderation as you might just find yourself going for one after another. As for me, one or two is good enough as it will get really sweet and you might get sick of the taste.

Aside from doughnuts, they have got coffee too. Sounds like a good combination for your morning breakfast or snack. Yes, their original glazed doughnuts. Just that for now.

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Can't get enough of!

I've been wondering, not for the first time, why the quene is just so long just for donuts. I mean, there're plenty of alternative shops right? Like J.Co donuts and Dunkin Doughnuts, shops I've often purveyed for my regular supply of doughnuts.

It wasn't until I tried one that I realised that I've been missing the true essence of a doughnut all along. Imagine sinking your teeth into a well fried donut. The richness of the doughnut itself has to be tasted to be felt, but it really felt way better than any other doughnut store, which will not offer you any doughnuts prepared to such a degree.

Flavour-wise, I find that Krispy Kreme offers a decent range of differently flavoured doughnuts, and my favourites would be the orginal glazed doughnut, chocolate iced glazed and glazed with kreme filling. Being a chocolate fan, I would strongly encourage fellow chocolate fans to try the combination of glazed doughnut together with the rich layer of chocolate, simply heavenly!

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Original Glaze FTW

Before Krispy Kreme opened its first outlet in Singapore, I have tried their donuts when I was in Australia and I fell in love with their original glazed donuts. Since then, I made it a point to have Krispy Kreme whenever I can when I was overseas. Now that Krispy Kreme is available at Tangs Orchard, I was overjoyed.

I have tried other flavors like Red Velvet, New York cheesecake, cookies and cream, just to name a few. But none were as good as their Original glazed ones. They literally melt in your mouth and it was totally worth all the calories. The other flavors were either too sweet or tasted too artificial. Each donut costs about $2.60 each and it is considered very expensive, especially when our neighboring countries like Malaysia and Thailand selling Krispy Kreme for less than SGD2.

Well, now that we have Krispy Kreme in Singapore, the urge to have one seemed to have died down. I believe most Singaporeans feel the same way as there really isn't much of a queue for the donuts now.

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original glazed donuts
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(Updated: May 12, 2014)

Original Glazed Goodness

When Krispy Kreme announced their opening in Singapore, I thought, "This is it. This is the end of skinny people in Singapore." Having tried their donuts overseas, I have since been a fan of Krispy Kreme donuts.

I am an avid donut-lover. Warning though: I pretty much only go for sugar donuts. I've tried the flavoured ones and I personally think only their original is worth the craze. It is practically foodgasm... it's soft and moist and it's like heaven in a bite. I would say that it's really sweet and people who don't have a sweet tooth might hate it.

The donuts are really crazily overpriced though... I love them but it's not gonna be a weekly indulgence though. If you're really crazy over the donuts, you should probably head to Malaysia to get them.

Basically with Krispy Kreme, you either love it or hate it.

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Original 4ever

This review is solely for their original glazed doughnuts that I love!! I don't know what is the magic here and how a simple doughnut with sugary glaze can taste SO good but I guess the simplest food are always the best and most comforting. The dough is soft and the glaze is not overly-sweet, it moistens the bread with every mouth you take. One is never enough for me, I usually have two or three, sometimes four lol. It's something that you will love or hate. I have friends who didn't like the original glazed ones and told me that there's "nothing special" about it.

The price in Singapore is really steep though... $2+ for a doughnut is pricey but it's worth the money because it differentiates itself from the other doughnuts sold in your neighborhood bakery/ breadtalk. It's much much cheaper to get it from BKK/ KL but if you are not going to these two countries and have nowhere else to get your KK, $2+ suddenly seems like an okay price to pay, especially when the craving acts up hahaha

I wouldn't recommend the flavored doughnuts. I have tried their cheesecake donuts and it was horrible. The toppings are hard, tasteless and weird and to mention, it's more pricey than the original glazed ones. So please don't waste your $$$$ on the flavored donuts!! J. Co does better flavored donuts in my opinion. The queue used to be crazy when KK just opened their store in Singapore but the hype has died down quite a lot so you can expect short queues or no queues at all when getting your doughnuts.

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Buy only for the original!

I first tried Krispy Kreme when my sister brought it home from Bangkok. So when I heard that they were coming to Singapore, I was super excited. But, my excitement died when I heard how long the queue was.

I finally managed to get my original glazed krispy kreme fix a few weeks later when the craze subsided and it didn't disappoint. Maybe it's because I was dying to eat it but I don't get why people say it's not nice...because it really is! I can't say the same for the other flavours because I've not personally tried it and I've heard mixed reviews about them.

Though they're more expensive than your usual neighbourhood bakeries, I think it's worth it.

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(Updated: February 11, 2014)

Good but really high on the price

When I first tried the donuts after the shop opened, i found them to be really nice, and my opinion still stands. However, its the original glazed that is exceptional, the rest of the other flavours are delicious too but a tad too sweet for my liking.

The thing that I like about them so far is that they have not mass opened chains of shops, which keeps their quality control at good levels and the donuts are of a good quality consistently. While they are quite expensive, the original glazed donuts are worth buying as a treat once in a while, as they are relatively sweet and not so positive on the health side.

Do note that if you want to buy the donuts, the queues are long and the service staff can be rather slow albeit being friendly, so do be prepared for a wait, and if you are lucky, the shop do at times give out free glazed donut samples to waiting customers.

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