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#01-05, Sin Ming Centre 8 Sin Ming Road 575628
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Listing created by kuchiki on February 28, 2013    

Using only the finest ingredients, The Baker's Story serves brownies, cheesecakes, mousse cakes, and other kinds of cakes.

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Tue - Sun: 12:00 - 22:00
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8 Sin Ming Road,
#01-05, Sin Ming Centre
Singapore 575628


Plain Chocolate Brownie
Plain Cheesecake
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Luxurious Cakes Are A Delight

True to its name, The Baker's Story is a shop which specialises in cakes. Setup by Chef Eric Tan in 2004, who after years of working in various hotels decided to strike out on his own, The Baker's Story turns out cakes which are light, luxurious, and utterly delightful.

Actual ambience at The Baker's Story is lacking, limited by the small shop space. The 4 small tables are functional, and decor is minimal, consisting mainly of photographs of their cakes. The main attraction is the glass shelf where the cakes are displayed, making it very attractive.

Service at The Baker's Story is decent, as most customers order takeaway, rather than dine in. There isn't much interaction to speak of, but orders are fulfilled quickly.

Speciality cakes at The Baker's Story include their Cheesecakes, Brownies, Mousse Cakes and Tarts. Their Fruit Cake selection is rather limited. The Baker's Story also serves fresh salad during lunch.

The Baker's Story is rather hard to spot, as they are located within a building, out of sight, and away from crowds. In fact, most people only get to know of them through their road shows, or through word of mouth.

Their Plain Cheesecake is very good. Light and smooth texture, richness of the cream cheese, without being too heavy or dense. The crumbly biscuit case complements the Plain Cheesecake well.

Their Plain Chocolate Brownie has the richness of chocolate without being too dense, yet is thick enough. The Plain Chocolate Brownie also has a slightly sticky texture without being too crumbly. Good!

The Mocha Cheesecake has that aromatic infusion of coffee that blends well with the cream cheese.

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Plain Chocolate Brownie
Plain Cheesecake
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(Updated: March 04, 2013)


For the few fans of toothpaste-flavoured sweets out there, you have to know that this less than well-known brownie place has something called MINT CHEESE BROWNIE on its menu, and it is fantastic.

Their brownies aren't the horrible, floury, cake-like ones (which I think are poorly made brownies), nor are they the super chocolatey, diabetes-inducingly sweet kind you get at places like Famous Amos. Their cheese brownie varieties are like a blend of American cheesecake and chocolate brownie; they still retain the denseness and characteristic fudginess of the regular brownie but are as smooth on the palate as cream cheese -- a truly wonderful treat for the lover of decadent sweets.

The mint cheese brownie was so pretty to look at with all its intricate, bright green swirls, which seem to me to indicate just how minty the brownie was. While I concede that it didn't taste as minty as I would have liked it to be and thought it would be (perhaps I'm expecting too much), I was very satisfied still, and I think other fans of mint desserts will be too.

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