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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on January 06, 2013    

Rich & Good Cake Shop is a bakery store that is located in Kandahar Street. This bakery store has been in existence for more than a decade, and specializes in producing swiss rolls in various flavours such as chocolate and coffee, and also offers swiss rolls in local flavours such as kaya and durian. 

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Quite popular, I say...
The shop facade
Nicely packed swiss rolls...good as gifts.
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Not that fantastic

I have read of many accounts of the bad service rendered by Rich and Proud. Personally i do not find the swiss rolls sold there are that fantastic. I have tried a number of the flavours - durian, kaya, green tea with red bean, mango etc. The nicest to me is the kaya (i personally like kaya a lot). And the one I like least is the green tea with red bean. I remembered feeling undigested after eating the green tea swiss roll, perhaps because the cream used was not so healthy. The uniqueness of the swiss rolls lies in them being slim and long and each cut equals to a small manageable portion. This would served as a convenient afternoon tea break in the office or gathering.

The location is rather inconvenient though, situated in the midst of shophouses in Kandahar Street. First-time goers might have to search awhile for the shop. However, they do have delivery service.

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Simple delights

This shop here specializes in Swiss Rolls. For those of you who are not sure what Swiss Rolls are, they are basically sponge cakes with cream rolled in them. It might sounds simple but they can be quite tricky to make. I've had swiss rolls that are either too hard, too little cream, or too much cake. Lol do I sound like a picky eater heh heh.. actually I am lah. But anyway, the swiss roll here is amazing and I guess it's because they are actually good at making them that's why the shop only sells swiss rolls. Don't worry though because their swiss rolls come in a range of flavors, so there's definitely a lot of room for choice instead of just having the classic one.

My favorite flavors (sorry, I know favorite means only one but I..) are Durian and Green Tea with Red Bean! I loooOoOOVe durian so of course I cannot let go of the durian swiss roll. The durian is robust and the durian filling is creamy durian. I doubt they mix cream in it but if they do, it's the cream ratio will definitely be lower than the durians'!! You know how some places mix in so much cream the durian filling just looks like a pale yellow with only a hint of durian smell?? The one here is nothing like those so if you love durian, you should try it out. The green tea flavor is slightly sweet but I like it. The red bean adds texture to the cake! The cakes are soft because they are made fresh daily. Yums... I highly recommend this shop to everyone because these cakes will definitely be a crowd pleaser :)

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I love desserts and snacks, so it doesn’t come as a surprise, but I love the Swiss roll cakes here too. I guess you can call me a dessert connoisseur, okay, I kid, I’m not a dessert expert, but maybe more of a dessert enthusiast (hehe).

So far, I’ve tried a few flavors, namely the durian, kaya, green tea with red bean and mango, and I love them all! If I had to pick, I’ll say I love the green tea with red bean best! It’s my personal favorite, because I simply love green tea, and their green tea Swiss rolls comes coupled with red beans and green tea filling and it smells heavenly. Personal preferences aside, honestly speaking, it is a little bit too sweet, even for me with a sweet tooth. The mango Swiss roll however, is less sweet but taste equally great! You can distinctly taste the mango flavor in the Swiss roll, and it’s good. For the durian flavor, it has a strong durian smell, and it does feel heavy on the stomach.

Great for a mid-day snack!

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(Updated: November 20, 2013)

Nice Swiss Rolls...but flavours subject to luck

Most food reviews boils down to just 3 verdicts, from a personal point of view.
1) Good...worth encore
2) Bad...patronise at your own risk
3) Neutral...ok la. Nothing earth-shaking.

So where does Rich & Good Cake comes in ? Well, after the thumbs up given by many patrons in a TV foodies programme recently, I thought this bakery deserves checking out. I am really tired of the usual birthday why not a Swiss Roll cake for my wife's b'day (of course, I will "doll up" my presentation. Perhaps a yellow durian laid side by side a green Kaya flavour ? Hmmm, heard the bakery had 10 flavours....durian, kaya, blueberry, coffee, orange, etc.

To avoid misadventure, I called the bakery in advance to enquire on what's avail..then disappointment sets in..."Err...we cannot promise you. You get what comes out of the oven when you are here..."answered the audibly busy lady at the other side of the line. it's subject to our luck. Guess it's a work process limited by the bakery (batch by batch?). Perhaps their concept is freshness assured. Choice not assured. So for service level... I can't give say it makes for great service (and the lack of choice) .

And the cake itself? Well let say it good when you happened to be in Kandahar Street and needed a cake fix ...that I say it's pretty a great choice. The swiss roll ( I was "assigned" durian during my I lucky or what ?). The filling was great, not too sweet and certainly fresh. Memorable ? Well, it's nice...but I won't drive 30km (1 way) from my place again. Will I return for the Kaya and other flavours? Well, yes, If I happened to be at Kandahar. (o__O).

So do check out the bakery at Kandahar Street when you happened to be there and had this uncontrollable urge to wolf down some swiss rolls (Avoid Sundays or Public holidays as they are closed)...and be warned the queue are quite healthy. But good that's brisk...

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The swiss rolls
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Quite popular, I say...
The shop facade
Nicely packed swiss rolls...good as gifts.
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You must not miss their rolls

This is traditional at its best. If you are walking around the Arab Street area, take a swing around into Kandahar Street. It is directly opposite the big yellow house ( Gedung Kuning).

I must recommend the Kaya roll. You get authentic Nonya kaya in a sponge roll packed into a box of 2. If you are lucky, they may have cempedak or durian too. Both use real flesh so they are fiborous and tastes like you are eating the real fruit itself.

Go on...try them!

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