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Takashimaya 391 Orchard Road Singapore 238872
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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 11, 2012    

Under the same group as Four Leaves, they sell a unique assortment of breads and sandwiches to cater to the working individuals and the tourists in the heart of orchard road. 


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Really Really Good Sandwiches!

I love the cold sandwiches here! Unfortunately, the other buns here tend to disappoint.

I've tried their calzones but I've never really been won over due to the fact that they have so much more dough than fillings. Same goes for the onion and cheese bread. That's definitely not something I would expect from a 'premium' bakery with premium prices.

The cheese bread was also disappointing. Despite boasting of 3 kinds of cheese, the bread was stale and papery while the cheese tasted really bad. It's something I'd never every buy again.

I do, however, adore their sandwiches. I absolutely adore their cold sandwiches with a generous amount of filling all in the right combinations. They used to sell this roasted chicken sandwich with raisins and carrots which was supposedly their best seller. Sadly, they have stopped. I think of it often though and I really hope they would put it back on the menu because it's simply the best sandwich I've eaten. Hands down. I've never tasted a better medley of flavours which all blend so well together.

Recently, I've also tried their spicy tuna sandwich which was also excellent. I'm hoping to try the rest of their cold offerings soon but I'm never biting into their normal buns ever again. They're not worth the effort of chewing.

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Cheese breads for the win!

I felt an attachment to Peck bakery when I saw it mainly because it was my surname, Peck. It sounds weird, but that was the only reason I visited the bakery and discovered delicious cheese breads! The best ones around in my opinion.

The first time I was there, I picked out a smoked cheese bread, and a loaf of cheese bread I think? I can't remember the exact name of that cheese bread, but it had multiple variety of cheese cubes in the bread- simply delicious. For a cheese lover, this is as close to cheese bread heaven as you can get. The smoked cheese bread was really good, there was a good amount of smoked cheese in that sour dough bread, and it had a rustic flavour to it. Delicious! The other cheese loaf was also as good. The bread was crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside, was a couple of variety of cheeses snuck in between the bread. Really delicious as well! I am definitely coming back for more.

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With good breads, what control are we talking about?!

Read some reviews online and heard that they sell a calzone type of bread. The attached picture looked so good to me I had it on my mind the whole day! It looked exactly like a pillow, yes the shape was so reminiscent of a pillow, it had a tinge of yellow and was like a semicircle pocket filled with the different fillings. It looked soo soft and fluffy I had a strong urge to pinch the bread.

Today the picture I had in my mind finally turned to reality. I didn't even know that they sold so many different types of calzone I was lost at which to choose. The other breads on the counter looked very tempting too, but I just aimed for the calzones. There were the vegetable filled and the meat filled ones, and while i was there pondering which to choose, the staff brought out a new tray of fresh, piping hot calzones. They just made the choice for me. Whatever flavor it was, im gonna get it. My weak spot is for freshly baked, piping hot bread.

Inside the fluffy pillow of bread was spinach and bacon with some sauce which i couldn't figure. It was nice, the vegetables were soft then when you bite into the part with the bacon, "BISH" an umami flavor burst in my mouth. The savory, creamy flavors tingled in my mouth even after i long finished the bread.

They do sell a variation of english breads instead of the usual local breads which we find in our normal bakeries. The sandwiches looked delectable too i almost picked up everything for the shelves.

I need some control.

"With good breads, what control are we talking about?!"

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