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Listing created by bojio! on July 17, 2012    
Boulangere Chaude means hot bakery. With most of its ingredients and recipes from Japan, the bakery promises its customers freshly baked confectionery everyday.

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prettiest puffs in town

Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude has some of the prettiest bakes I’ve even seen, and what first caught my eye was their homemade cream puffs. Needless to say I had pretty high hopes when I bought some of their bakes home, including their Strawberry Cream Puff ($2), Curry Bread and assorted mini pastries.

The puff was heavenly – fluffy pastry topped with light, sweet cream, fresh strawberries, and dusted with icing sugar. The mini pastries were as good, and I especially like those with their sweet chocolate glaze. Their soya bean mochi, encased in soft bread was quite tasty as well. Sadly their curry bun fell short of my expectations. When I bit into the bun, my mouth was dripping with oil and the crust on top was soggy. There was hardly any curry at all, and the oily bread was very unappetising. Still, Yamazaki’s sweet treats have me hooked, and I’ll surely return to give the rest of their pastries a try!

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Great bread, not so great puffs

Yamazaki is a Japanese bakery that sells baked goods not commonly found in your neighborhood bakery store or bread talk. The baked goods here are mostly Japanese influenced, somewhat like the popular bakery Provence. I've tried their food a couple of times because Jcube is located near my school and I really like their bread!! Their bread is chewy, fragrant and always always taste fresh. The flavorings are a delight as well! There's nothing I hate more than bland, hard bread so the bread here is definitely yummy with its great texture and flavoring.

I can't say the same for their strawberry cream puff though. The lovely light pink colored cream in the puff was light but it lacked the strawberry taste and the puff was more on the hard side.. I didn't like it! I would still prefer Beard Papa for cream puffs.The staff here are friendly, helpful and smiley and I always enjoy my short experience in the shop. I would recommend the breads and cakes here but do stay away from the cream puff!!!

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Great bread!

Yamazaki is one of my favourite bakeries to frequent as it isn't too expensive but still delivers in terms of quality. Their bread seems to be carefully handled and they seem to be able to steady the see-saw when it comes to the amount of grease in their bread really well. The end product is a nice balance that gives great satisfaction when eating their pastries.

The appealing smell that wafts from the bakery really coaxes you to take a peek in their store. More often than not, I find their shelves devoid of a good array of pastries. I wonder whether they don't have much variety or if this is the leftovers from the snatching between the earlier batch of customers.

I am especially fond of their Ham and Bacon bun. The oil is drizzled perfectly on the bun and it really fulfills that "cooked food" craving I always have which I can't satisfy with a proper meal since I'm in a rush. They sometimes don't sell it and I always get disappointed whenever I drop by their shop and don't see it on the shelves.

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delicious offerings!

I have to drop by Yamazaki bakery every time I'm in Tampines. Their breads and pastries are very distinctly influenced by Japanese flavours, and as a fan of most things Japanese, that's a huge bonus in my book! For instance, red bean, green tea, and sesame flavours are common in the store.

My favourite would be the cheese and sesame mochis. The mochi is very soft and airy, yet chewy, and is quite 'Q' - a textural delight! The cheese and sesame flavours are subtle and fragrant, not overpowering. I can eat a few at one go. It's a pity that they aren't very wallet-friendly though, at almost a dollar each.

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yummy pastries in a somewhat sounds-classy-but-not-that-classy-bakery

Yes, I definitely adore those small little cakes and pastries! Singapore might have many bakeries around but it is hard to find one that I really like. To be honest, I have never heard of Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude until one day while i was shopping in jcube! Wow the aroma was simply heavenly, maybe it was due to a day of shopping and i was starting to feel a little hungry, but the aroma from the bakery is seriously no kick! Freshly-baked bread.pastries are on display and I could not help but to take a tray and start choosing them.

Looking at the name of the bakery, i thought that the cakes/pastries/bread would be pricey as the name gives such a classy feeling. But well, I was wrong. The prices are rather reasonable, given that the ingredients used are really fresh. Only fresh ingredients would exude a particular aroma when a pastry/bread is baked.

Being a fan of cakes, of course, I would not miss out the chance to check out their cakes and to my expectation, their cakes look really awesome. I mean, like each slice is quite generous and again, at a reasonable price. Their chocolate fudge cake caught my attention as the strawberry on each slice is pretty huge, larger than the usual kinds in other bakeries. And it also tasted marvelously great! The sweet-sourness from the strawberry complemented well with the ultra thick chocolate fudge, and i LOVE it!

So if you are looking for pastries/breads/cakes of a reasonable price in a somewhat sounds-classy-but-not-that-classy-bakery, do drop by and you will not regret with your purchases. As i did not.

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An inexpensive alternative to Breadtalk

One of the better, inexpensive alternatives to the overrated, over-frequented, over-expanded BreadTalk.

I recommend their mini mochi breads, which are delightfully chewy, and not leathery as some might expect on first glance. While it wasn't oozing cheese, it certainly tasted of cheese, as if cheese were baked into the bread itself. I, however, didn't appreciate the strawberry-flavoured mochi breads which were stuffed with red bean paste, which I detest.

Be sure also to try their coffee buns, which are crisp, airy, and aromatic. Their croissants are good too, flaky, crisp, and full of rich, buttery flavour. Many bread chains, including Bread Talk, sell terrible croissants that are usually totally bland, such that I could barely detect any hint of butter. But they apparently don't scrimp on butter at Yamazaki, and that's important for making good croissants.

I personally love their belgian waffles too which, unlike the typical waffle served at ice cream places, are dense and sugary.

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lovely cakes and breads

Their cakes look very attractive and the price of a cake is reasonable. Their breads are ranked from first to tenth. The bakery that ranked first is Cheese cake, but if you are late, you can’t find them anymore. Strawberry steamed cake and strawberry moochi are the ones that I would recommend; they are in the top ten. Strawberry Steamed cake is dense and soft, while strawberry moochi is soft, filled with red bean paste.

One thing good about this bakery shop is that they will list the ingredients used on a little piece of paper which tells you about the bread. If some people are allergic to peanuts, maybe you will have to see carefully not to take bread that has a ‘tick’ in-front-of the word ‘peanut’. So as to prevent yourself from allergy reactions.

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