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The Patissier integrates traditional French baking techniques together with local preferences to create fresh flavours of sweet cakes and pastries.

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Do not come here especially if you are on a diet!

I was supposed to be on a diet, I was supposed to steer clear of fattening yummy cakes. I decided to get a delicious fruity cake for my friend's 18th birthday from here. After we blew out the candles and started serving everyone, my friend came up to me asking me for another slice. She said "This is the best cake ever! Why aren't you eating?". I had no choice but to eat the cake.

The cake was really one of the best cakes I've ever tasted. NO JOKE! Maybe it was the soft texture of the cake coupled with the fruits that made it really tasty. So sadly I broke my diet by having two slices of the cake and yes, I'm definitely going back for more.

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Love at first sight...& bite

I have seen birthday cakes shaped like a Tiffany's box, a Burberry, and even a camera. But a cone-shaped tower of cream puffs? Now that's (deliciously) new.

My friend ordered the popular Croquembouche for her 21st birthday, and it was definitely the most gorgeous and unique cake I have ever had. The cake is essentially a little mountain of brightly-coloured cream puffs (called profitroles), beautifully decorated with intricate details such as icing flowers and butterflies. Each profitrole is filled to the brim with fresh, smooth pastry cream that oozes out on the first bite. The base of the cake, which consisted of a smooth chocolate fudge cake, was simply heavenly as well. But for me, the profitrole definitely takes the cake.

Besides the Croquembouche which belongs to their Occasion Cakes menu (also includes birthday cakes and cupcakes), they also have a wide selection of wedding cakes and a standard menu consisting of customers’ all-time favourites.

In addition, the staff was friendly, accommodating and service oriented. My friend intended to order a conventional two-tiered cake from them but they volunteered to show her more options when she requested for ‘something different’, and the Croquembouche turned out to be a really good choice. Two thumbs up for service!

The price of the cakes are steeper than average, though. Prices for the Croquembouche start from about $100. Others generally cost about $30 more than the cakes that you may find in places such as Secret Recipe. But if you have a special occasion or just want to splurge more on a really good cake, The Patissier will be one of the very best you can get in Sg.

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lovely cakes for various occasions, best would be the passion fruit meringue

Providing a large range of lovely and customisable cakes for different occasions, The Patissier would be a great place to shop for a birthday cake or one for a wedding reception.

My friends and I love the Passion Fruit Meringue from The Patissier most. The meringue sponge cake is just slightly sweet with passion fruit flavour and is soft. It is filled with various fruits, including mangoes and strawberries, and it complements well with the meringue sponge cake. With each bite, the sweetness of the fruits and cake melts in my mouth. Although my friends and I are not great fans of cake, even when the biggest size, the 10 inch, of Passion Fruit Meringue is bought, we would still be able to finish it. Yet, half of some other six inch cake will be left behind, as no one would want to eat another slice. The chocolate fudge and strawberry cognac are worth a try as well.

It is adviserable that the cake is finished on the day it is bought, especially the Passion Fruit Meringue, as the taste changes overnight. Also, do make early reservations for the cakes to avoid disappointment. For the price and quality, The Patissier provides affordable cakes that are great for serving to friends and family on various occasions. This is one cake shop that I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

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