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Founded in London, England in 1993, Cath Kidston has proven popular all around the wolrd for its unique design for bags, purses, wallets, plates, cups and more. The range offered by the brand can be described as cute and quirky meets Britain. 

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Present buying heaven

My friends and I went through a Cath Kidston phase about five years ago, but the brand is still alive and well and just as popular today. It’s always my first stop when having to buy presents for my Mum, aunts and other females over 40, flowery purses always go down a treat, trust me. Is their stuff still a favourite with the younger generation though? Not amongst those that I know.

The price for their goods is quite expensive, but with Cath Kidston being such a popular brand and their designs being admittedly very pretty, visiting every now and then won’t exactly burn a hole in your pocket. Also, if you tell them that it’s a gift, at most stores they’ll be more than happy to gift wrap your present for free, earning you extra points for the favourite son/daughter prize.

If you or someone that you know are into British inspired home ware and trinkets, Cath Kidston is perfect. The shop itself is also never very busy, so you can look around in peace and take time to ask yourself if you or your mum actually need another tea set covered in flowers. Of course you do.

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chintzy, overrated brand

Cath Kidston is not my cup of tea. I’ve plenty of friends who are diehard fans of her products, owning everything from totes to wallets and even tableware. I don’t see the appeal of their products though, and Cath Kidston seems like just another overrated brand to me.

The brand is probably best-known for their prints, which are usually flowery or feature ribbons and bows. It’s very overtly feminine, but to me most of their designs are just plain tacky. I can see how their oilcloth bags would be practical for parents with kids or people who gym, but honestly it’s not very aesthetic and feels cheap. Their products are all of pretty good quality, and I admit there’s some appeal to their old-fashioned, sentimental prints. All their items come with a hefty price tag, with most of their bags priced above $50. I reckon it’s not worth the price you’ll pay for it, and you’re better off spending that money someplace else.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of personal preference, but I wouldn’t ever visit a Cath Kidston store or buy any of their products.

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Bring on the hype

Well, it seems like the trend winds came and passed on this brand. For a period of time, it seemed that everyone was going all Cath Kidston on me. Be it school bags or pencil cases or sling bags, everyone seemed to want to be part of the floral craze. Yes, the floral pattern of Cath Kidston seemed to have hit the streets - there were even fake rip offs all around.

Don't get me wrong, although I love the whole cute London vibe of the Cath Kidston brand, I find it annoying that there were so many 'inspired' Cath Kidston items. Things like these just make trends die quickly - for all that's worth, anyone could be carrying an imitation.

For the marked up price of a Cath Kidston bag, I wouldn't bother forking out that much. After all, who would know that you're carrying an authentic Cath Kidston bag anyway.

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Polka Dots and Flowers

I would applaud Cath Kidston for the aesthetic appeal of their products. Flower prints are always a girl's best friend. Polka dots are also really quirky! Both these types of designs are well-received and easily match with any outfit!

However, I don't think that the prices match the product that Cath Kidston sells. Some bangles can go up to $17 and phone covers to about $45. If you're a real fan, then go ahead! However, I must warn buyers not to go for the fake Cath Kidston products. I bought one from Scape, and those are not authentic. The phone cover cost me $10 but didn't last 10 weeks. The cover breaks easily, so unless you're a careful person, I would tell you to spend a little more money on buying something that's more durable.

Nevertheless, Cath Kidston sells a wonderful selection of every items from bags and umbrellas to jewelry. The style is much for for younger teens rather than young adults. Cath Kidston also sells household items like bedsheets and wallpaper to brighten up your home! They have a gift section where I think the products are quite suitable for someone's birthday.

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