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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 11, 2012    

Ripples is a Singaporean footwear brand that retails flip flops. This footwear brand was created with the notion of radically transforming the simple things that people wear in the street, and has since achieved considerable popularity with the bright colours and nature-inspired designs of their flip flops. Ripples products are now not only found locally, but also in Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and Philippines.

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Cheery flip flops!

For some reason, I have always largely associated this brand with Popular (yes, I mean the bookstore). Which is quite odd, come to think of it.

Anyway, what this place lacks in brand value (I've really never seen or, nor have had my friends see it as a popular "up-there" brand), it makes up for in colour and hardiness of footwear. I recently bought a pair of flip flops here, and while the vibrant colour may make it difficult to incorporate the slippers into an outfit, they never fail to put a smile on my face - I feel like I have a rainbow on my feet! They feel pretty sturdy too - I've been wearing them non stop and they don't seem too worse for wear. A truly good brand.

The prices they offer are pretty reasonable - I didn't have a huge hole in my wallet after purchasing the footwear, so that too is a plus point.

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Cute Laptop Cases

I first spotted this shop while strolling along the aisles of Ion Orchard. The cute designs of the products that they carried drew me into the shop. The laptop cases were especially adorable. It just so happened that I had got a laptop a few days ago and I was carrying it in my bag. The adorable laptop cases were timely in the sense that I could purchase them for my laptop.

The laptop cases were just so 'cute' in so many different ways that I actually had trouble choosing which laptop case to purchase. In the end, I chose a laptop case that seemed slightly nerdy but with a vibe that seemed to match my style.

The shop keeper was not only friendly, she was tolerant in helping me choose which laptop case to purchase (I take very long to make a decision) and even gave me recommendations. Love the laptop case up till today and it's still sturdy.

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Me Likey!

I have a tendency to compare Ripples to the well-known brazilian brand, Havaianas. Thanks to an unexpected sprained ankle, and having to get myself a pair of flip-flops in an emergency; I found a rack of Ripples flip-flops in a Cheers outlet. I had to get the only pretty and decent looking one there to match the outfit I was wearing that day. Even then, I still thought Ripples were too cheap for my liking.

It was only when I walked into their outlet at Takashimaya that I had a change of heart. They have an extensive range, from flip-flops to laptop bags and tote bags. I was at awe with their variety of styles and colours. Although most were of really bright and over the top colours, there are some designs that have my approvals. I went on, purchasing a pair to add to my collection of flip-flops. At a very affordable price, I can forsee myself buying a lot more in the future!

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Love their prints

I love the prints at ripple though they tend to carry products from flip flops to laptop cases with the same design and it also becomes pretty common because many others tend to frequent this brand as well. To me, their designs are appealing as they are all very whimsical and fun.

Their prices are also pretty reasonable, not cheap but more affordable than other international brands that produce the same product. Plus, in my experience, they are lasting, the quality of their product is good. I have been using the same laptop bag for the past 4 years and the same flip flops for 2.

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Not much to look at

I received a gift (a laptop sleeve) from here sometime back and it looked pretty good, so I made a mental note to visit the shop soon.

I did manage to bump into one at Plaza Sing when an indecisive friend was irritatingly choosing between Burger King and Long John Silver's to eat. I ended up going in and I wouldn't say I was disappointed but. Ah.

The things are really Australian. From the slippers to the bags, you can literally feel the surfette vibe emitting from them. I ended up really liking a pair of beach slippers but they didn't have my size (thank you Australia) and left with nothing.

I would actually advice you to suit up here on your next beach adventure. It's worth the visit and the price is fine.

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Plaza Singapura
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teenage flip-flops

When flip-flops was the trend in my primary school days, I remember spending my free time at Ripples with my girlfriends, browsing their latest products and very tempted each time. Ripples was pretty affordable then. It costed at about $5 to $10 per pair. We would eye the new designs and wait for the price to drop to $5 before racing to make payment.

Their first few designs featured the simple wide feet rubber slippers which was really comfy.But as you can tell, it was suitable only with beach wear or throwing on a shirt and shorts. Our favourite designs were those that had a semi-velvet or leather feel in black and brown colours with Ripples logo made of silver metal.That was pretty classic back then, could easily pair it with a dress or skirt and head for shopping. Right now, every time i walk past a Ripple store, it sure brings back fond memories.

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Century Square
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Branded at a beach.

This is the place where every item is priced rather exorbitantly, from bags to wallets and slippers. Frankly, i wouldn't pay such an amount to get stuff like that. Their items come in a multitude of colours, sure to catch any shopper's eye. However, i feel that they just do not have that X factor which will draw customers no matter how high prices are. Their stuff are very sunshine, it makes me happy to see the kaleidoscope of colours and the bags are pretty durable too.

Wouldn't get one no matter what though.

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Bright beach slippers!

Ripples slippers definitely make perfect beachwear for fun, loud, and outgoing girls, as the slippers at Ripples come in various shades of bright and intruding colours, in feminine patterns like polka dots and floral patterns.

I'm not exactly the biggest fans of Ripples as I personally like my colours understated with a touch of simplicity, and Ripples is certainly anything but understated. However, I have tried out a few pairs of Ripples slippers in the past, and they weren't exactly wonderful experiences.

Firstly, I find Ripples slippers uncomfortable when worn. The slippers that I've tried in the past were designed such that the straps were a little wider than usual, and they bit painfully into my feet, such that it hurt with every leg movement that I made.

Secondly, the quality cannot be considered pristine either, as the straps on one of my slippers broke en route to the beach once, after a mere few months of wear.

Despite the massive amount of love that Ripples receives, I am still an unconvinced non-fan. Tried and tested, I would say, and it has certainly not matched up to my expected standards.

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I like Ripples slippers because i feel that Haivannas is really overrated! Ripples slippers generally last me at least a year (very durable) and during sales, they cost only 10 bucks and they look pretty too with different designs unlike Haivannas. There are slippers that are with a little heels and also the flat thin ones too. The usual prices range around 15-25 but during sales, they cost around 10-15. Although the slippers might be of old designs already, I feel that as long as they look nice to me, I would still purchase them.

The laptop cases also have pretty designs although I have not bought any.

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