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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 04, 2012    

Mondo Shoes is a local store that provides fine footwear for women. Mondo Shoes has been in business for over ten years, and aims to always sell fashionable female shoes by constantly updating their product range to keep up with the latest fashion trends. 


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Wallet-Friendly Footwear

Mondo used to be my go to store for affordable shoes during my secondary school years. During the times when money is tight and scarce, I can definitely rely on Mondo for a pretty pair of flats or a trendy pair of sandals. The wide range of footwear they offer are priced reasonably. However, because they are extremely wallet-friendly, their quality of products are not high. This usually results in sore feet, blisters, cuts and blood. In this case, I guess you get exactly what you pay for.

Although I found the love of footwear elsewhere now, it still doesn't stop me from popping into their outlet once in awhile to browse. So, for anyone looking for affordable footwear on a tight budget, drop by their store and you might just be surprised.

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affordable footwear

The Mondo outlet at Nex is large and spacious, which makes shopping there comfortable even with the relatively high human traffic in the mall. It stocks plenty of casual, cute shoes, mostly flats. Best of all, it's one of the most affordable shoe stores I've come across. Sale items can be as cheap as just $9.90!

Unfortunately, a pair of flat pumps I bought there, which cost about $15, isn't very comfortable - my feet get blisters after just an hour of light walking. Since this problem is present with most shoes of this type, I'm still going to go back to shop at Mondo due to it's affordability. I do wish they would come up with more new designs though, they've been selling similar designs for quite awhile already.

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Fashionable, trendy and spacious

Mondo has a spacious outlet in NEX (I'm not sure about the rest because that's the only Mondo outlet I've been to) and I guess that's a pretty big sell-out point because what is better than a spacious shop for a conducive shopping environment?

The shoes there are trendy and stylish, covering all the different types of shoes customers' are looking for - from flats, to wedges to stilettos.

Their designs too covers the playful side of feminism - shoes coated with luminous colours to brighten up one's appearance, as well as the darker side of us with more sophisticated designs to complement one's elegant dress. More importantly, their designs are in touch with the current trends and styles of shoes.

For students and thrifty shoppers, prices of some of these shoes might not be exactly what you're looking for but in generally, shoes there are relatively affordable. If you're desperate to save some cash, wait for their sales and I'm pretty sure the prices then would be more aligned to your saving needs.

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Cute and affordable shoes

Mondo is my go-to store for affordable and trendy shoes. With most of the shoes priced below $25, it has become one of my favourite shoe stores in Singapore. Targeted mainly at teenagers and young adults, the shoes at Mondo are inspired by the latest trends, so something is bound to catch my eye every time I enter the store.

What I really love about Mondo is its sales. I scored a pair of brown oxford shoes for just $15 a while back, and it has lasted me a year, so that’s an awesome deal! Shoes on sale can go for as low as $10, so keep an eye out for that. Who knows? That last pair of cute flats may just be in your size!

As much as I love Mondo, I have to admit that the quality of some of the shoes there is not that great. The soles of the wedges there are made of rubber, and they wear out pretty quickly, so do a quality check before purchasing!

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An utter delight

I love Mondo.

Mondo is a very simplistic shoe store, sleek and stylish. I never thought much of their office shoes but everything else here came straight out of an "you all better come up with better shoe designs or it's the last thing you're going to do" meeting.

I have bought my chinese new year's shoes here year after year. My particular favourite was a studded front and pierced heel-back shoe. It was on sales (Mondo is always on sale one way or another - happy times are ahead) and going for a sobbing $19.90. I turned to ask the salesperson for a size and she said simply that there's only one size left. Dare I inquire?

As it turns out, all the sizes left were 34 because nobody could fit it so it is no surprise who went home with happy feet.

Always come here for a guaranteed purchase.

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Choa Chu Kang
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Far from Fashion Crossroads

Mondo's used to be the glamour brand in my teenage days. I remember buying my first pair of ballet flats and I received tons of compliments on it... It then moved on to sandals, shoes, and even the ankle-wrenching heels. I was pretty hooked to this brand and even after finding occasional pairs with Mondo stickers stuck over other brands on the sole it didn't bother me one bit.

The designs are relatively affordable from $10 - $25 for normal shoes and heels from $30. Some of the designs are classic with a fashion touch, so it makes it look unique in a safe way, if you get what I mean. For example, the ballet flats that I got was plain blank patent shoes which is classic and with pink ribbons which makes it look special but not in special enough to be on the crossroads of fashion statement and fashion disaster.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Shoes look similar

Affordable prices indeed but shoes are not of high quality because soles will become smooth after a few months, making it very easy to slip and fall. Designs seem the same for at least a month with little new arrivals.

The unique feature of Mondo is that it sells children shoes as well for girls which is rather rare in other shoe shops that cater to the youths and working adults. It makes it convenient for me to shop for shoes together with my primary 5 cousin.

Sale items are also pretty cheap because in the first place the shoes are not that expensive. The sad thing is that in terms of quality, I think Mondo shoes are roughly the same as those shoes from Bugis Street.

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Pretty shoes at affordable prices

I am a frequent shopper at Mondo Shoes, and the designs of the shoes there never ceases to amaze me. The interior of most Mondo shops are usually clean and chic, seemingly spacious with a few comfortable plush seats in the centre of the store for customers to try on their footwear.

The prices at Mondo are definitely their selling point. The shoes are usually within a very affordable range, and for the aesthetic appeal of some of their shoes, you'd be amazed at how low they sell for. Also, the shoes at Mondo are usually very much in trend, so it's easy and affordable to buy into a trend at Mondo.

However, customers ought to be warned that the quality of the shoes there can be a little dubious. I've had a pair of gladiator wedges break down after mere 5 months of wear, and I was absolutely heartbroken, as they were my favourite pair of wedges.

Mondo also engages in frequent sales, and discounts can get as crazy as 70% off, so it would make a very good place to buy cheap trendy shoes at. Don't expect too much of the quality though - what you pay for is definitely what you get.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

Good designs. Bad quality.

If you like nice and pretty shoes, Mondo will be your dream shoe shop. However, for people like me, who are looking for comfortable footwear, Mondo is definitely not the right shop for us! Their shoes suit more for young adults rather than the working adults.

I bought shoes from Mondo before and all were already thrown away. When the 'roman' design shoe was popular back then, I bought a pair from Mondo! After only wearing a few times, the stripes wear off. It couldn't even last for a year! Another pair that I bought was able to last but I only wore it twice because it was extremely uncomfortable! It became a pain after walking a few metres and I got blisters at the back of my both of my ankles. The material was hard and very plastic, it wasn't even suitable for anyone to wear it!

I've learnt my lesson and I'll never ever buy shoes from Mondo again!

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That basically sums this footwear retailer up.

Mondo does offer some really trendy shoes at really low prices, which are fantastic when you want to buy into one of the more experimental current fashion trends without spending too much. In other words, it's great for when you're hesitant about a trend.

I'm pretty fond of the flats in Mondo. They do a rather wide variety of those, ranging from simple and basic, to sweet and feminine, to loud and bold. Since flats tend to wear out fast, I don't mind spending my money on a cheap low-quality pair there, since flats were never meant to last long anyway. Besides, they ARE pretty.

Mondo also does some of the more classic shoes, like nude pumps, which I say save your money and get a pair of higher quality that will last you longer.

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