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Bata Shoes is a large, family-owned shoe company established in Zlín, modern-day Czech Republic and currently headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Bata operates three business units worldwide – Bata Metro Markets, Bata Emerging Markets and Bata Branded Business. It has a retail presence in over 70 countries and production facilities in 27 countries. In its history the company has sold more than 14 billion pairs of shoes. Home to Bata's Asia Pacific and Africa operations, the Singapore office manages 3,000 outlets in the region and its many dealers and suppliers.

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Just.. no.

Talk to me again when I'm 40. Bata is definitely not the place you'd go for shoes that are fashionable or that would stand out. And for me, what good are those kind of shoes?

Back when I was in secondary school, Bata is the place to go to for shoes, but not now. My parents still frequent Bata though, my mum especially. It's fine for me, since it's their choice, but personally I wouldn't get my shoes there. They're cheap and the quality isn't very bad, so I guess that's probably one of the main reasons why my mum is a Bata fan. Plus, if I wanna go for comfortable shoes, there's other options which sells fashionable and comfortable shoes.

The customer service is okay, friendly enough most times but usually very forgettable.

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Buy And Throw Away... No more!

BATA used to have an unfortunate moniker; Buy And Throw Away. Well, though that might have been true for the earlier generation, it certainly doesn't fit now.

I have shopped for shoes pretty much all over our island, and I have definitely found better quality at BATA. Their shoes are affordable, with a variety that allows me to linger in there for long. There's always some sale going on at BATA, which makes their higher-priced shoes more competitively-priced. I find that it's being constantly underrated due to it's past and should be given a chance by shoppers of my generation.

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Buy and throw away

Bata is like the place to buy cheap shoes for school, every year buying new white shoes and black shoes in all shorts of different designs. They even started having the white cleaner for shoes that polishes white shoes, cleans up the dirty patches by using it to colour over the stains. For the reputation is has built, I am sure many Singaporeans do not see Bata the same way as other foreigners do.

It feels like just an ordinary place for the reliable shoes, but I would definitely not specifically go into the shop for a pair of shoes that I would like to wear out for fashion or to find a pair of shoes that I like. For comfort and practicality purposes, Bata shoes exist in my shoe wardrobe other than that there would definitely not be a single pair of them. Amidst the stereotype, Bata is actually the most reliable place to find a pair of shoes. It carries alot of classic designs and brands and also has its house brand of shoes that are of rather good quality. I am always impressed with the duration that the shoe lasts.

Shoe shopping id definitely also not impossible, once I had to buy a pair of shoes from Bata and I took a look around there were a huge variety of shoes to choose from and the designs were actually not too bad just that it probably would not fit as nicely. A huge plus point is that the shoes are always cheap!

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Unfortunate victim of stereotypes

BATA suffers from an enduring image as the source of children's school shoes. Another reviewer put the stereotype aptly - "Buy and throw away". I admit that this image is still stuck in my head, which is why I tend to walk right on by the store when I'm looking for shoes. I've only stepped inside when I was desperate for some comfy formal shoes.

I did not end up buying my formal shoes there, but I definitely found a couple of good pairs. Yes, BATA does have more than school shoes, in fact, they have a commendable collection of ladies and men's footwear for both formal and casual occasions.

BATA's advantage is that it is much cheaper than other brands. Their shoes also tend to be on the comfortable side. Remember that BATA is actually an European brand (it's Czech), so the quality isn't as bad as some make it out to be!

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Comfort, price
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Parkway Parade
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Do not be deterred to try BATA!

Coming from a low income family, my number one source for shoes had always been BATA and even if I have more money to spend, I do not see any highly compelling reason for me to immediately switch brands. Bata has indeed served me well since primary school and right until today where I’m pursuing my Bachelor studies. If you think BATA is lagging behind it terms of fashion, you are badly mistaken.

A simple observation would tell you that shoes nowadays have a slip-on concept where you no longer face the hassle of tying up your shoe laces tight. Initially it was common for women to have such shoes, but it is now increasingly more obvious in men’s shoe-preference as well.

I recently bought a pair of black slip-on shoes, which was made with a waterproof coat. Costing only $40, I felt it was a good trade-off when you compare to similar shoes in other stores with almost twice the price. Though I do not really insist on that BATA has high quality of shoes, a daily but careful usage will last you for half a year at least. My black shoes have so far lasted 4 months with minute signs of damage from wear and tear.

Bata is fairly common in most shopping malls so do not be deterred by other’s comments. Get a pair and try it on for yourself!

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Low quality shoes

When I think of Bata, I think of cheap shows at a low quality. I remember my mother buying Bata white velcro school shoes for me when I was young- the shoes were, however, not long lasting. This resulted in my parents having to constantly buy new school shoes for me every now and then. If I were to choose a place to spend my money and buy chic and trendy shoes, Bata would not be my choice. Their high heeled shoes are often not of the styles that I favour. I would say that their style is very much "auntie-like" and old-fashioned, very much your average budget buy.

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Buy and throw away?

BATA - Buy And Throw Away, that’s what some of my friend would say of its shoes they sell. However, i beg to differ. BATA had been the brand of my shoes since i was in Primary school and none of the shoes i bought were even near to “buy and throw away”. In fact, each pair of BATA shoes last me for more than a year, and i only threw them away because i wanted a new pair, not because they were spoilt.

BATA shoes are also relatively cheap as compared to the other brands. Although i must admit, its designs are not as nice as the other shoe brand, i thought they were okay, they looked rather nice actually. BATA is a great option for school kids, with its many pairs of white shoes that are cheap and still nice looking.

Besides shoes, BATA sells bags as well! So if you are not looking for shoes, you can still pop in to look for bags! Their bags are affordable and fashionable, definitely not “auntie” looking as some would say.

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(Updated: November 20, 2012)

Buy bags instead of shoes

Back then when I was attending Primary and Secondary School, my mom would bring me to BATA to buy new shoes. Come to think about it, I had many fond memories.

Unlike my childhood days, I seldom shop at BATA now. Nothing to do with the service actually. The service was fine. The staff were extremely helpful and they were rather quick when they're searching shoes in the storeroom. The problem? Seats were not available. I found out that many shoppers have to stand while trying out the shoes. This is rather inconvenient, hopefully they'll do something about it.

In addition, BATA products are not at all durable. Its quality has gone down drastically. Maybe it's partly due to the fact that I've been playing sports(p.e), so they usually last for 6+ months.

Other than shoes, BATA also sells bags. Nothing much can be said, except that the variety is brilliant. There's tons of handbags, mainly used for working. Working ladies may want to check them out. Thankfully, the quality of the bags are much better. The price is incredibly affordable as well.

Ideally, it'll be advisable to shop for bags instead of shoes.

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Not at all bad.

I have heard many people saying that shoes from Bata is not durable and it is not recommended to buy anything from Bata, but I just feel that we could not generalize all the items sold in this shop.
As for the durability of the shoes, I would say that they are not too durable, if you wear it everyday, there will be wear and tear effect and most of them won’t last up to 1 year. But again, it all depends on the way we take care of the shoes. As for the pricing, Bata shoes are very affordable and recently, many new designs and varieties have come up and they would not be beaten down by other shoes brands.
Apart from the shoes, some of the bags are also pretty. I never bought any of the bags, but there was once that I liked this bag so much (sold in Bata) but didn’t purchase it. The price of the bag was quite affordable too , around $39.
Well, I would still recommend Bata to all the parents who needs to get school shoes for their kids, just take good care of the shoes and you can reduce the chance of quick wear and tear effect.

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