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Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ Restaurant

Kublai Khan Mongolian BBQ Restaurant Hot

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Park Mall #04-01 Penang Road Singapore 238459
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Listing created by wangkh on December 26, 2012    

Mongolian BBQ is a combination of freshly sliced meat, accompaniments and sauces prepared in Mongolian style. The chefs will perform how the Mongolia BBQ is cooked right in front of customers.

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Pleasant, but not fantastic

Don't you just love the feeling of entering a restaurant, warmly greeted by its staff? Doesn't it just make you feel so welcomed? I've been to Kublai Khan numerous times and I've always received warm welcomes from the staff. And on days that we have to wait to be seated, the staff would apologize for making us wait. Doesn't that make waiting a little better? I think it does.

At one glance you would feel that Kublai Khan serves a wide array of buffet spread. However, if you compare this to other restaurants serving similar buffets, you will realize that their dishes are pretty average. Maybe common is the word. Yes indeed, the number of dishes appearing in front of you counts, but so does the quality of the food served. But well, the cereal prawns, crayfish and chili crabs were tasty I must say.

What I found awesome was their Mongolian BBQ (must-try) as you can season the meat the way you like it to be, and the chef will cook it for you. The aftertaste of the meat simply drives you nuts! The portion serves me well and I guess that's probably my only comfort for eating such sinfully-delicious food. But do eat while it's hot, as the meat tends to be tough and chewy once it turns cold.

Overall, the dining experience wasn't fantastic but definitely pleasant.

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More delicious offerings

When the restaurant started many years back, they only served Mongolia BBQ and a few side dishes only. So at that time, each customer will eat at least a few bowls of the Mongolia BBQ. The concept is quite simple, you choose your vegetables and meat and then add your own seasonings then you pass your bowl to the chef at the central area. They will use their giant chop stick to stir and mix the food and then perform how to scoop the cooked food out into a bowl.

Recently, I went back to this restaurant, they served a lot more side dishes, so much so that most of us only tried one bowl of the Mongolia BBQ just for the fun of it. I guessed it's a bit more troublesome to mix and match your own ingredients when you are not a good cook, so it's safer to go for the pre-cooked food.

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