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OG Orchard Point, Level 4 160 Orchard Road Singapore 238842
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Offering Chinese fusion cuisine featuring over twenty types of imported and wild mushrooms served in mushroom hot pot or as variety of exciting mushroom dishes.

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Opening Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 12pm - 3pm (Lunch) 5.30pm - 10.30pm (Dinner) Sat. & Sun. 12pm - 10.30pm
List of Outlets:
Stadium Outlet:
2 Stadium Walk
#01-02 Singapore Indoor
Stadium (Carpark E)
Singapore 397691
Tel: 6342 3320

Orchard Point Outlet:
OG Orchard Point, Level 4
160 Orchard Road
Singapore 238842
Tel: 6733 9910


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exotic mushroom dishes that you can’t find anywhere else

If you’re a mushroom-lover, then The Mushroom Pot is for you! While their menu features mushrooms prominently, with most of their appetisers and mains using mushrooms as their main ingredient, they do offer seafood, meats and vegetables for their steamboat.

My family visited their branch at Stadium at around 5pm, and the restaurant was quite empty. Service was okay, and we were attended to promptly. Since it was quite a cold day, we opted for their hot-pot buffet with Wild Mushroom Soup and Spicy Ma-La Soup. The buffet also included a choice of 3 starters or House Specials, and we decided on Wild Mushroom with Thai Spices, MonkeyHead Mushrooms with House Dressing and Teriyaki-style Scallop Sticks. My personal favourite was the MonkeyHead mushrooms, which were crunchy, fried but not too oily and really addictive. The Wild Mushroom Soup was unlike any steamboat base we had ever tasted, and everyone was satisfied with the aromatic, flavourful soups. Prices are quite steep though, with each person paying sub-$30. It was also quite strange that children rates were only granted to children between 90cm and 120cm, which meant my sister wasn’t eligible.

The Mushroom Pot is a unique, family-friendly restaurant that serves healthy food and a pretty diverse steamboat buffet menu. If not for the price, we would visit more often for sure!

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Great place for gathering

I went to their stadium outlet few months back and the experience was great.

Firstly, I love the fact that it is not so crowded (the last time I went). We had our class gathering there and were able to sit together comfortably. Secondly, one of my classmates is a vegetarian and the mushroom pot offers quite a number of dishes that do not contain meat. Furthermore, I really find their menu rather special as they contain a rather wide variety of cooked food. Their soup base is also really tasty.

I always wanted to visit there again, and this post really makes me want to plan another class gathering there!

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Mushroom Pot will make you fall in love with mushrooms!

I’ve been to Mushroom Pot at Orchard Point several times, and I haven’t been disappointed yet. When you pass by the restaurant, the first thing that hits you is the smell of mushrooms. Goodness, that fragrance is a whiff of heaven on Earth. It draws you in, and when you do (don’t resist it!) you will be greeted with the sight of patrons sitting behind steaming pots of broth. Ah, steamboat – the source of the smell.

By then, it’s quite impossible to say no to the steamboat, and that’s a good call, too. The Mushroom Pot is known for its dishes that celebrate the frangrance and taste of mushrooms, and it does just that. I’m not a particular fan of mushrooms, but I enjoyed every dish we ordered, because they all tasted so good! The soup bases also compliment the dishes very well. I loved the spicy broth, but whether you’re a lover of spicy food (like me) or not, you’ll defintely enjoy your steamboat!

Mushroom Pot is also really attentive to customers’ needs – they give each patron a pack of tissues, as most of them choose to have the steamboat there. The waiters and waitresses are also polite, friendly and give great recommendations. With good service and even better food, what’s not to like?

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The longevity pot

If you translate the Chinese name, it meant "longevity pot". What a good place to celebrate birthdays especially for your parents or parents-in-law.

I had been to their indoor stadium branch many times. Not especially crowded so you do not need to make reservation even if you need a big table. Mushroom pot is basically steamboat but a more healthy variant. You can choose two soup base for your steamboat.

Besides the steamboat dishes, they also served cooked dishes. The favourite for my children is the mushroom fries. This is the healthy variant to French Fries but equally tasty. Remember to order two plates because most likely it would not be enough to go around.

My personal favourite is their drunken chicken, tender chicken cooked with wine and served cold. Also order two plates because the serving is not very big.

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