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#B1-44E Raffles City Shopping Centre 252 North Bridge Road Singapore 179103
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Listing created by mapyoursoul on May 13, 2012    

Located in the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre, Buffet Town claims to have more than 300 buffet items over 29 item categories on offer. Highlights are fresh seafood (oysters for dinner only), Teppanyaki, Robatayaki and their wide range of desserts. Local cuisine is also available here, with laksa and ice kachang on the menu as well. Buffet Town aims to serve "Hotel Quality Food but at a Fraction of the Price" and the continuous stream of diners during meal time can attest to that. Reservations are encouraged, especially for weekend meals.

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So much to choose from!

Buffet Town is probably one of the more popular buffet places in town. My family and I always visit this place at the basement of Raffles City. Do note that it's pretty hard to get in without a reservation, so make sure you call in advance so that you can avoid the long queues.

The spread of food here is AMAZING. From local delights such as laksa and chicken rice, to international cuisine such as sashimi, teppanyaki, pizza and pasta, there's bound to be something for even the most picky eaters out there! My personal favourite corner is probably the fresh seafood section. The salmon and prawn sashimi are really quite fresh and taste decent, which was something I did not expect from a buffet.

Don't expect your dining affair here to be a comfortable one though, the place is filled with insane crowds, especially on weekends, and you might have to keep an eye out for some of the more popular food which will be grabbed by everyone once it's served. The place is also really loud and noisy too, but I guess it's nice to be eating good food with your friends and family at Buffet Town.

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Large food spread!

The ambience is a long shot from romantic. During the peak periods of lunch and dinner, the crowds that go to dine makes the ambience rather noisy and stuffy - similar to that of a hawker centre. However, looking at the buffet price of about $40/per person, I'd say its more of a 'high-class' hawker centre.

You get what you pay for: the food spread spans from the local delights to the more expensive food items from scallops to salmon head. The grilled cheese scallop is a must try for the foodies: the glorious cheese topped on the scallops are heaven in one's mouth.

Definitely a place to go to try for a large range of food, but a little pricey for a buffet.

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Sashimi from Heaven

There is no denying the huge range of food offered here. There’s something from each culture, from a bowl of laksa to a delicious plate of sashimi.

I have been to the place three times and have tried almost everything they offered and the only thing that makes me return is the plate of sashimi they have. The salmon is cut neatly to satisfyingly thick pieces and will melt in your mouth as you chew those heavenly pieces.

And that’s it.

I wasn’t amazed at the taste of the other food they offered and neither of them leave a significant impression. But if you want a taste of almost every culture, Buffet Town would be the most affordable place to go.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Wide spread.

I've only been to buffet town once: I usually go to kiseiki because I like the spread there. Buffet town from what a remember, has a really wide spread of food. The sashimi section isnt as awesome in my opinion, compared to kiseiki's, but if you don't mind fried food and the ever growing waistline, then buffet town is the place for you.

Skip the pasta, it isn't anywhere near any restaurant standard so why waste the tummy space, right? It is affordably priced (considering it's a buffet) and I would go to buffet town over any other buffet places anytime (yep even hotel buffets). I remember more Jap food than anything else in buffet town heh.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Wonderful place to indulge in

Singaporeans love buffets given our strong penchant for food. Buffet town is, I would say, one of the most "value for money" buffet places. If you are on a strict budget yet do not want to sacrifice on quality, buffet town is the place to be at. This opinion is shared by many as can be witnessed by the long queues and reservation list especially on weekends.

Heads up though, it is also important to not to have too an high expectation or risk getting disappointed. The oysters for example are a good bargain since the buffet is relatively inexpensive, however, they are not one of the freshest in town. Otherwise, given the wide range of selections, one is bound to have a scrumptious and sumptuous meal. Avoid only if you are on a diet!

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Pretty good buffet

Buffet Town features an apppalling wide selection of food, ranging from your local delights like Satay and laksa, to Japanese cuisine and Western pizzas. The unlimited portions of succulent seafood like juicy oysters and chilled prawns would definitely tickle your taste buds. As a Japanese food lover, I feel that the Japanese delights are a MUST TRY, especially the battered tempura offering its addictive crispy crunch. The Western fish stew is another mouth-watering dish that should not be missed.

I did not visit the place during the peak period, thus for me the crowd was okay, the service was pleasant and pretty quick. The waiters there were also quite friendly and would kindly offer to clear the plates for you at their own initiative.

However, this place is not recommended for people under a tight budget as it is relatively pricey. Also, I find their satay rather bland and dry. Their Indian delicacies were also unimpressive.

Overall, Buffet Town is a great buffet place considering the good quantity and quality of dishes. The play areas specially designated for young children also make it a great family-friendly place.

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

Overrated hype!

Buffets are always tricky situations. Rush to get your food, or suffer the long wait for refills. And the wait at Buffet Town is agonizing!! The service here is pretty slow, and the food is sadly overrated! It compares to normal spreads in hotels, and the quality of the food is nothing extravagant as well.

The eatery becomes suffocatingly packed during peak periods and weekends too. I personally would've liked more space and faster service, not to mention better quality and larger spreads.

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great quantity and quality

Buffet Town will definitely burn a hole in your pocket – the prices stated are definitely not the nett price (note the ++ at the end of the numbers!). Extremely expensive; it costs about $45 for each adult.

Nevertheless, I must say they have a very large variety of good food! Ranging from noodles to sashimi to fish and chips, they probably even have a wider variety of food as compared to that of Sakura’s International Buffet (which is already known to have quite a wide selection of food)!

To add on, I must say that their food is quite deliciously cooked. The sashimi is freshly cut and is also quickly snapped up; so fast so that the chefs are not even fast enough to refill the sashimi!

My recommendation would be to skip the soup and drinks first, and just head directly for the meat. The soup will probably make you feel bloated and give you the illusion that you are full, and the carbo will probably fill up your stomach faster than you can thoroughly inspect the wide selection of food available. So, go for the meat first!

I like the part where they have unlimited, free flow drinks! Their drinks range from Heaven and Earth’s green tea to carbonated drinks; quite a wide range of renowned brands too.

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Good Spread of International Food

Buffet Town, like the name speaks for itself, it is so far one of the best buffet where I have visited and I think it is quite value for money. They had a wide spread of food from seafood, to Japanese food, to Pastas and Steaks to Chinese food.

I extremely love their sashimi and the their raw oysters and clams. It's a must try if you love raw food because it's so fresh that you can eat it just by itself without any sauce. The freshness just melts in your mouth as you take down the fresh oysters one by one.

It's affordable to have the wide spread of food for only less than $50 bucks depending on which day of the week that you went.

But I would recommend that you make a reservation or go during off-peak period because the queue is always quite long. So have patience for delicious food!

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It is forever, so crowded but still, food is satisfying to the palette.

I found Buffet Town after seeing the raving reviews by fellow facebook users and I could not resist giving it a try after seeing photos of their spread being uploaded.I have been there twice and both experience was satisfying (food wise).If you would like to make a reservation,do it TWO weeks before because every time me or my friends calls for a reservation, we were always told that it was fully booked...even when we call 5 days earlier.We were always advised to walk-in instead.

However,remember not to walk-in on the dot at the start time of their buffet duration.Be there at least 45 mins earlier because the queue there is always crazy.You can see people queuing as early as an hour early!The queuing is worth it though because the seafood spread is really enjoyable.You would see a crowd at their fresh oyster section and the chefs there are always so willing to open up any amount of oysters for you upon your request.Thumbs up to all their fresh seafood.

As for the rest of the international buffet spread,they have the standard cuisine that provides heartland dishes like chicken rice(very normal),"laksa" and the ever-popular chilli crab(must-try!)!They provide free flow of the standard drinks and surprisingly,beancurd drink and beancurd(tau huay) itself.The taste of the beancurd and the drink was a tad too sweet so you would not drink it twice.In my opinion, just go for the seafood spread,the oysters will make you feel it is worth every cent!

Overall, Buffet Town provides a family-orientated atmosphere as they have play areas for kids to roam about while their parents indulge.Just be prepared to reach the place earlier to avoid queuing up for too long!

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