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Poh Kim Organization is established in 1984,specializing in the rental of video tapes. In the past 4 years, Poh Kim has focused their attention on marketing Korean Dramas and as a result, has built a wide customer base of Korean Dramas and Movies lovers.

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This shop is popular with its Chinese, Korean and some Japanese drama serials. There are also other types of serials, movies and children's educational shows in which they sell, but those are the minority.

However, in recent years, the popularity of these serials have gone down by a large margin. This could be because such serials are more readily available for download online, and that seems to be the more popular option among Singapore's present tech-savvy youths. As this is the case, Poh Kim's business has been bad as they no longer seem relevant. I think there are some from the older generation who aren't so tech-savvy, and they turn out to be the saving grace of the business of Poh Kim.

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Dying business

With the introduction of fibre broadband in Singapore, more and more people are into video streaming or video downloading. If you take public transport, you would see that even old uncles or aunties had videos loaded on their smartphones or tablets and happily watching their shows when travelling in public transport without regards to whether what they were watching were copyrighted.

I was quite impressed with Poh Kim for having survived so long even after this change in consumer pattern. The few times I had walked past their shops, I had noticed there were less crowds in the shop. And those friends of mine that used to trade DVD series had started to trade portable hard disks of downloaded series. I guessed if the price was low enough, I would rather buy DVD series than to download on my own and risk infringing copyright laws.

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Where I got introduced to drama serials

I got my first drama series, Han WuDi, when I was 5 from a Poh Kim Store near my house. Since then, Poh Kim has become synonymous with my purchasing and chasing of different dramas, be it Korean, Chinese or Hong Kong.

The idea of Poh Kim is convenience, you will never have a bored moment with a store near your residence offering videos for sale or rent. With its tentacles stretching to other countries such as Malaysia, it results in Poh Kim being able to offer a wide array of CDs and movies for the nightly entertainment. Moreover, kids can find plenty of cartoons, sing-a-longs and even CDs such as Ultraman and Power Rangers. For the elderly, there are folk song CDs by traditional big time singers such as Fei Yu Ching.

With a Poh Kim nea you, your entertainment needs, at least in the visual, animated sense, can be readily fulfilled.

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My first Anime CD collection

I have had many Poh Kim carriers in my plastic bags storage drawer. This store holds memories for me during my poly years.

During the start of my polytechnic years, my dad accidentally switched channels and "Inuyasha", a popular Japanese anime was playing. I watched it and eventually got hooked on to it. However once the then Arts Central ceased screening it, I badly needed to find a place that sold them in CDs! That's when I discovered Poh Kim and they were selling 2 anime boxes (13 episodes each) for $45! Each box costed $30 so buying 2 was value for money.

I remember saving my coins (as my mom didn't allow me to splurge unnecessarily) to buy the CDs. When I got $45 in my piggy-bank, I would be in uncontrollable ecstasy and would rush to the nearby Poh Kim to get 2 boxes, which meant 26 episodes of my favourite anime!

That was around 8-9 years ago. Pok Kim no longer sells new anime. I do go into the store to look around whenever I see it in malls. To me, Poh Kim is a place of memories. When I see the store, I reminisce about the days when I had to count coins to buy what I desired. It's not that way anymore but it reminds me of my teenage years very much, and that's a really positive feeling.

I no longer look for new anime due to Animax where I can watch them these days but I do buy Japanese drama DVDs once in a blue moon. They sell rather cheaply (the cheapest DVDs sell from $10! ) and I think its worth a buy for students and people looking for "legal" ways of watching dramas and anime without spending too much.

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Get your dramas here

Poh Kim is surely a drama haven, you can get all your favourite Taiwanese, Korean and Hong Kong dramas here at relatively affordable prices. The best part is that they always stock the latest dramas, and also stock older ones so you can catch up on any drama that you've missed. You can also find some of the latest films at Poh Kim but they mainly specialise in dramas.

However, their Hong Kong dramas can be slightly pricey if they are among the latest releases. The older dramas can sell for $20 onwards, while the newer ones can sell for $50 onwards. On the bright side, their dramas come in dual sound so you don't have to hear the shows dubbed in Mandarin all the time, something which irritates me to the core.

They also hold sales in the middle and end of the year, so be sure to check out Poh Kim then!

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(Updated: November 15, 2012)

Spend your ka-ching during sales!

It's a small store, no doubt about it. The spaces are rather crammed. I can't imagine what it'll be like if it was a Saturday or Sunday... All DVDs were organized, that said, it was neat and tidy. It was easy for me to find what I was looking for.

Poh Kim is the place for you if you're looking for Hong Kong, Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean dramas. Some prices are very affordable and are of decent quality. I bought Marley&Me a year back and it still works fine.

However, I wouldn't recommend this store to you if you're planning to buy classic movies. Sure, the store sells Inception, Harry potter etc but let's say you're looking for movies such as The Princess Bride, well then, this is not the place for you. There's only 1 staff member present- and that is the cashier. Since she's in charge in handling cash, asking for assistance is probably going to get tough.

If you complete their customer feedback form, you can even get a S$2 voucher. It's not much but hey, it's better than nothing!

Keep a lookout for sales, this is the time to splurge your ka-ching on DVDs and VCDs.

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