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Russell Lee is the creator of "True Singapore Ghost Stories", a series of books that has been among the most popular source of ghost stories in Singapore. Russell Lee has never included any pictures of himself or revealed anything about his personal life.


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Mystery in his true Identity, only in writing

The first thing that hit me was the chills that ran down my spine as I thought about Russell Lee's appearance and identity. Who could he be? The high level of secrecy that Russell uses for his identity adds on to the spookiness of the compilation of the Singapore Ghost Story Series - who knows if the ghosts are part of his minions doing his work?

Just kidding, but even then, I love the idea of the compilation of true (although sometimes dubious) Singapore Ghost Stories, which was a really ingenious thing to do. The series were always engaging for me, and I would sit at popular reading some while waiting for my mom to choose her cookbooks. When I couldn't finish the book, I would just buy it home to read it.

I especially loved the feature story in each book. While some of them left me incredulously amused, others scared me out of my wits, leaving me walking home at a faster pace than before lest I turn around and bring home a ghost of me.

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Engaging series

Russell lee does well in covering up his identity by remaining masked whenever he is in public promoting his books. I remember growing up reading his 'True Singapore ghost stories' series which is a compilation of all the scary tales the readers of TSGS have experienced and quite frankly, there was never an episode that i've hated. I enjoyed every single book!

The stories are engaging and the book clear and concise grammar, helping me improve my grasp of the English language. He also offers his expert opinion on some of the stories and this gives the readers more depth in understanding the stories being told.

During the book signing sessions, Russell Lee is very friendly and outgoing and his warm personality is just an icing to the cake to his fantastic ghost story series.

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Horror pertinent to all ages

Russell Lee is an enigma unto himself. Dressed in black from head to toe, no one has ever seen him unmasked before. He could be anyone in the street, a guy buying from Old Chang Kee across the road or even the respectable middle age guy sitting beside me on the MRT as I type this.

His signature creation, the True Singapore Ghost Story series, is well loved by people of all ages not only in Singapore but throughout the whole of Southeast Asia as well. It is what I would call a people's book, written by the masses, contributed by the masses. Almost all of the books are primarily real life accounts from individuals all over Southeast Asia, though occasionally Russell Lee will publish his research or interviews with guest stars such as Maia Lee.

Not only are the accounts engaging, but they most often carry a moral end-to-the-story lesson as well. It was all I could do to put the book down and not procrastinate with the tasks I'm doing. Sometimes, I'm really touched by love stories through spiritual dimensions, or angry with traitorous sons who kill their parents for their wealth. Moreover, the moderation by Russell at the end of each story provides his own insight as a paranormal expert on the account too.

Overall, a really good series by a really good creator!

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