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Stephan Riady Center 21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd Singapore 119077
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 04, 2013    

NUS University Town, or UTown for short, is finally open after several years of planning and building! Designed for the entire NUS community, UTown is strategically integrated with the Kent Ridge Campus via a vehicle and pedestrian bridge. 

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Rocking campus life

I used to come here all the time for competitions, and to me it was this really beautiful view into what NUS campus life would be like.

From the puppies frolicking in the grass (the last time I was here there was this really tiny black Pomeranian puppy which I followed about/ wanted to bring home, but the owner was watching me suspiciously - I'm really conspicuous when I stalk puppies because I make weird sounds in a baby voice) to the students conscientiously working at Starbucks, it seemed like such a wonderful place holding the promise of new experiences and new acquaintances.

This place made me reconsider going to college in Singapore - dorm life now sounds like an anticipation, rather than a hindrance (although I am still not a fan of communal living). It holds shiny new facilities, plenty of eateries and lush greenery. Really, even if you don't go to NUS, if you live in the West, it's a nice place to lay down a picnic mat and hang out with friends.

All in all, coming to UTown is always a pleasure, even if the train ride takes at least 30 minutes from my place.

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(Updated: November 03, 2014)

UTown? More Like Resort Town!

Step off the crowded shuttle buses and you will find yourself let out a sigh of relief because you have been transported into a spanking new campus that does not feel like a university at all.

Don't get me wrong - you will encounter tons of students mugging inside and outside the Starbucks, which is open 24/7, but everything else points towards a chill living environment. Not only is there an extensive lawn where you can see people of all ages partake in ultimate frisbee, soccer or even sunbathing, but there is also an infinity pool at the top of the Stephen Riady Centre, where I have spent many evenings relaxing while taking in the sights, human or otherwise.

Check out the Radio Pulze Studios as well, where student DJs broadcast their shows every weekday. From my experience, some of these DJs get up to some crazy stunts when they are on air. As for food, you will be spoilt for choice because of the various food outlets and food courts available within UTown itself. I never went hungry when I lived there. In fact, I'm sure that I gained some weight.

My favourite part about UTown however, is the multi-cultural background of the people who live in UTown. A significant majority of the people residing in UTown is made up of exchange students where if you turn a corner, you will find someone from a different country. A lot of them are very friendly and I was never afraid to strike up a conversation with them. I have made a lot of friends from all over the world this way and I can say that I will have tour guides to show me around whenever I go to their respective countries.

And because of all of that, I sometimes feel that UTown is more of a resort than a university campus. But I'm not complaining.

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Excellent study area

Being open to the public, I find this to be one of the best studying areas. It is one of the few places where I can actually stay for long periods of time.

First of all, there is a Starbucks outlet here, which has special prices of drink, being about 80 cents cheaper than other outlets. I found this outlet to be very comfortable, and has a very relaxing environment compared to the others out there. Also, outside the Starbucks there are benches where you can sit and work without having to buy anything. Very conducive for studying.

There is also a food court, with a variety of food and drink available, although there could be more choices. There is an air conditioned and non air conditioned section and the air conditioned section is very spacious. Once again, the food is specially priced for students.

All in all, this place is a nice place to study, except when it gets crowded. I love this place.

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Great change of environment

After a long, draggy day of lessons at school, UTown is a great place to sit down, unwind and rest your body and mind ! It is a good change of environment from the rest of the NUS campus, from the more vibrant atmosphere to the friendlier and more relaxed people.

It is a great sight to see many students everyday not just drowning themselves in books and mugging for exams, but also getting some well-deserved exercise on the beautiful UTown green, playing frisbee and football, or simply just laying down and reading a book. There are also new facilities such as the gym and swimming pool which has a beautiful view overlooking the entire lawn. For those looking for a place to do some studying, you may try looking for a place at Starbucks, PC or MAC commons, as well as some of the seminar rooms on the second floor. Be warned, it is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE to find a place to study (especially tables with electrical sockets for your laptop and handphones) any time after 10am during the peak exam periods. However, it is a very conducive place to read and study, and it can get as quiet as a library at times.

There are a vast number of food choices at UTown, such as Hwangs (Korean), Subway, Wendy's, Sakae Sushi Express, Sapore Italiano and two food courts with a variety of cuisines. A number of personal favorites are Astons Specialties, Yong Tau Foo and Indian Food at Food Clique, as the food there are relatively affordable and are extremely delicious ! There is also a 24hour Fairprice and Cheers, for those who are thinking of residing in UTown or planning an all-nighter (:

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Just chillax and study

It's a really beautiful campus, and there are two nice little cafes for you to sit at and study. The starbucks in Utown is also cheaper than the normal prices outside. Cedele is a pretty little hideout for cakes and chit-chats with friends as well.

For students who are looking for a conducive place to study, there's the PC and Mac Commons Rooms. Although, you need to have a matriculation card or a friend who has one to access the rooms. You could sit at Starbucks or the benches around if you can't access the rooms. There's also a bookstore and guardians nearby if you need to get some stationary or sanitary/hygiene items.

My favorite part about Utown is the gym! It's an awesome way to de-stress and unwind after a hectic day at school! Their facilities are new and well-kept, there's even a small pool upstairs facing the green lawn! It's a very peaceful place to relax after a long day. Hwang's is one of the famous eateries at Utown, they serve yummy Korean food. If you're craving some fast food, there's Subway and Wendy's too. Best of all, there's Cheers for you to stock up on all the comfort food you need for studying!

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Very beautiful campus

I stepped into this school during their open house - I was overwhelmed by the bustle of activity and the hum of movement around me. Everyone, be it existing students or interested applicants, seemed to be getting into the groove of things. From enthusiastic performances to huge banners and excited students explaining about the different halls in the campus, the surroundings seem like a really nice place to be in.

The place seems to throb with verve and culture. Perhaps I might consider coming to NUS.

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The best thing about U-Town for me is that it's open to the public and I can freely enter the premises without any sort of hassle. It's an excellent place for students to go to and study because of the quiet surroundings that provide an undisturbed atmosphere perfect for studying. I think the most popular studying destination at U-Town is the Starbucks there.

It's quite a big outlet with many tables but don't let that fool you because the place is nearly always full of students. It's wise to come early to book a seat to avoid disappointment. Apart from the good atmosphere, I also like the view that the Starbucks overlooks: a wide green field that I found provided a good view to relax after periods of intense study.

The staff there are also friendly, and they did not chase me away even after I was there for quite a long period of time. A great place to go, but a tad too far from my home so it's rather unlikely that I'll be a frequent face there.

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(Updated: November 07, 2013)

Great place to chill and study

I love this place.

I came here to study with friends on one of my exam breaks and I love it! We went to the Starbucks there where there were readily available tables and charging ports everywhere. The place overlooks a luxuries green field and there is a steady breeze so it was a perfect spot to relax.

It was a little hard to get into the studying mood because there were a lot of folks playing frisbee on the field, so it was a little noisy but it made the place pretty lively. There were a lot of other food restaurants and amenity shops around so it made the place easy to stay on for a long time.

The Starbucks here is also 24/7 hours so you'll see lots of students in varying stages of dress-down and getting various quirky orders back to their halls and some of them are pretty cute so cute so come try your luck!

Definitely coming back for a lonely frappe soon.

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24/7 everyday
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