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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

Sentosa 4D Magix presents an interactive movie experience with 4-dimensional digital effects. This multi-million Sentosa 4D Magix Theatre is the first in Southeast Asia. Using a state-of-the-art digital projection system, movies come to life right off the big screen. Have a seat and feel a whole new generation in movie magic! Equipped with in-built speakers as well as environmental effects like water features, seat vibration, leg ticklers and base shakers to give you THE ultimate difference. Be tossed about in your seats. Feel the wind blowing in your face and the water rushing your way. Let the synchronization of this wide spectrum of special visual, sound, motion and environmental effects put you right in the middle of the action!

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Weekday Opening Hours:
10am to 11pm daily
Entrance Fees:
$18.00 (Adult) / $11.00 (Child)
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(Updated: March 14, 2013)

I will bring you there when I strike 4D

My children visited this attraction once, they got the tickets from their auntie who got the tickets from someone else. I did not realise the tickets cost so much until I saw the review here. I remembered my children used adult tickets to enter this attraction since the free tickets were all adult tickets.

After they returned from the visit, I asked my children whether it was fun. My daughter told me she almost fell asleep and if not for the water spraying on her, she may have really fallen asleep. My sons chorused "Boring". I guessed the feedback gave me a good excuse to use the statement "I will bring you there when I strike 4D" if they will ever ask to go there in the future.

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Child's Play

Sentosa 4D Matrix is no doubt a true blue 4-Dimensional attraction but more can be done to increase the thrill level. It is rather unpopular among locals, and honestly it wouldn't cross my mind as an activity to passtime compared to movies or shopping or other local attractions. Since my friends already bought the (overly priced) tickets, I thought y'know why not?

The exterior design of the attraction, somewhat-cave-like theme was rather interesting I'd say, but I was unpleasantly surprised that I had to queue for a good 20 minutes before entering. The mysterious smoky pathways built up excitement in us, but to our disappointment, it led us to another waiting room. On the other hand, I soon thought it was a good queue management system as visitors are able to wait comfortably in an air-conditioned area and soak up in the themed atmosphere. The short video played regarding the intstructions, "do's and don'ts" did buy them some time especially since the video was extremely attention-grabbing: a clown-like figure with a quirky accent and gestures. It, however, gave me the impression that I was about to enter into a children's attraction.

The theatre seemed like any other movie theatre amongst the darkness but our seats were in the form of 4-seater carriages. During that time, the show played was Pirates & The Extreme Log Ride so the carriages were like square logs, pretty cool. The show began and the deafeningly loud speakers made up for the mediocre 3D visual effects. When the log carriages started to shake, jerk and vibrate vigorously it was amusing and having hyper friends and we screamed in excitement like little kids on a roller coaster. The enthusiasm soon died off as the effects became more repititive. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't be so sure I would've enjoyed it unless I had such good company.

Maybe more can be done to enhance the theme of the attraction, such as using themed decoration inside the theatre itself so that it becomes an "imaginary land" and perhaps making the instructional video in theme with the show. More importantly, there is a need to increase the thrill level such as realistic scenes, usage of multi-sensational effects like water spray, scents. In comparison to international theme park's 4D movies, Sentosa 4D matrix has much room for improvement. Overall, it is an enjoyable attraction, to families with children.

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Dont bother

I visited Sentosa 4D Magix when it first came out and would recommend readers to save your money. The 3-D portion of the show or ride is nothing to rave about. Indeed it is subpar to the 3D shows in cinemas. The 3D effects were not well done and looked out of place. My mind struggled to piece together the jarring images and left me walking out of the theater with a headache.

The 4D portion of the show consists of vibrations, portions of the seats which reach out to jab you in time with what every image on the screen is doing so, jarring movements by the seats, and annoying water sprays of questionable cleanliness.

The show itself is a ridiculous waste of time and graphics existing simply to make use of the various 4D props.

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Not as exciting as I thought it would be

I still vividly remember the flying bees in front of my eyes, luckily there wasn't a 'stinging' effect, if not I would have yelled loudly. When the 4D movie just started out in Sentosa, I begged my parents to bring me in there. I wanted to watch it so badly because I experienced these sort of movies in other countries before, and I wanted to try it out again!

Not surprisingly, the queue was long and we have to wait quite a while before it is our turn. Initially I thought the movie would be at least 30 minutes. I mean normal movies usually clock around 1 and a half hours, so I was expecting a longer duration in 4D!

The movie was actually short, I'm not sure how long it took, but it was definitely short. The only 4D effect I remember now is the 'water shooting effect' where the pirate somehow just shoots out water from his mouth and you get water on your face and glasses!

It was a disappointment for me. My parents even nagged at me for wasting their money on watching a 4D movie, when they could spend it on other areas. Moreover, the 4D movies in other countries were more exciting and also longer! I don't think it is worth the money. Well, if you are a first timer, you should give it a try!

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(Updated: January 18, 2013)

A Must Visit attraction, but will only visit once in a lifetime.

I had the opportunity of taking the Pirates and Extreme Log Ride back in June, and was pleasantly surprised. I felt that the 3D effects were decent, far better than those 3D movies in cinemas. However, I admit that the extreme log ride became rather repetitive after the first 5 minutes, and was far too short for the price paid.

On the other hand, I recommend the Pirates ride as it provides a more unique and engaging experience. One particularly memorable part was when I felt spiders crawling across my legs from under the chair, truly shocking and unexpected.

Nevertheless, the price is a little too steep, and not value for money. A price between $12 to $15 would be more reasonable. Those under 12 would enjoy it much greater than adults. Recommended for families with young children, and perhaps those with a little too much money to spare. I would say that Sentosa's 4D Magix is a must go attraction, but something that I would only visit once in a lifetime.

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The price of disappoinment? $18

I came here once with my kids to pamper them a little during the vacations and I am never ever going back there again.

I find that the $18 ticket is too expensive for what was offered. I would rather spend a little more and watch an IMAX 3D movie at Lido.

The movie itself is too short. The acting, if I could call it so, is terrible. In short, 4D Magix is a tourist trap and a poor execution of that idea.

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Rip Off

I paid about $18 for the Extreme Log Ride. That could pay for 2 movies that keeps me entertained for about 5 hours. But this ride lasted barely 10 minutes. I must say, the effects were decent and it did provide a satisfactory level of thrill for a ride of this nature, but it was rather disappointing when the ride ended just when we all believed it was just getting started! I could see the disappointment in the faces of children who were on the ride as well.

Nevertheless, it was an interesting experience, for those with the money and time to spare. And time is needed to wait in line, as well as sit through the whole safety briefing video that seemed to have lasted longer than the ride itself!

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Not at all magixal

Sentosa's 4D Magic is a miss. I was expecting so much more for the price I paid. The effects were expected and boring. I took both the Extreme log ride and the pirate (with a phony Jack Sparrows –sobs-) ride with my family. Both were totally overrated and substandard in my opinion.

Both rides are too short to be fully appreciated and… Terribly boring. The log ride takes you on a simulated roller-coaster ride. The graphics were actually pretty sub-standard and the 4th dimensional part was not at all exciting.

It took a narrative approach but the story wasn’t gripping or comedic enough. After a while, the effects became pretty expected. At some point in the story, the seats kept thrusting us back, which REALLY got on my nerves.

Then again, i probably am too old to appreciate the rides. My younger siblings on the other hand were enthralled by them. That said, the best part to the rides is the prelude to the log ride wherein audiences are led to a dark room to witness a mini clip following a mini light-show.

All in all, totally overrated and not worth the money. Perhaps Desperados would be a better choice. It looks pretty interactive – audiences get to take part in a shooting game… So I guess it’s worth the shot. ;)

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(Updated: April 21, 2012)

The 3+1D=4D, Amazing Moving Seats along with the Water Sprinkles.

Hey all. I've been to Sentosa's 4D Magix and it had been great! I brought my little brothers there to let them and myself have the feel of a 4D thing instead of the normal 3D movies.
I was really excited about it and so were my brothers.

We were queuing up for our turn and I realized that we needed to wait for quite some time. The movie session was only 12minutes long so the queuing time was around that timing too.

When it was our turn, I realized how cool and interesting this 4D magix was! There were the 3D effect, together with the water sprinkles and also the seats that moves really violently. Well, I really got a shock when the chairs moved.

The overall experience was great because it's something very different and new.
However, I find the price was pretty steep for an 12minutes experience.

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Best part:
The 4D Effects.
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A Blast of Magic

One of Sentosa's attraction, this 20-minute 4D Magix 'Pirates' show sure did not feel that long. It was engaging till the very end, with very life-like 4D effects which easily freaked me and my girl friends out at some parts. Surprisingly, on that fateful Saturday that I went, there was barely any queue. We managed to enter the theatre within 15 minutes of purchasing the tickets. However, I'd recommend you not to take the chance as prior to this visit, I had to queue for about an hour for this show, so it's still best to go during the low peak season for maximum enjoyment!

In my opinion, the price for the show was pretty steep, but there are combo tickets available which may bring down the price a little if you plan on trying out the other two attractions in the vicinity as well. Overall, I think kids would love the ride as you definitely feel like you are part of the pirate crew!

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