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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on March 31, 2013    

Songs of the Sea brings you a mesmerizing show with a live cast, dramatic effects and pyrotechnics. Water jets, flame bursts, lasers and captivating music make this a one-of-a-kind entertainment spectacle that's fun for everyone.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
Twice Daily At 7.40pm And 8.40pm
Entrance Fees:
Standard Ticket: $12
Premium Ticket: $15
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I love the lights and water jets

In all honesty, I thought the songs were lousy.

And if I could, I would rename this place "The Trippy Lights and Sights of the Sea" because really, LESS PROJECTIONS AND MORE BAD-ASS MUSIC AND YOU'LL FIND ME HERE 24/7.

But of course it's a family themed place so it is pretty expected.

I came with a friend and we basically checked our phones for the latest Instagram feeds or twitter updates the minute the projections came on chatting. We only put down our phones when the water show restarts.

I love how the lights colourize the water jets. How two very different elements can add up to a show so prettily delivered.

My only miff is we can't bring our own food in, or you'd see me packing a picnic and headphone and plugging into my own music and watching the lights pass me by and ignoring their soundtrack.

Not to be missed.

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Best part:
Lights and water shows
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Cool for perhaps only the first time

If this is the first time that you are viewing the performance, you would most probably be awe struck by how spectacular everything looks, the lightings, the water and the sound are all perfectly coordinated. It is not uncommon to find yourself being taken to a different time and different place as you are enthralled by the performance.

However, during subsequent visits, you would be utterly bored as more often than not, the performance is a repeat rendition.

So my advice to all is to be sure to visit it at least once and avoid subsequent visits.

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Songs of the sea? More like fountain.

It has been decades since I've last witnessed the Songs of the Sea in action. I recalled being rendered speechless when my parents brought me there. I was mystified. How did they do that? Alas, it was during the years when Science wasn't my forte. Hence, I was clueless as to how these Songs of the Sea blossomed.

The water sparkled. It transformed colours. It sot lasers within it. There was music blasting at the background. The water fluidly swivelled itself. I wiped my glasses. Was it an illusion? The water seemed to be harmoniously dancing in tune with the blasted music there! It was pure magic like no other.

Songs of the Sea is certainly the ideal venue for those who are keen to astound their children. Especially those children whose subjects in the world of academics do not include Science yet. Science enabled me to comprehend how they constructed this Songs of the Sea. That will totally scrap the magic essence that Songs of the Sea exuded.

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Amazing combination of visuals and sounds

You have to visit Songs of the Sea if you are at Sentosa. At least for once! The reviewer below me has given lots of informative details so I shall not go into that. My experience with the Songs of the Sea was a pleasant one. There was so much technology involved that I found myself constantly going :"woah... how they do that?". It is really amazing. The fact that it is set in the sea makes it even more enticing and fresh. No man-made stages, no emcees. It was a show running by itself.

There are only two shows so you have to get your tickets quick. If you are already at Sentosa, I would suggest getting the tickets as soon as they are available for sale as the tickets are usually sold out quickly. There isn't any seat number on the ticket so if you want the best seats, you got to queue up at the line very early, otherwise you would be left with odd corner seats. I was seated at the back and I found that by sitting at the back, you would be able to see it very clearly as well. Just don't get seats that are at the extreme corners. Overall, nice show but you only need to see it once as every show is the same.

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Spectacle Of Lights, Fire, Water, Music And Dance

A multi-sensory experience, the award winning Songs Of The Sea is a show that visitors to Sentosa are encouraged to catch. Using lights, lasers, fire, water, music, singing, and dancing by a live 7 member cast, Songs Of The Sea is both engaging and immersive, even though the show itself is rather short at 20 - 25 minutes.

Started as a replacement to the iconic former Sentosa Musical Fountain, Songs Of The Sea is a twice daily show, playing at 7.40pm and 8.40pm, rain or shine. Designed by Yves Pépin, a famed multimedia show designer, Songs Of The Sea is the world's only permanent show set in the sea.

Songs Of The Sea tells the story of Li and his 6 friends. Dressed in a white shirt and brown pants, Li and his friends visit a beach, and sing several ethnic songs representing the 4 main languages of Singapore. While singing, they are surprised by an image of a beautiful sleeping girl, Princess Ami, who has fallen under the spell of an enchanted village. Li and his friends then meet several mischievous sea creatues, including Oscar, a Common Lionfish / Tigerfish / Pterois Miles, who befriend them and urge Li to sing to break the spell over Princess Ami. Li, Oscar, and their friends also encounter and free the Lord Of Fire, the Spirit Of Light, and the Lady Of The Sea.

While the dancing is acceptable, the lip-syncing of the 7-member cast is often critised. The story, while humourous, is also rather dis-jointed, and makes little sense. However, Songs Of The Sea does redeem itself through the use of technology, with pyrotechnics, water jets, and lasers accompanying the songs and music, making for a mesmerising visual and audio spectacle. In Songs Of The Sea, the human cast are the weakest link.

If you're planning a visit to Songs Of The Sea, do note the 2 daily show timings of 7.40pm and 8.40pm. Admission fees for a standard ticket is SGD $12, but you are advised to purchase the premium ticket at SGD $15 for a better view. The 2500 seats fill up fast, and seating opens up to 40 minutes before the show begins. If you want a good seat, you are strongly advised to reach at least 20 minutes before the show begins to choose a seat.

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