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Frog farm that aim to provide the most affordable and freshest frog meat to customers. Also provide education to frog farming for young Singaporeans.

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Tuesday - Friday (Strictly By Appointment only)
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Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (9.00am - 5.30pm)
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Frog poo fortress

Excursions. Why do they drag us to weird venues. First the bread factory. Then the frog farms.

I am certainly not repulsed by frogs. They're grotesquely slimy but they do not own a pair of wings, unlike cockroaches. Eww. Now that is definitely a terrifying species. They fly. I recalled fleeing away from a cockroach at a nearby void deck. It launched it's queer wings and sped away on air. Unfortunately, the direction it was heading to paralleled with the path I was at. We almost collided! Mortified. Shall wield an aluminium British shield to ward off any potential creepy crawlies suspended on air.

Hence, frogs are definitely a far cry from the threat that cockroaches imposed. Jurong Frog Farm was humongous. They owned a wealthy selection of frogs. That wasn't the only form of wealthiness there. Apparently, this place was rich with frog poo. It was littered everywhere. How did it even end up there? The frogs seemed securely confined within their compounds. I even thought the area had underwent some sort of unique hailstorm; frog poo showers. It was daunting maneuvering our way there, avoiding them at all costs. Otherwise, this frog farm certainly fed me with a worthy sum of frogfomation. ( frog information)

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Differing species of frogs available
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(Updated: February 25, 2013)

Croak Croak Croak

This little place isn't all that accessible but it does have a shuttle bus from Kranji MRT which departs every hour and 15min from 9am everyday. It stops right outside the farm so I think it's the most convenient route to take because coming by car may get a little confusing.

I came here last year while on an ~explore the ulu region of singapore~ adventure with my friends and although there were a few other farms in the region (a goat farm if I remember correctly) we decided to stop by this one because I hate frogs and my friends are really mean. I had a good time nonetheless :D

I remember feeding the frogs with little frog food that can be bought and that was fun to do, I'm sure little kids would enjoy feeding them (: They do sell tons of odd food delicacies such as frog jelly, fresh whole frogs, crocodile tail meat and what not. It was an eye-opener hahah!

If I'm not wrong they do education tours too so schools can bring their students down to observe how the frogs camouflage in their natural environment and their different mating calls. Speaking of which..the frogs croak nonstop, from start to the end so if you're one to get annoyed by it, the goat farm maybe a nice alternative (:

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Different type of farm

I visited this farm recently to buy snakehead fish for my father. The older folks told me snakehead fish was good for people that had undergone surgery, my father had a fall and had to go through some surgery.

I brought my two sons with me on that visit. When we first arrived, they refused to get out of the car. The place looked deserted and not very well maintained. After a while, I finally convince them to get out of the car. The first place I brought them was to see the frogs. That got them interested. The farm also sold frog food so if your young children wanted to feed the frogs, they can buy the frog food. I bought two packets of the frog food and my sons enjoyed throwing the food at the frogs and watching how frogs eat their food.

I was in a hurry to buy the fish to bring to my father so we did not stay long during that visit. When I have more time in future, I will definitely bring my children back to have a more complete tour of the farm.

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