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Listing created by Iswariya on November 28, 2012    

Bukit Batok Memorial is located on top of Bukit Batok Hill. POW labour was used to build a total of three war memorials, however they were destroyed after the war and only the road and stairs leading to them formerly marks its legacy. 

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Serenity set in stone

When I was a kid, while I was on a tour of Singapore, I was introduced to this place through a video. The video talked about this place as the place that was used by the Japanese as a shrine for certain rituals. My interest was piqued by the video and I decided to ask my father to bring me there. I went there in my later years of growing up.

However, instead of being met with a typical Japanese shrine that I had been expecting to see, I was faced with a flight of stone steps. I looked around and asked my father where the shrine was only to be disappointed by him as he explained that it was no longer around after the Japanese left. What we did enjoy, however, was the serenity of the place. My father, who was an avid photographer back then, took a picture of my mother, my sister, my grandmother, and I. I still have the picture until today, and I'm looking right at it on my wall as I'm typing this review.

Maybe some day I will go back to that place and relive this memory.

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