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Terminal 1 Singapore Changi Airport 60 Airport Boulevard Singapore 819643
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 02, 2012    

Get treated to a visual feast of raindrops in a synchronized dance at the departure hall of Changi Airport Terminal 1. Suspended mid-air on thin, stainless-steel wires are two art installations called Kinetic Rain. Each consists of 604 droplets that move up and down collectively in a slow and fluid manner to form 16 shapes each, including a plane and a hot-air balloon. The droplets, made of lightweight aluminium and coated with polished copper, are linked to motors in the ceiling. The droplets' movements are controlled by a computer program.

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(Updated: January 09, 2013)

A true feat

I first saw the Kinetic Rain exhibit when sending my wife off on a business trip. My daughter was so captivated by it that she just sat there staring at it for almost half an hour - truly remarkable since she cannot sit still for more than 5 seconds at a time.

I myself was truly impressed by the exhibit. The symmetry and coordination of the water beads movement is relaxing and almost hypnotic. The pattern of movements are also diverse, which adds to its captivating effect as one keeps watching to see the next series of movements.

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I have always felt that Changi Airport Termianl 3 is an enchanting place to be in; there is always so much bustle going on around you and yet people move about in such an elegant and orderly manner. The staff there were always polite and dedicated to service.

So when I saw the Kinetic Rain while passing through, I felt that it fitted the theme very well. The visual feast it provides look so wonderfully impossible yet perfectly charming and entertaining; one wonders how it is actually possible. The illusion that the drops are suspended in mid-air just adds to the elegance of the place itself.

It is an attraction worth looking out for!

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Forget about parking fees

I saw this the last time I was at the airport. If I remembered correctly, I was there to send someone off. After sending the person off, I was rushing back to the car park so that I can save some parking fees.

When I saw this, I had to stop. It was so captivating. It really looked like rain drops. If you did not pay attention and looked harder, you would not see the thin wires controlling the movements of the water beads. The movements were also very fluid, like real water droplets moving.

If there was accompanying music to the movements, the effect would have been perfect. I spent at least thirty minutes there, the first few minutes trying to see how the beads were controlled and the remaining time I was looking for a pattern to repeat and I did not remember seeing any repeating pattern so may be the cycle was longer.

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Stop and stare.

I spotted this phenomenal construction the last time I visited Changi Airport.

Like many others before myself, I stopped dead in my tracks, transfixed by the mesmerising sight. It was like I was being hypnotised. I couldn't quite figure out what it was and what it was supposed to represent, or how it occurred even, but it was absolutely beautiful and stunning.I even pointed it out to my family with childish exuberance and excitement, who also stopped to behold this fascinating sight.

A fascinating piece of abstract art, this is a worthy addition to Changi Airport, Singapore's pride.

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The first time I was at Changi Airport Terminal 1, the Kinetic Rain literally stopped me dead in my tracks. I simply stood there and stared at the way the Kinetic Rain moved for a good five minutes, before falling back down into reality and realizing that despite the ethereal beauty of the Kinetic Rain, there really isn't much of a point to it.

Perhaps the Kinetic Rain can be likened to a water fountain. Something pretty or beautiful that makes a certain area a more likable place just because it contributes to the overall beauty.

It definitely brightens up Terminal 1 though. With the introduction of the newer and more advanced terminals like Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, Terminal 1 has undeniably been thrown into the backseat. However, the Kinetic Rain manages to distract tourists from the dull atmosphere of Terminal 1 and awe them with its sheer beauty.

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Words go beyond me

This bores me.

It didn't even fascinate me on sight. My dad was pointing it out to my mum and my whole family turned to look. I have moods where either everything fascinates me or everything isn't good enough, and it was the latter that day.

I wondered what the hell, then wondered why can't they use that money to build the structure to build prettier things. Like maybe a Changi Airport photo booth? Not this weirdness. I can't touch it, it's not musical, it's just that. Untouchable beauty, sort of like Charlize Theron.

I will start my campaign against this.


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Stop, admire, walk off.

I believe my description pretty much sums up all that one can do with this beautiful piece of work known as the Kinetic Rain. It is a really unique and innovative idea that will no doubt attract the eyes of many at Changi Airport. I personally think it's really cool how the team that created this interesting object made used of a computer program to function the droplets.

All that being said, there isn't really anything much to do after staring at it and appreciating its magnificence. Once you're done and you feel it's time to turn your attention to something else, that's it...but I guess that pretty much is the purpose of the Kinetic Rain, to attract locals and tourists alike, just to gaze at it and be in awe.

I really think the people who invented this really deserve a round of applause. This Kinetic Rain is definitely a remarkable piece of art. Kudos to them!

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Art in the Airport

When I saw this piece of Art, I loved it at first sight! I remember standing there for a good 15 minutes just looking at the different patterns that the thing displayed and I was awed by what a masterpiece it was. Its simplicity and idea is indeed genius!

Looking back, placing it in terminal 1 is such an appropriate location in my opinion. It is one of the least visited of the terminals as it is one of the smallest and still undergoing renovations. The mundane sight of budget carriers and constant renovating works is lightened by the mood of this kinetic rain piece placed right in the middle of the airport as if looking at the recovery of it from its glory days. Its calm serene nature never fails to draw the crowds attention. Furthermore, its dynamic nature and how it eventually finishes off flat before beginning again, presents somewhat of a vicious cycle. On the departing and returning of people within and beyond the airport.

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A crowd-stopper.

On my many jaunts to the airport, I've never failed to stop and gaze at the Kinetic Rain display. I find it strangely mesmerising to look at and especially at all the different shapes and forms it makes fluently.

True to it's name, the Kinetic Rain's 'raindrops' move ever so fluidly and smoothly that it is easy for a child to think that he/she is looking at raindrops in suspended animation. Many times I have observed passengers and their families, along with airline staff from other airlines stopping to gaze for a minute.

Truly an item to be applauded.

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(Updated: November 04, 2012)

Beautiful raindrops

Everyone will stop to take a look at these magical raindrops as long as they're not rushing to catch a plane.

The kinetic rain is located beside the escalators so if you'e travelling on it from the basement you'll see these droplets above your heads moving up and down.

I can't take my eyes off these droplets the first time i saw it, dancing gracely and forming into different shapes it was a really beautiful sight. I actually stared at it for 15mins or so watching it transforming magically into waves, doves and many others.

This attraction made T1 much more lively, its a must-see if you're at Changi Airport.

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