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E!hub @Downtown East 1 Pasir Ris Close 3rd Level Singapore 519599
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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 23, 2012    

eXplorerkid is a family-friendly club for families with children aged 12 and younger. We operate the largest indoor playground in Singapore at our flagship outlet at E!hub @ Downtown East. With its latest addition at AMK Hub, the new eXplorerkid spans a total floor area of 5,500 square feet with a Mega Play area, Lit Ball Pool, Toddler Play Area, Ball'O'City, FunShop, nursing room and party rooms.

Additional Details:

Weekday Opening Hours:
Mon to Thu, 12.00pm to 10.00pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
Fri to Sun Eve of Public Holidays, Public Holidays, Gazetted School Holidays, 10.00am - 10.00pm
Entrance Fees:
Full Day Play Rate during off peak periods: $20 (public) $17 (NTUC Member) $9 (eXplorerkid member)

Per Hour Play Rate during peak periods: $22 (Public) $20 (NTUC Member) $11 (eXplorerkid member)
Subsequent Hour: $6 (Public) $6 (NTUC Member) $4 (eXplorerkid member)

Adult Entry: $1.50

Separate Fee applies for Play Stations: Ball ‘O’ City & Adventure Highlands: $5.50 per half hour/circuit
Price Range
< $10


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Kids will love it

If you are bringing your children there for the first time, be prepared to be asked when is the next time you will be bringing them there. This is a place that children will absolutely like. There is so much that children can play in this indoor playground and the best thing is that parents can just relax one side because the whole playground is as safe as can be if you exclude the hazards cause by children colliding.

I think it is more fun to let your kid comes with siblings or other companions when coming to this playground. I had seen some parents bringing their only child to play and I think the child did not enjoy as much as my children. Of course if the child is outgoing enough, he may be able to join other groups of children and make new friends but do not expect all other children to be friendly especially when they had already formed a gang.

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)

Children's paradise

ExplorerKids is one of the reasons why I hated growing up. When I reach the age of 13, I was denied entry into ExplorerKids. It was a haven for me as a child, the obstacle rope courses, the plastic ball baths, even the makeshift basketball hoop was of significance to my childhood.

ExplorerKids has really good safety measures. For example, they make you wear a harness when you are involved in an activity just two metres away from gound.

My parents would rest in an adjacent room where magazines and newspapers are provided for their reading pleasure.

ExplorerKids is definitely a family-orientated venue.

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Playground haven

I used to come here all the time with my sister when she was younger, and still very much a child. At that time, I wasn't too old myself, and I was still tiny enough to be able to climb through the tunnels and playgrounds at Explorerkid, and I have to say, those were definitely fond memories.

Explorerkid, like its name suggests, is a playground meant for children. This area is pretty much a one-stop playground for children, as it not only features slides, but also punch bags, bubble pits, and there used to even be a ball gun arena. The place is extremely kid friendly, as the playground is entirely padded, so kids can tumble about recklessly without much fear of injuring or bruising themselves.

Explorerkid also seems to take hygiene pretty seriously, as I have seen quite a few instances in which the place was temporarily shut down for sanitizing, which definitely sets the minds of parents at ease.

However, I do feel that the prices at Explorerkid can be a little hefty for just a rough tumble in a playground. Although it does have quite a few facilities, the pricey entrance fee may deter quite a few kids from being able to have their share of fun at Explorerkid.

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Family first!

My family comes here often with my little brother as he loves it here; in fact, we love it here too.

Contrary to what its name suggests, this place is not just for kids, it is family-friendly too!
While my brother runs around playing, my parents would head to a small room filled with all manners of massage machines – head, body and leg massage. There are papers for reading and vending machines if you are thirsty.

To my brother, there are just so many things to play here, there are the tunnels which allow him to move around and hide, there are caves, kids’ climbing walls etc. He can’t seem to get enough and would run from one ‘attraction’ to the next every few minutes.

This amazing place deserves more popularity!

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Heaven on earth

eXplorerkid is a clever collaboration of kids' thrills all in one indoor playground. My younger siblings fancy the playground and asked to be brought there every month. For about $20, children get to enjoy an hour's worth of play time in the chilled environment.

Some of the play areas in eXplorerkid include a mini ice-skating rink, a pool of multi-coloured balls and a simple playground like those seen in neighborhoods. Some say that it the presence of an indoor playground rips the importance of being outdoors but my personal take is that the indoor playgrounds are useful for rainy days (literally). Furthermore, children can spend a fair amount of time doing both indoor as well as outdoor activities.

$20 seems overpriced. But, think it through. You don't have to go to Kallang Leisure Park for ice-skating, endure Singapore's hot weather at outdoor playgrounds, etc. To have all thrills in one place is really a bargain.

Parents who love exposing their kids to different kinds of activities should give eXplorerkid @ Downtown East a try!

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Kid heaven

This is a wonderful place for families and children’s parties. As a child I frequented explorakid. I loved the twisty slides, the rope courses, the ball pools, the padded flooring on which I could lie down when I was tired and the many other fun and exciting things explorakid had to offer.
Now, I get to bring my siblings there and watch them tumble about in the jungle gym and see them thoroughly enjoy themselves. Explorakid is perfect for children above primary school age and can keep them occupied for hours. Staff are stationed throughout to ensure the safety of the children.

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Birthday Bash!

Well, the eXplorerkid Family Park is one of the best places in Singapore for kids to enjoy themselves. Recently, my mother had been there for one of cousin’s birthday celebration. She told me that it is a good place to hold celebrations for children the place focuses its attention in keeping the kids in the place happy.

The children felt very happy as place offers unlimited playtime for the young kids and gives goodie bags! Now, isn’t that something most kids look forward to? Also, the birthday kid received a special gift from them! Isn’t that lovely? This shows that the organizers ensure that the happiness of the people who visited the place is well taken care of, my mother also told me that one of my other cousins is also going to be having a birthday celebration there soon and that they have already booked the place for the event.

I think they must have been very well satisfied with their previous day at the place. I’m pretty sure that the place will bring in more creative ideas to help attract more customers to its place to hold special functions there. I do not mind holding my birthday celebration there too. But I’m a bit older so it can’t be possible!

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