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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 23, 2012    

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a dynamic and living monument to the foresight of the founding fathers of Singapore. Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore and a keen naturalist, established the first botanical and experimental garden on Government Hill (Fort Canning Hill) in 1822, shortly after his arrival in Singapore.

New attractions, such as the Ginger Garden, Evolution Garden, Coolhouse and the Children's Garden are being added to keep the Gardens relevant as a leading destination. Under the stewardship of Dr Chin, the Gardens is geared towards entrenching itself as a tropical botanical institution of international renown, a key tourist destination and a flagship park.

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8.30am - 7pm daily
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Beautiful place, but what has changed?

I went on a photography field trip to the Botanic Gardens with a friend of mine. It started off as an extremely hot day, so we were trudging through the place sweating buckets. The Botanic Gardens was really huge and we got lost easily. (directionless idiots, I know)

In the midst of looking for the swan lake, it started to rain and we had difficulty seeking shelter. I believe that my friend and I would have enjoyed the place a lot more if it wasn't for the rain - we would have had more time to explore. I used to have fond memories of the Botanic Gardens when I was a kid, so I've got to wonder - what changed?

While the Botanic Gardens seems like a good place to chill out and have picnics, I'm not one who can stand the heat and be a blood bag for mosquitoes.

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Great place to chill and take in the greenery

I believe Singapore Botanic Gardens is a familiar place to many. As my mother is a plants lover, she often brought me and my brother to botanic gardens to take pictures with the lovely plants when we were younger. Now that our lives get so packed with school work and all, we could hardly find time to visit botanic gardens anymore. But I would definitely go there again to enjoy some quiet leisure time.

Botanic gardens is full of lush greenery, where many trees and unique plants dominate the place. It is definitely a place for people who enjoy serenity and peace. It is very huge, which can take up to 3 hours to explore the place fully. Most people like to have picnics there, as there are very large green fields near the lakes and in other parts of Botanic gardens as well. Many joggers love to jog there, as the air is relatively fresher, no kidding! What I love about Botanic gardens is that many families bring their cute dogs and puppies out on a stroll at Botanic gardens. And wow, some of the dogs are really huge and fluffy! If the owners are friendly, you can even go up to pet the dogs if they allow!

There are restaurants and snacks stall in Botanic gardens itself, so you do not have to worry when hunger pangs strike you. Also, do visit the ginger garden and the manmade waterfall, they really are eye-openers and are certainly worth a visit! There is a swan lake too, where you can admire the graceful swans floating on the lake or sleeping at the marsh areas near the lakes.

All in all, Botanic gardens is the place to go when you are feeling stressful from the busy work and crazy schedules you have to meet. Here, you can find peace and serenity and enjoy a good day out in the nature.

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I went to the Orchid Garden at the Singapore Botanic Gardens recently and it was a lovely experience. There were myriad orchid species and varieties in iridescent colours and it was certainly a sight to behold. The display was arranged beautifully and the walk was not tiring at all as most of the attractions were close to each other and you will stop often to admire the wonder of it all.

I even spotted a few peculiar looking birds in the garden that I had never seen before and was unable to identify. It was indeed an eye-opener as I never knew Singapore could have such a variety of nature.

It is also convenient to go to the Singapore Botanic Gardens with the opening of the new circle line MRT station, aptly named Botanic Gardens. The MRT exit brings you right to the entrance of the gardens where you can begin your journey into the appreciation of nature. However, it is quite a distance to the Orchid Garden if you are planning to go there, as it is across the other end of the park.

Be sure to leave an entire day to explore the whole park and remember to apply lots of insect repellent before you go as I got bitten mercilessly during my time there since I went unprepared!

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Orchid Garden
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Where The Sam Willows performed for free!

Botanic Gardens is a very special place for me. Not because I had my first date there, or because I caught a rare butterfly, but because I saw and listened to The Sam Willows live for the first time there.

The huge stage is right smack in the middle of the green field, and there is a lot of space for us to sit on - all hundreds of fangirls. It made me realise how big Botanic Gardens is, and how clean it is. The trees provided perfect shade in the hot sun, and the environment was amazing.

I’ve never been a fan of nature so I probably won’t visit Botanic Gardens again (unless The Sam Willows is performing again). But the greenery, fresh air and animals are definitely worthy of praise.

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Nature Lover's Paradise

If you love nature, you'll love the Botanic Gardens. Home to lots of flora and fauna, as well as some pretty funky artworks, the Botanic Gardens is a great place to spend time with friends. Whether you're cycling, picnicking or just having a romantic stroll, there's something for everyone. I especially enjoy going to the Swan Lake, where there are swans and ducks, to look at the creatures bob around in the water.
The park is also easily accessible by train and bus, and has many scenic spots for you to take glamorous photographs for Instagram. Just remember to bring sunblock, an umbrella, sunglasses, and lots of water to combat our Singapore weather.

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Great lepak place for zero cost

Botanic Gardens is my go-to place for picnics and open-air concerts/shows. Why? Simply because it's free and tranquil. The place allows you to air your thoughts and just soak into the natural atmosphere around you. Concerts are great here because it's open-air, and everyone can get into the mood and enjoy the company of one another together – a very communal experience.

However, Botanic Gardens lack convenience stores or stalls that sell refreshments, which is inconvenient for many. As a prime area for tourists and park goers alike, there needs to be a convenience mart in place.

Other than that, Botanic Gardens is a great, zen place to head to when you have the occasional feels to bond with nature.

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Get in Touch with Nature, and Friends

After cafe-hopping for quite some time, it is only natural to seek out more novel experiences. If you are caught in a similar situation, you might want to give the Singapore Botanic Gardens a go.

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in July, the Botanic Gardens is not just the nation's first UNESCO site, but also the world's first tropical garden to be in the list. If you are a nature lover, this is the place for you. The National Orchid Garden houses over 1,000 orchid species and 2,000 hybrids on display and you will be surprised to know that there are flowers named after stars such as Jackie Chan.

If the nature thing isn't up your alley, gather your closest buddies and go there for a picnic! Not only is it much cheaper than cafés and restaurants, you can take this opportunity to show off how much of a culinary goddess you are. I went with a few friends a couple of months ago and it was a liberating experience. Bringing a dish each and setting our mats down for a picnic, it was a great time to chill, catch up and enjoy the cool weather. Tip: Go there after 3 when the sun isn't scorching hot!

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Super Cheap
Singapore Botanic Gardens
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(Updated: May 29, 2015)

A walk in the Park

I love the Botanic Gardens. With its vast acres of space, natural greenery, and stunning views, it is one of my favorite spots in Singapore for a relaxing stroll.

Most amenities are well maintained, barring a few upgrading projects. The air is fresh and clean, and it gives me a sense of well-being and calmness. Some of my favorite locations include the Bonsai Gardens, which features retro 4-person swings, the Healing Gardens, containing various plants with healing and medicinal properties. There is also the vast Rainforest, which gives one the experience of trekking in an actual rainforest, here in the heart of the city.

Dogs are welcome in select areas of the Gardens, and my cousin's toy poodle loved the vast areas for exploration and sniffing. Great location for romantic strolls, picnics with family, or even an introspective journey on your own.

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From dawn to dusk daily

I recall visiting the Botanic Gardens when I was younger. Yet after being back there again so many years later, little has changed. It just got better. Early this year, Singapore Botanic Gardens submitted its bid early this year to be the first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There are a total of three gates that lead you to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The nearest MRT being Botanic Gardens MRT (CC19/DT9), which you will find yourself at the Bukit Timah Gate. Bring along insect repellent, sunblock and water. Be sure to have a pair of comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot more than you think you will. The garden opens at as early as five in the morning and by the time, there a quite a few joggers spotted.

Do you know that certain plants can be used medicinally? To find out more, there are different guided tours every Saturday as well. The volunteer guides are knowledgeable and will not hesitate to respond to your queries if any. These guided tours are free, head down to the Visitor Centre to ask for the details. For first time visitors, you can ask for maps. First aid as well as rental of wheelchairs is available too.

If you are looking to rental spaces to hold parties or weddings, from restored colonial houses to function rooms; there are a couple of options for you to choose from.

There are various events held throughout the year, and you can check out their website for the updated list of events. Most of these events require no cost, feel free to join in!

Otherwise, you can choose to grab a mat and head down for a day of picnic and fun. With the space available at the Botanic Gardens, there will be plenty of space. Be prepared to spend about half a day or more there to engage your senses and explore the various mini gardens within the Botanic Gardens.

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Meaningful Conversations Within Nature

The Botanics is an ideal location to soak in nature or have meaningful conversations with a friend. The bandstand remains the same after more than 10 years and couples do like to have their wedding photos shot there.

There is a healing garden nearer the Bukit Timah entrance. It has a therapeutic ambience and would be lovely for a solitary retreat. There is also a Food for Thought cafe which serves good pancakes and other high quality food. It is a place where one can chill with friends before or after combing the garden.

Then there is also a library, pretty unknown to most. The library contains mainly books about Botany. It has chairs and tables for one to sit and read. There are also benches outside the library where friends can meet and chat or even study together.

The Botanics is quite a peaceful place which has not fail to lose its charm even after all these years of being around.

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Lush Scenery

My school that is situated closely to the Botanic Gardens makes the Singapore Botanic Gardens a good spot for one to go to to relax and have a chat with friends. With the new Botanic Gardens MRT station, the park is now much more accessible to the public than before.

With the added convenience, I am more willing to frequent this beautiful place that has been painstakingly furnished with the flora and fauna that Singapore is known for. The extended area of the Singapore Botanic Garden ensures that everyone has enough room to enjoy the area and freedom of nature without being bothered by the crowd. In fact, personally, it is a great place for photo shoots with the lush scenes of grass, trees, and even the lake.

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A great place to enjoy being with the nature.

Singapore botanic gardens has gone through some renovation with new attractions being in place, as compared to the past. No doubt its still a great place for picnics while escaping the city life for a while and embracing the nature. There are also a number of interesting sculptures positioned around the gardens. It certain worth your time to come down and visit.

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A real delight

Forget Gardens by the Bay: the original Botanic Gardens is Singapore’s true delight. Sadly, with the advent of the huge spread at Marina Bay there are signs of late that upkeep on the original gardens is a little lacking. Nonetheless, it remains an absolute must.
My favourite way of seeing it is to enter from Bukit Timah Road, check out the children’s garden, then slowly walk the almost two and a half kilometers to the Holland Road entrance. You pass through lush gardens, wander under cool old shady trees, marvel at fascinating old colonial piles, enjoy delightful lakes, waterfalls, orchid gardens: you name it, the list of delights goes on and on.
And on some afternoons bands and orchestras perform at the sound shell in a lake surrounded by a grassed ampitheatre.
After you have had your fill, take a slow walk to the Holland Road exit and return to the bustle of the city.
This is truly a lovely place. It is a pity that the restaurants (typically) charge a premium. As do the greasy spoon providers of comfort (a.k.a. junk) food.
Forget that. There is water to drink. And there are gardens to enjoy the way gardens are meant to be, with you enveloped in their beauty, not as an observer from afar, as it is in the billion dollar Gardens by the Bay.

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