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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    

When Marina Bay was first reclaimed in the 1970s, urban planners foresaw its rich potential for the future growth of Singapore’s city centre. Out of the sea, the area has now been developed into the dazzling centerpiece of Singapore’s urban transformation. Come and learn the story behind Singapore’s Garden City by Bay at the Marina Bay City Gallery. Located on the waterfront with a commanding city view, the Marina Bay City Gallery is housed in a sparkling new two-story building with sustainable design features. Visit us to find out the latest developments, including the most up-to-date plans, technological advances and events at Marina Bay.

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Good for one time visit;(

I went in here to kill time that I had between my work and a movie that I was supposed to be catching so there wasn't much of a expectation. The architecture of the glass building is fascinating, the slanted angles working exactly like the way you see in some sci fi movie. The inside though is a bit of a let down. They have a miniature version of our city, with attraction in display like Merlion and Singapore Flyer. I found it quiet pointless to be staring at the models when the life sized ones are so close nearby.

The first 10 minutes would be fascinating non the less, as you can enjoy and appreciate the intricate details they included in the model. On to my 15 minutes, I got restless and can't help thinking this has been a waste of space and a lot of money. Blissfully, by then my movie time drew nearer and I took my leave, knowing full well I would not be coming back for a second visit.

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The miniature models
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An exceedingly boring place

After the first 10000000 mini structures of the same thing, this place gets boring.

I don't even understand how they can have a guide tour here. This place is a classy joke and these tour guides are just underpaid pranksters.

"Hi, if you walk 2 steps to the right, you'll see a small building! Walk 3 steps to the left, and you'll see another small building! How fascinating! Alright and when you're done you can go visit Gardens by the Bay yourself because we all love nature yes we do, so run along and bor yourself with someplace else!"

I'm glad for the whole Marina place, I am, but is this show-off necessary?

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