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Listing created by SnoopyBlues on October 14, 2012    

ZTP is a well-known company dealing with the distribution and retail of health products such as ginseng and birds nest. And it also carries tonics and other health supplements.

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Place to head to for herbs

The readily prepared herbal drinks are very convenient for those on the go who feel like they need an additional boost to their immune system, they are definitely preferred to those retailed at supermarkets as they are freshly brewed and contain fewer preservatives.

Stepping inside, I am often overwhelmed as I am greeted by shelves of chinese herbs whose names I can barely read. All I have to do though is to approach the knowledgeable staff with the issue I need solving and they would be able to recommend the concoction of herbs that I need to have it solved.

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(Updated: October 17, 2012)

Herbal Drink

Although ZTP is a chinese medicine hall, I do not go there to purchase any herbs since i know nuts about it. However, it is my most frequented shops to buy herbal drinks. My favourite drinks are the herbal tea (凉茶) and winter melon.

There is a variety of drinks available such as barley, chrysanthemum tea, honey drink, antelop's antler drink etc. The price of the drinks are not very expensive, at a range of $1.20 to $5.00. It is also possible to add herbal powder which helps to boost the body immunity but i find it too bitter. On top of that, they also have other drinks like honey drink which is good for soothing a dry throat.

The drinks are usually pre-packed but I do recall seeing some being made and packed on the spot for some outlets. However, the drinks are very fresh tasting and it does helps to keep my body "cooled" in the Chinese sense :)

As compared to other brands, ZTP’s drinks may not be as rich as them in its flavour but for such a low price, I find that it is actually worth the value.

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(Updated: November 01, 2012)

Chrysanthemum Tea

My parents love going to ZTP for Chinese Herbs. I used to buy the chrysanthemum tea they sell in a bottle. You can even choose between hot and cold. The drink is refreshing and it helps to “bring down the heat in the body” (Chinese-concept). That was actually my favourite when one bottle of chrysanthemum tea costs $1, but now it has risen to $1.20. Somehow, the quality has dropped, so it’s not my favourite now.

I compare the price of a packet of Panadol sold in ZTP and Cold Storage and found that ZTP sells them much cheaper than Cold Storage. The difference is about $2.

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