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Listing created by Iswariya on October 11, 2012    

TR Emeritus previously known as Temasek Review, is a socio-political blog which provides an independent and alternative coverage on political on-goings in Singapore.


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Quality is suspect

As with any other media, the quality of their content depends very much on the quality of the writers and contributors that they have. In addition, a degree of editorial control could ensure the application of writing standards on them and ensure the overall quality of articles.

I think for TR Emritus the editorial control is lacking. Generally, I think the contributors must learn the spirit of being non-partisan.

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Going Downhill

Their "About Us" page says that they are not linked to any political party. 5 minutes of reading their articles and comments and you will know whoever wrote that page has a very skewed idea on non-affiliation.

I started following TR Emeritus when it was the Temasek Review. I enjoyed its alternative articles and neutral position. However, since its revamping into TR Emeritus, it has all gone downhill.

The authors try to position themselves has neutral yet slightly anti-PAP. Yet this "straddling two boats" effort fails miserably and their true allegiance comes out whenever there are any articles about the Worker's Party where the tone is clearly anti-WP.

As a social media marketeer, I also spotted something that most people following the alternative news medias should have noticed as well. The old Temasek Review Facebook page is still open and very active. Not bound as the official TR Emeritus page, the opinions of the authors are openly aired here. There are also a number of fake Facebook accounts associated to TR Emeritus which are very active in the social media scene making rather inciting and provoking comments and post.

Take the recent Punggol East SMC by-elections as an example. The posts by these associated pages and accounts are simply not worthy of an unaffiliated news website with the obvious goal of inciting anti-Worker Party sentiments.

While I am not a political observer or a Singaporean that with any strong loyalty towards any political party, it is sad to see the degradation of site which started out with the noble goal of bringing news untainted by political affiliations to Singaporeans.

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Alternative perspective offered.

Formerly calling itself Temasek Review, the newly-rebranded TR Emeritus offers me an alternative insight into Singapore's socio-political issues and current affairs on our island.

I like it's editorials for their sharp, witty and unique perspectives. I find this sharply contrasting with the general opinion expressed in many other media. Additionally, the language used by the editors is many times better than The New Paper, for instance. I feel that it's good to have a website like TR Emeritus to balance the scales in Singapore.

I personally find it's views to be Singaporean, and not leaning towards any political party and this is essential for it's very existence, as I think that it's neutrality is key towards it's guiding perspective.

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