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Jetstar Airways is a low-cost airline from Australia.


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Impressive for a no-frill, no-thrill experience

Recently went to Ho Ch Minh for some personal philanthropic work and decided to take Jetstar for the first time and I was sufficiently impressed by the ease of the online booking and the experience afterwards.
I had a straight forward trip with no change in itinerary throughout my trip, so it is hard to ascertain if their service standard would have been put to the test, but as far as the online booking of the flights and the check-in procedures to the flight itself, it was pretty much smooth sailing for me.
I would say I was most impressed by the quality of their planes, which are new and spanking clean. The leg room on the economy seats are a tad tight, so if you intend to travel a somewhat long-haul flight perhaps over 3 hours, you may want to consider forking out additional to get the extra leg room.
I would skip the meals unless you are super hungry on the plane as they are nothing to hound about as they are pre-packaged and microwaved to perfection on board. So if you are leaving from other countries which allow you to bring water and snacks on board, it's actually better to do that before you board.
The check-in process was smooth for me as well,, if you stick with the prescribed weight limits. It's only when you go over, then the additional costs start to kick-in.
There is no entertainment on board, so remember to load up on your game apps and charge your devices before boarding - unless you are one of those who enjoy reading Airbus 320 safety instructions....

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My choice airline to KL

There are many budget airlines flying to KL and I had tried them all. Jetstar is my airline of choice. There was a time when I was working on a project in KL and had to fly to KL very frequently. On my first few trips there, I tried the different budget airlines, yes, I traveled budget even for business trips.

The reason for choosing Jetstar was because I found the plane seats to be more spacious. Since it was budget airline, the comfort of the seats would be my main comparison because there would be no service from the steward or stewardess. Another reason was the timing of the flights, I would fly in on Monday morning and be able to start work around 10am and stopped work around 2pm on Friday to catch the flight back to Singapore.

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