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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 19, 2012    

At Pure Yoga, we are devoted to creating a sanctuary of strength and spirit in the heart of the city. From our Hong Kong home, we have unveiled a network of studios across Asia, with 5 prime locations in Hong Kong, and 2 each in Singapore and Taipei. Our reach went global with the opening of Pure Yoga New York in June 2008 and December 2009 – a collaborative venture with Equinox, one of the leading fitness brands in the US. Our dedicated yoga studios offer over 1,000 classes each week in a diversity of yoga practices. Our more than 130 teachers are certified, passionate, and bring their experiences from all over the world. Whether you favour traditional styles such as Hatha, Hot, Ashtanga, Power and Yin, prefer something different with Partner Yoga, Satyananda Yoga®, Tibetan Heart Yoga, and Yoga Dance, or relish the personal touch of Private Yoga…whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned Yogi – we welcome you to share our space and become part of our community.


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I attended some classes at Pure Yoga because one of my friends signed up for a package and this gave her complimentary 1 week trial lessons for 2 friends. The good thing about this complimentary trial was that you were allowed unlimited number of sessions for that period of one week, meaning for the cost of nothing at all, you could choose any type of lesson to attend, as many times as you wanted! This was a great deal indeed for somebody who was new to yoga and had no idea what it would entail.

The first type of yoga we tried was the hot yoga. The room was spacious and quite big so it was actually a rather big group of people having the class together. While some people may feel this is not conducive for them to get the most out of the class, it was nonetheless rewarding for me because despite the large class size, the instructor still took the trouble to walk around the whole class and adjust each of our positions individually! In fact, she could see from our tags that we were just here for the trial, yet she did not treat us differently from the other students. Hence I would say that the instructor was quite meticulous and people are likely to sign up for classes specially to be taught by her.

The other pull factor was the lovely bath and changing area. The whole place had a very sophisticated feel to it with its mahogany coloured walls and tinted lighting. Although I found it strange that none of the bathrooms had locks, simply translucent glass doors, I suppose it was okay because it was all women using it. There were lockers provided as well, and hairdryers that you could use in front of large mirrors, so it would not be a squeeze for everyone who ended that class.

If I were a working adult I would likely be drawn to sign up for regular sessions here, but as a student I am not ready to commit to such a cost.

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Excellent yoga studio

A place when I can de-stress, relax and find my inner peace. I had been member with California Fitness, True Yoga and Pure Yoga. You wouldn't settle for less once you have been to Pure Yoga.

First of all unlike other fitness centers, their sales consultants are not pushy. Their packages are all fixed price. So there there wouldn't be a scenario whereby you feel cheated when you found out that your friend only paid a fraction of what you are paying for the membership. The fact that the membership is more pricey and not pushy sales consultants resulted in less congested center. Their after sales service is as good as their before sales service. The staff there are friendly and helpful. I always feel very welcome.

Next we talk about their facilities. The changing room is large and clean with a lot of free lockers. There is dressing area when you can freshen up after classes. Shower area with frosted glass door and large ceiling shower head. I love the ceiling shower head! Felt like rain drops falling on my head.

There is also a cozy sofa area when you can laze around, use computer and read magazines. They also served complimentary tea at the reception counter. I'll feel a sense of tranquility every time I stepped into the studio. Maybe it's the environment or music they are playing.

There is a wide variety of classes to choose from, ranges from beginner to advanced learner. Good class etiquette is practiced whereby classes always starts on time and late comers are not allowed to enter the class. This prevents interruption and ensured the quality of the classes. Members are also required to book their classes beforehand and one is not allowed to join the class once it is full.

I hope Pure Yoga will keep up with their good service and continue to provide quality classes.

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(Updated: May 09, 2012)

Exclusively for the Office Workers

I had a 1-week free pass to Pure Yoga (Ngee Ann City), and went for 3 different classes in early May 2012.

First of all, the toilet facilities are very impressive, and in fact, I admit I haven't been to such luxurious ladies of such extensive facilities. Lockers are provided free-of-charge, and has an elongated portion where members can choose to hang their clothes on the one or two hangers provided. Mirrors and couches are everywhere. There are also sections of make-up desks that are complemented with a cushioned seat and hair-dryer each.

In each shower cubicle, shampoo, soap and conditioner are all provided. And I love the shower head! The large shower head guarantees a very satisfying and rejuvenating wash-up!

There is also a couch area, where members can read newspapers and magazines, and complimentary tea is offered. Coupled with a great scenery overseeing part of Orchard Road, the studio definitely gives off a very comfortable vibe.

For the classes, I feel that good class etiquette is practised, thus ensuring the quality of its classes. Students are very quiet in the studios, and are focused in the lessons. And while I am currently in no way a supporter of mediation and its varied practices, I feel that the lessons, or simply being in the studios, feel therapeutic. We can always feel relaxed and at ease at home, but I think the lessons do offer a kind of quiet and serenity not found in our homes, or anywhere else in the city.

And it is not difficult to guess why, but I think that Pure Yoga is a place exclusive for office workers; I was introduced by the staff a monthly membership of $205 for a 6-month agreement, or a monthly membership fee of $164 for a 1-year agreement. Perhaps, when I grow older, with an income high enough to feel that I can engage in such club memberships, I will consider joining Pure Yoga, especially if I eventually develop an interest in yoga. After all, Pure Yoga did leave a good impression on me.

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Ngee Ann City
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