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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 08, 2014    

Elizabeth Lee debuted onscreen via a show called 'We Can Survive', when she was still a secondary school student. Her widespread fame was evident and she soon became known as one of Singapore's very own breed of idols. 

She was also featured in a local movie; 'Imperfect' in 2012. Simultaneously, she is a Nanyang Junior College student and a certified grade 8 pianist.


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Young budding talent

Elizabeth Lee is definitely someone I look up to! Despite being the same age, she has already debuted in quite a few shows, knows the piano well and nurtured other talents that escape my grasp. Meanwhile, lazy me merely sits on the sofa watching her on television.

From all her shows, what really shines through is her professionalism in doing her work. Elizabeth Lee frequently takes up assignments involving school or teenage society life. It may be argued that the reason why she acts so well in her roles is that in being a teenager herself, she can 'think' and 'behave' exactly as the role requires and hence the actions come naturally. However, I feel that a lot of effort has been put in too, there are a few instances where she gives off an awkward vibe or is almost going to stumble her lines. Hence, the amount of effort she puts in is indeed commendable!

Her appeal is really great too! I feel that being really pretty doesn't hurt when it comes to a male audience such as me and a group of friends. The way she dazzles has us putting aside time to watch her shows even though we had heavy workloads that demanded our attention.

I really hope she continues acting! Shes seriously good! Looking forward to more of her shows!

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