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A versatile actress, host, physical theatre performer and singer. Shu An is also popular for her youtube series "Tried and tested" and switches from arthouse to high drama to comedy effortlessly.



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An underrated personality

I discovered Shu An from Clicknetwork’s web-series “Tried and Tested”, and have liked both her and her series ever since the very first episode!

Other than having a really nice voice - which are really music to my ears - Shu An is bubbly, cheery, and lively, making her an incredible web-series host. The way she code switches between Singlish and the Queen’s English is so fluent that she manages to stay classy despite the slang she uses, something that I admire and wish I could replicate. Her vibrant, effervescent personality makes me want to come back for more, making me an avid follower of her series.

I follow her on Instagram as well (fangirl alert), and her humility and sincerity really shows in all her social media posts. I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet her once, and will always remember how down-to-earth and friendly she was to a shy girl like me.

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Confident, charismatic, elegant.


Shu An has got to be one of the rarest celebrities who ooze elegance, charisma and confidence. Yes, I admit that she definitely is not the prettiest woman in the entertainment industry, neither is she in the Top 20 prettiest artiste in Singapore; but you have got to admit, she is just so charming! She is my role model, no doubt about that. She is the essence of the modern day, new age females.

My girl crush on her might bias me in some ways, so take my words with a pinch of salt. My memory of her was jolted when I watched her on Try and Tested, a series hosted by the Singaporean Youtube Channel “Click Network TV”. Basically, this series features celebrities who try products which are relatively very new in the market, yet rapidly gaining popularity; for example, hair chalk. Of course, they give very good advice too!

Shu An speaks well – no fake American or British or Australian accent, just good and precise pronunciation. Of course, there are still traces of Singlish in her conversations, which just makes her even more realistic and relatable. I do, however, get the feeling that she clenches her teeth while she talks; but I think it might just be me.

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