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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

She has since left Mediacorp when her contract expired, this Fly entertainment artiste has undergone a makeover and is doing shoots for Fly. She has acted in various dramas and is known for being comical and starred in her first english play in September. 


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True Diva!

I've always admired Patricia Mok for her brashness and her confidence. She never seems to be afraid to say anything or do anything even if it makes people view her in a negative manner. She doesn't care if people think she's unglam, she does everything with pride.

I thought she did an excellent job in My Sassy Neighbour and I heard she's going to be in Ah Boys to Men the musical which I can't wait to watch. She is definitely one of the best comedy actresses in Singapore and gosh, she is just such a diva.

She is certainly very entertaining to watch and I can't wait to see more of her works!

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Patricia has always been acting and hosting in TV shows ever since I started appreciating variety and drama shows. In my opinion, she was never demure but her hilarious reactions, facial expressions and her responses always made me look forward to catching her in the next episode.

I could still remember vividly about how unjust I felt for her when she reported a case to the police about being molested and there were nasty comments about Mok, criticising her from head to toe. I think many of us should learn to get things clear before we point fingers at others, especially at someone who appears on TV and hardly fails to let us have a good laugh.

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Funny acting

Patricia Mok has been acting since my younger days as a child. I still remember my first impression of her on the channel 8 drama - that I used to watch as a kid at my grandma's - was her as a boorish, uncouth woman.

It was only later when I realised that she was acting,

While she is not pretty like some of the newer stars, she can really act. She is versatile in the type of character that she can take and she is usually involved in cracking up the audience with her jokes and her funny antics. One of the series that I especially loved was "Paris and Milan" that was a parody of the local news and Patricia Mok Co-starred as one of the main hosts.

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(Updated: August 08, 2013)

Always the same roles

She's an actress that is not known for her looks. That is alright, because usually she takes on roles in which she is not the beauty. You know how weird it is when actors/actresses who are not good looking take on roles in which they are supposedly good looking?

Unfortunately, she always takes on the same roles. She is always that loud-mouthed, gossipy, funny person. Her acting looks natural, maybe because she is used to acting all those similar characters, it could even be that her natural self is like that.

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Not afraid to speak out

Patricia Mok is really one of Singapore's unique artiste. She is not your typical cookiec-cutter female artistes with flowy long hair, big eyes, small mouth, dainty and gentle. She's opposite of what you expect her to be! Loud mouthed, poufy hair and just a loud and obnoxious character that some might find offensive. I'm okay with her being loud and direct because it is a refreshing change from the other female artistes! She is not afraid to show her true self when hosting or during shows. Her acting, usually in variety shows, tickles me a lot!!! She goes out all the way to fulfill the role.

Ii enjoyed her shows that were mainly on Channel 8. For example, Paris & Milan. A comedy that aims to increase awareness on usual social problems and such. Her role made me look forward to watching this show every week!!! A pity it is not airing anymore otherwise I would recommend you to watch it. Her jokes and acting are so funny and enjoyable to watch. It was natural and does not look "forced" like how some artiste look like. It's a pity that she has left Mediacorp because I really enjoyed seeing her on TV.

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(Updated: February 18, 2013)

She went poof in the media industry!

Patricia Mok isn't recently spotted across my television screen. Rather, she's more commonly spotted off.

I recalled her being jovially outspoken and rather hilarious in her shows or even in that show she was featured in; the one that was some sort of a candid camera. She improved the local image unconsciously with the down to earth aura she commonly portrayed. Unfortunately, she went poof quicker than snapping fingers or cracking knuckles. She vanished. She is no longer featured on screen. Neither Channel 8 nor Channel 5 bore signs or even mere advertisements containing this person called Patricia Mok.

I am certainly an avid fan of a Korean boy band called Big Bang. Apparently, so is she. Patricia Mok began yanking attention towards her this time via a differing format. She took to twitter to profess her love for these five boomtastic boys. Confession wasn't the only thing she did. She even ranted and showcased her obsession towards Big Bang too, which was all sorts of queer, no thanks to her age. She received mugs that had images of Big Bang plastered all over. It was sufficient enough to make her quiver into a cup of fan-girling puddle. I even spotted her in Big Bang's concert that was held here, conducting a mini fan meet where she buzzed and bobbed like a partially electrocuted fangirl. She seemed like an aunty crooning for good looking toddlers. However, Big Bang does have that magnetisation effect that caters to an influx of fans that varies diversely in terms of age . It is a feat that is truly applaudable.

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(Updated: January 22, 2013)

Loud-mouthed, but so what? She rocks anyway

Pretty face? No, I honestly do not think she is pretty. But who says that only celebs with a pretty face should be in the industry?

Patricia Mok's definitely not losing out on her popularity, and has in fact made a name for herself. Mo Xiao Ling - a household name, never to be forgotten. Kudos to all the loud-mouthed and drama mama acting! She has indeed grown a long way in Mediacorp and I am glad that she's moving on to a place where she feels that she can showcase her potential to yet the fullest. It always pays to be learning new things in a job that you enjoy. No matter where she may be, her fans will see her shine!

Way to go, Patricia!

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A remarkable artiste

Patricia Mok stands out from MediaCorp's line of pretty, dainty actresses with her larger than life personality. Unlike other actresses who attempt to keep the limelight away from them, Patricia Mok grabs hold of the limelight and basks in it, and does not deny the fact that she is enjoying the attention.

Patricia Mok was an excellent host during her days with MediaCorp. She was unabashed, and her jokes actually seemed funny, unlike that of other hosts nowadays. Knowing that she was not the conventional sort of beauty that the other actresses were, she set about using her own looks as a joke, and I have to applaud her for this, because doing such a feat on national television requires quite a lot of bravery and guts.

She is a formidable actress as well, switching from playing the villain, and to acting as the hapless 'auntie'. She breaks into tears and sneers easily without a single hitch, and why she has yet to gain the recognition that she deserves is simply beyond me.

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(Updated: December 05, 2012)

What? She has left Mediacorp?

I just found out Patricia Mok left a few seconds ago after reading the overview of this listing. Such a waste, I think she really tickled my funny bone whenever I watch her shows.

One of my favourite shows with her was Paris and Milan in which she hosted. (The one with the eminent Auntie Lucy.) Beside hosting the show, she also played other characters.The way she potrays her other characters when being ''interviewed'' for general issues in Singapore was impeccable. I couldn't stop guffawing whenever she appeared!

Although I do want her to return to showbiz someday, I'm pretty sure she will strive as well even when not in Mediacorp. All the best, Patricia Mok!

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She made TV light and happy.

It's been quite a while since I've saw her on TV. i must say she has great acting and comical skills. The characters she portray really ignite intense emotions in her viewers. I've watched many of her dramas on Channel 8 and we cannot deny she has a great sense of humor.

Though she is not exactly pretty, what i admire is that she strives to improve herself. Her outgoing and amiable character has made her popular amongst many other artistes.

She has since left mediacorp to do other things like bridal shoots for Fly entertainment, and my, she looks very different from last time. Sporting chopped off locks, i think it is really refreshing.

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