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Averlynn Lim
Listing created by Averlynn Lim on December 04, 2012    

Paige Chua entered showbiz when she was offered a role in a local production. Prior to that, she has experience in modelling and has since endorsed several brands and appeared in various television commercials. An NUS graduate, she has acted in a series of dramas and is active till current. 



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Unconvincing act

Having read the brief description of her past career before she was engaged by Mediacorp, I'm not surprised that she has done modelling before. Her porcelain skin tone and pretty smile coupled with a slender body surely can land her a modelling contract.

However, when I first saw her debut drama serial 'Just in Singapore', I honestly was not impressed by her acting skills. Perhaps it is credited to her amateurism or anxiety, her act was rather... rigid and contrived. Her delivery of the lines lack expression and emotion, and from my perspective, she did not blend in well with the character she was playing, or with the rest of the cast. It was not a convincing act.

Maybe her skills have polished up in the subsequent dramas she starred in; I have not been catching the subsequent shows so I wouldn't know. However, when I would incidentally catch snippets of these dramas starring her, it appeared to me that her improvement wasn't significant.

Nonetheless, I give her every credit she deserves for putting in effort in her career.

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Fisherman friend girl

She’s no rookie, but her acting isn’t anything noteworthy. And what use is an actress if she can’t act? Even if she’s a pretty face, which she undoubtedly is, she nevertheless pollutes the television screen with subpar acting. I remember watching her in one of her earlier works, in a role that didn’t even require that much acting ability, and I lost track of how many times I felt like laughing. Since then, her acting has improved, but it’s still not near acceptable.

Because to me she doesn’t have a standout role, she’s still known as the “Fisherman Friend girl” in my house. If an advertisement is the representative work of Paige Chua, I don’t know what that says about her acting

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Not the best actress out there...

Paige Chua is a stunner, there is absolutely no doubt about that. With her tall and leggy frame, she carries an air of grace and poise about her. However, I personally feel that her acting leaves much to be desired.

I first noticed her on the local drama, "Just In Singapore", in which she acted as the pompous elder sister of Fiona Xie's character. In comparison to Fiona Xie, a veteran in the industry, her acting was awkward and her speech was a little slurred, as if she was not used to speaking in Chinese. I also found that particular drama a little ironic, because Paige Chua's character was supposed to be the perfect elder sister, but if anything, it was obvious that she lost out to Fiona Xie in pretty much every aspect.

Her acting has improved significantly though, after a few years, and her speech is now more fluent and smooth. However, I personally feel that there is still much room for improvement.

Overall, an actress with potential if she tries harder to improve her acting skills.

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A pretty face.

I've always thought she had a pretty face. Appears that she has had prior modelling experience before joining showbiz. I remember her from the Fisherman's sweet commercial where she looked absolutely stunning.

However even though she has a pretty face and all, i think her acting skills need improvement. i've seen her on a quite a few dramas though most of them she was just acting as a supporting role instead of a lead.

Hope to see better performances from her in future.

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