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Michelle Chia is discovered at the age of 6, she was a lovable child actor who made audience sit up and notice her when she played the role of a Ma Jie at the age of 15, in the classic document drama series: Vow of Celibracy.


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Wonderful aura, great host

Michelle Chia indeed has an impressive aura, almost as if she is a naturally born talent. She appears to be quiet but non-submissive and feminine but strong. Not only has she acted in several drama serials, she has also hosted many different shows.

Her effective bilingualism is a powerful quality not many hosts in the local entertainment industry possess. I always witness in awe how she transits smoothly from English to Mandarin and vice versa, especially in large-scale charity shows, and her hosting her facilitated greatly in the smooth communication between the media and the audience. This ability of hers has also allowed her to host both Mandarin and English variety shows.

Besides, her pleasing smiles and youthful look has gained the support of the audience since she was a child actor. While she may not be the super humourous actors like Mark Lee and Quan Yi Feng, I equally appreciate her steady composure in the shows she has hosted.

I always wonder though: How does she maintain her figure when she hosted so many series of the famous "Makan Places Lost and Found" with Gurmit Singh?

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Michelle Chia is a classy lady. She exudes charm and style, plus the looks to go along with it. She is effectively bilingual, and speaks fluent English and Chinese. Hence, her versatility in both Channel 8 and Channel 5 shows. She usually does hosting and variety shows on these 2 channels.

However, she strikes me as being impersonal and distant. Compared to the likes of popular variety show hosts like Mark Lee and Lee Teng, Michelle Chia pales in comparison. There's simply a lack of personal touch and interest in whatever show she is hosting, so she appears nonchalant at times. Perhaps that is why she has been blotted out of late!

Nonetheless, she really does have great ability and potential. It's such a pity to see it go to waste and I hope she manages to succeed on some other platform.

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Her versatility on television is the first thing that strikes me. While she first started acting in Chinese shows, it seems that recently she has moved over to English shows which she is also surprisingly good at,

And here we see yet another bilingual artiste,

While her acting skills are not too shabby, she has a tendency of being a little too stiff and unnatural during certain scenes - close ups of her face are unflattering, she seems as if she's trying too hard. If it is a normal scene that requires action though, she seems more than game for it. Though she seems feminine, some shows that she acts in gives me the vibe that she's actually more masculine that she seems, which make her - in Singaporean terms - more "gung-go" than many other actresses.

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Superb chemistry with Gurmit Singh

I recalled being pleasantly surprised by her fluid English language when she first appeared across channel 5's show involving foods scattered around Singapore. She hosted the show, alongside with the ever so popular, Gurmit Singh. They clicked onscreen like a pair of long lost husband and wife. I even thought they were an on and offscreen couple!

After much enquiry amongst my peers and several google searches, my doubts were dashed. No, they're no Richard Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Their sparkling chemistry still blinds me with a supreme surge of suspicion though. I wonder.

Apart from those bubbling chemistry, Michelle Chia is also the owner of the hair that drives many towards the path of envy. Her hair is affected by neither the billowing winds nor the scorching sun in Singapore. It doesn't seem to need Yun Nam hair care treatment centre anytime soon. There were even rumours that her crowning glory may possibly be a high quality wig. I agree. That is totally the extremest compliment women will ever yearn for.

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Too Westernised

I am a more traditional person so I cannot like Michelle Chia. She is a pretty lady and always portrayed herself as a classy person. She has too much of the strong character of Western lady and non of the traditional Chinese character that I find it difficult to accept.

I think her ex-husband also find her too much of a strong woman and got divorced. I did not really follow their divorce story but when they got married, I already thought that their marriage would not last. Simple reason being she was more popular than him and she easily overshadowed him in any public appearances. I guess only the most open minded of man can accept such status.

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Think your regular Western sexbomb but Asian

And you will have Michelle Chia.

Michelle Chia is a very versatile and capable actress, gracing both Channel 8 and Channel 5 easily with her bilingual roles and class. She has proven in Chinese dramas to be completely capable of playing the meek housewife, to English dramas where she is an untouchable queen of the board.

She is also a capable host and while she is not particularly humorous, she is able to follow through her show with enough flair and class. I look forward to seeing her explore her further acting potential like her fellow Michelle.

Overall a beautiful woman.

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Superb acting

Michelle Chia is a pretty looking actress. In terms of her acting skills, she does have a certain level of skills and is usually able to portray the various characters properly. She is able to fit into almost any role she is assigned to, and bring the character to life, be it a modern career woman, an auntie or even as a host for some of the shows.

However, I guessed being actress, they are really good at acting as i think that's the image she portrayed in front of everybody, but it may not be her true nature. I am not commenting on the way she handled her breakup since its her business. But I had a chance to see her in real life, she is really pretty looking but that time the way she gave an impression that the clinic did not accept credit card and she and her friend both did not have enough cash, a kind of look that this clinic is low class not to accept credit card. I thought she need not have done that, since it is not uncommon for this to be the case.

Not saying that this is bad, but i guess we always have a higher expectation of public figures.

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Pretty and talented with a cool demeanor

I find Michelle Chia to be a very pretty actress, with the kind of girl-next-door looks that everybody instantly likes. One of the prettiest faces on-screen, I loved her when she was acting in "Polo Boys", she was comfortable holding her own against all the polo boys.

Her facial expressions also convey her emotions very well. When she was playing Kelly in "A Perfect Cut", I noticed this quality about her whereby her facial expressions were in perfect tandem with her emotions.

I hope to see her taking on an action-packed role, too. I think she has the ability to bring it out well. Well, keeping my fingers crossed.

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