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One of Singapore's first stars, not many people may know that she was a "R Series" student - RGS, RJC before giving that up to become a singer. She eventually returned to LaSalle where she graduated with first class honours. She was the first of her kind to make it big in Taiwan first before coming back to Singapore - way back in 1994.

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Epitome of Multi-talent

I guess she's arguably the epitome of a multi-talented individual, isn't it?

Not only does Kit Chan have the strong, powerful and inspirational vocal cords to touch the hearts of the masses with her songs, she also have the intellect and intelligence (as seen from her 'R' series). Personally, she's like a predecessor of Stefanie Sun.

I've not heard much of Kit Chan's songs, but the national day song "Home" is to-date one of the most popular and well-received song out of the entire collection of songs. That itself speaks volumes of her voice, and her radius of influence on her own people. It is encouraging how she contributes back to her country and community with her talents, which are home-grown and cultivated locally.

Singers like herself and alongside Stefanie Sun and JJ Lin are all note-worthy home-grown talents that proves our potential budding artistic talents that Singapore can and will produce greater stars and talents.

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Magnetic Voice

"This is home, truly, where I know I must be."

With her touching original song for Singapore in 2004, she is known for her lovely and vibrant voice. When I was in primary school, although "Home" had long become a nation favourite with its heart-warrming and patriotic lyrics, another song "There's no place I'd rather be" appealed to me much more. The beautiful tune of the song resonated with the idea of travelling and then coming back home to the place one can truly be happy and satisfied with.

Other than her beautiful voice, she has a similarly heartwarming face that makes one feel almost attracted to her magnetic voice and face. What a talent.

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(Updated: July 16, 2013)

Home, truly

One of the home-grown singers with the best vocals! Her powerful vocal brings us right deep into the emotions drawn by the beautiful lyrics of her songs. "For this is where I know it's home". Kit Chan sure does. The image of her singing the song remains etched in my memory. Well, the song did do us proud, as soon after the 2010 National Day Parade, "Home" became a household song for everyone to hum alongside with the heartwarming tune.

Kit Chan has managed to display her versatility not only in musical expression, but also linguistic and theatrical prowess, having played the lead in the Dutch-Hong Kong production of "East Meets West", and the Taiwanese musical "What's Love Got to Do with It?". In 2006, she has once again proven herself in "Forbidden City: Portrait of an Empress". She has also acted in my all-time favourite Hong Kong drama, Healing Hands (妙手仁心).

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