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Rui En was first talent-spotted after appearing in SingTel's popular SingTel hi!Card commercial as the iconic "running girl" in 2001. She then started her acting career and since 2004 has averaged 1 to three dramas consistently per year. She also tried out a singing career in Taiwan.

Notably after 2007, Rui En gained a significant pool of fans, earning her the title of Singapore’s Most Popular Local TV Actress[ in 2010. RBKD (Chinese: 瑞不可当) is her official fan club which can be viewed at


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She's Got Character

There is something about Rui En that makes her different from other actresses.

She has character and this strength of character finds its way into the different roles she plays on Channel 8. Take for instance, her role in Channel 8 drama series Poetic Justice. She was utterly apt for the character of Liu Yanzhi, female protagonist of the story. Liu Yanzhi is one who sticks to her ethics and has compassion even on her job. Yanzhi would not compromise on her convictions on protecting the best interests of others on her job.

It is funny how Yanzhi is an accurate portrayal of who Rui En is in real life.

Character. Style. Charisma. You name it, Rui En has it.

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A solemn girl.

She always exudes a solemn, serious outfront to her viewers, or that's what i feel about her. Unlike the other actresses, she hardly smiles or shows her joy, though when she smiles, she is really a beauty.

My parents have commented that she has a perpetually sulky face, as though she is very sad or depressed. Well, some people are born with an unsmiling face, but i've read elsewhere that she does indeed have an unhappy childhood, so that may be a cause of her non bubbly character.

Her acting though has been improving ever since i've watched her act. She does put a lot of soul into her acting. The guys she have worked with, she has a lot of chemistry with them too.

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Rising actress!

Rui En is definitely one of MediaCorp's better actresses, and she deserves every bit of that fame and recognition.

There's just something about Rui En that exudes confidence and undisclosed sensuality, which probably explains why she is currently one of MediaCorp's 'it' actresses. Rui En is known for sticking to her beliefs and base principles, a fact made infamous by the media after an incident in which she rejected a blockbuster drama because it contained a rape scene that went against her beliefs, and I found this extremely refreshing.

For an actress in the media industry nowadays, someone like Rui En who stubbornly clings on to her principles is hard to come by, and it definitely shows that she is not just another ditzy actress, and that she does in fact have a good head on her shoulders.

Her acting is amazing as well, as she breaks into tears easily despite her usually stoic persona. Furthermore, she has shown that she can not only perform the tough roles well, but also act perfectly as a sunny girl-next-door as seen in 'A Tale of Two Cities'.

MediaCorp ought to give her more varied roles though. Nothing would beat seeing Rui En acting as the villain for once, definitely!

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Can go far, but needs to do more.

I find Rui En to be one of the prettiest actresses at MediaCorp, with her coy girl-next-door looks and winning smile. But I feel she doesn't showcase her talents as much as she could. Although I remember Rui En being one of the most promising young actresses some time ago, I feel her public image has waned recently.

Often referred to as the 'Cool Princess' for her nonconforming attitude, I feel that she can portray her emotionally-demanding roles very well. Although she doesn't express her smile or laughs very often, I think it's a reflection of her serious nature and her didicataion to her job. I hope she goes far and emulates or betters Zoe Tay.

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One who can go really far

Rui En is a really likeable character even when she does not smile. There is so much about her when she portrays different characters in different dramas.

What I like about her is that she always gives others the feeling that she do not need to put up a superstar front to feel like one. She is a star in her own self.

I like it that she can be herself, without much make up at times and still look decently attractive. I am sure that she can venture overseas for more acting chances!

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Rare gem

No doubt that Rui En is one of the best actresses in Singapore so far. From a cool policewoman to a gentle daughter-in-law, she has the ability to bring the character out. Her acting and pronunciation had improved throughout the years. She is one of the few who can pull off a policewoman role. She is also known for her stand for not acting in any intimate scenes.
Many people often mistook Rui En has an attitude problem as she doesn’t really smile. She clarified many times she is just being her usual self. Well, you can’t blame her for looking cool.

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Icy Princess

Every year in the Stars Awards, Rui En has always been one of the Top 10 favourite female artiste. However, every year people are observing at her attitude and the way she present herself on stage and her delivery of speech. She has always been crowned for being stuck up and cold to others as she is not as cheerful or as smiley as other artistes. And she always has to explain to reporters that she is just being herself and not as being proud or stuck up.

But no doubt her acting skills in dramas are great! Sometimes I really do wonder how she handles the big jump in character and personality on and off screen.

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One of the best!

Rui En is one of my all time favourite local actresses. She has the looks, the talent, and she seems like such a likeable person. She is a natural at acting and can play various kinds of roles, from a poor mistreated daughter from the old times of Singapore to a modern detective with a cool persona.

The bubbly actress also has a very nice smile, and it is a joy to watch her perform especially when she is given happy, less serious roles. However, she always seems to be getting unhappy character roles or roles that cause the audience to sympathize with or feel sad for her. Casting directors need to give her more cheerful roles that allow her to smile more.

I am also looking forward to new music from her, because she can sing as well! Go listen to "Reach Out For The Skies", the 2005 National Day song, and you can also go on YouTube to find original records from her too.

Being a pro at what she does, there is no doubt we will see Rui En in more local shows to come in the future. She will be easily liked by audiences young and old, After all, what's not to like about her?

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Great actress

The image that Rui En gives to most people when she is not acting is that she does not smile much and seems like a cold person. However when she is acting, she does not let people have any kind of thoughts of her as a cold person. This shows that she can be into the character she is portraying and act it out well.

Other than being able to act well, I think she sings pretty well. She has sang one of the National Day's theme song before and also performed on other events. I think she is talented in this area. I think she suits all kind of roles; from police and reporter to a girl who grew up in a rural area.

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"One of Singapore most talented & My discovery about her"

I first got a glimpse of Rui En in "You Are the One" (½缘分), which is a show that was broadcast in 2005. I believe that I happened to watch till the rebroadcast one in 2006 or 2007. During that time, I was 6 or 7 years old and my dad then had a rule in the household that TVs are for news only, which is at 6.30pm and 10pm. Usually they play rebroadcast shows at the 5.30pm to 6.30pm. There was once I on the TV a few minutes before the time for the news and I happened to saw Rui En on the TV show acting.

Even though I was at a very young age, the moment I saw her. The thought I had the came to my mind was "She is so pretty and she act very well!". Even through that time she is still new to acting and that came from a kid that is 7 or 8 years old. After that I would try very hard to go home and watch the 5.30pm show, without letting my father know about. However, I do not know who she is, but her looks and acting stayed in my mind. Until to the age of 12 when she sang in the National Day Parade(NDP) song, when I saw her sang the song for NDP, I remember making a big fuss about having to get the tickets for NDP and getting that song she sang, and thus finding out her name.

Now that I think about it, what kind of encounter this is. Looking back, I could really say that she had potential from the very start and I believe that she is the one of the most talented actress that Singapore had actually found. In recent years, I would only want to watch local shows that starred her, which most of the time are shows that I believe are worth watching. I will keep giving her my support and hope everyone will continue to give your support for her too.

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