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Zoe Tay was the first big celebrity actress in Singapore. Although she initially did not fancy acting, she was given a role in the legendary drama "Crime and Passion" alongside Li Nanxing which basically ignited her love for acting. Her breakthrough soon came in Pretty Faces and from then on she has been winning awards nearly every year for her breakthrough performances.

In 1987 she won model fo the year and in 1988 she joined and won the first talent search contest, Star Search. She also became Singapore's first ever lux girl.

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Best actress ever

Just like when one think about Li Nanxing, you can never forget about Zoe Tay. She might be as internationally acclaimed as Fann Wong, but by no means does she lose out to Fann in anyway. After all, she is the queen of cadelcott hill for so many years.

Zoe Tay is another versatile actress who has taken on many different roles, from that of Bobo the crazy woman, to the Queen of Gambling, from Ah Di to a auntie with a bobhead and thick glsses. She is also one that does not mind making herself look ugly for the character of the show. Of course she aren't the only one, and more often than not, her character will eventually end up as a pretty lady in the end.

I always like her shows, as she is able to be in the character very naturally. Also off the screen she has a very classy feel about her, yet at the same time it does not put people off and she has been like this ever since she started her career. I have never seen any comments or reviews that she has an air of stuck up-ness around her, unlike other actresses.

Of course, there are shows where i did not like, and no matter how good her skills are, the story is so bad that it really does not make sense. I think one of the latest is the show call scorpio or caprico, where she acted along with Fann. Also the golden pillow, which again was with Fann. I find that the 2 shows are too cheesy and unrealistic. Other than this, I have enjoyed all shows with her in it.

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Watch Great World Hotel to fall in love with her again

I never liked Zoe Tay, till my grandma forcibly changed my SVC from Spongebob Squarepants to Channel 8. In the middle of my non-stop complaints, I realized the show on TV was pretty good.

I started watching it and was telling my grandma how young Zoe Tay looks in this show, but I got no response so I assumed she must be wondering why I like old-people shows. Even my grandma eventually grew bored of it and I rose to the throne of the Auntie of the TV at 3.30pm.

I tried to watch as many episodes as I can when I'm not out with friends or working and I enjoyed each episode tremendously. Zoe Tay plays the tough cookie who just lost a husband and her grief was real and beautiful. I never knew how good-looking this lady was until this show. No wonder she is Queen of Caldecott. Well-deserved.

Someone should give her a role again.

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(Updated: March 04, 2013)

Zoe Tay is Zoe Tay!

Talk about Singapore TV, seriously nothing much? But there are always these few veteran artistes whom I 'grew' up watching. The main one of course is the forever Queen - Zoe Tay. She never seem to lack that bit of elegance and class throughout the years and each time I see her pictures splashed on 8days or other magazines' cover page, I never fail to think, 'wah, why still so gorgeous!' I think she is mother to 2 boys already but oh-my-god, how can she still look so sexy since her 'Bobo' days?

Watched a couple of her talk-shows and I find her a very humble and genuine person, unlike some of the other younger artistes. I saw her once at Bishan junction8 with her family and oh boy does she look so X-factorish. Oh yes, and maybe because I kept staring at her, she looked at me and flashed me her small signature smile. Not the drop dead pretty kind but she just has got this X-factor I guess and that probably is her godsend weapon to hold her reign. Not seeing her too much on TV these days but yeah, you go queen!

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Her career was like a scholar

Being the champion in the first star search, her career in acting was similar to that of a scholar in the civil service. We all know that scholars have their path planned for them when they first joined the civil service, they will move faster than the most hard working and capable civil servants that were not scholars.

The way that Zoe raised to stardom, it was similar to how a scholar got promoted to director. She started her first TV series as the lead actress and since then, she had never played any role other than the lead actress.

I remembered when she first started, her roles were quite similar but her recent roles had more varieties, she had started playing aunties, ugly women and bad woman. She deserved her star status not like some scholars not deserving to be directors.

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(Updated: January 18, 2013)

Our all-time Ah-Jie

She may not get the best roles, but she brings the best out of every role that she takes up. She may not have the best command of English, but she's always trying her best in everything she does. There is just something that makes her so amicable, so amazing.

This is Zoe Tay, our Mediacorp Ah-Jie. Someone whom many of us grew up watching, but no one has ever gotten sick of watching.

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One of my favourites

I grew up with Zoe Tay always on my tv. She was, and still is, a great actress. My favourite role from her was as the Du Hou in one of the great gambling shows. I remember how I always paired her up with Li Nan Xing; they really are a formidable duo together. Even now, 10 years on, she still looks gorgeous as ever. I guess elegance is ageless. Recently, she hasn't been on tv much (if I didn't recall wrongly, anyway) and I miss her. I hope she returns soon. I don't think she has to be the main character though - I think if she played a supporting role, it would only further enhance the acting of the main characters. This is unless of course she is being paired with veteran actors or actresses like herself, for acting with a newbie actor/actress might just underscore their lack of experience.

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Star struck!

When I was young, I always looked up to Zoe Tay as the best actress in Singapore. Back then, she was known as The Queen Of Caldecott and I remember always admiring her in magazines. When I was 7, I saw Zoe Tay at a eatery in Geylang having a meal with her friends. I was so starstruck. I immediately got up from my seat, found a piece of tissue paper to ask her to sign as a souveneir for me.

She was such a nice person. She chuckled at the tissue paper that I was holding, and went to her car to get me a paper instead. She kindly signed it and included a sweet message too. At that time, I was so stunned and shocked, I could barely finish my meal. Although I'm no longer as fanatic about her as I was in the past, I really do admire her as an idol.

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It's not a compliment if someone tells you that you speak English like Zoe Tay

As an actress I have nothing to complain about Zoe Tay. She has class. Of the old school actors and actresses, she seemed to get sexier with age with a figure that seems to get better with kids. No complaints when she speaks in Mandarin, it sounds more than just natural.

But not when she speaks in English. The Boredphucks even have that little ode to her lack of command for speaking in English. Anyone who would have no idea of the innuendo behind the statement "I swallow" she made in a print advertisement ought to be shot. Her manager too for not advising her accordingly.

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A Brilliant Actress Of All Time

Every time the veteran actress Zoe Tay is screened on television, I find myself involuntarily drawn to watching which ever drama serial that she is currently starring in.

I have always admired the seasoned actress's dexterity in acting. Whatever role she decides to take up, she would successfully portray the character in a convincing manner that sometimes, I would momentarily forget that she is Zoe Tay in reality.

Besides, at any angle - side, front, up; she never fails to appear beautiful and eye-pleasing, enhancing the entertainment level the viewers are able to derive from her shows. Her aesthetically-pleasing looks are always visual feasts for us.

I'm sure, in general, most people would nod their heads in agreement to the fact that this stunning actress deserves many accolades and awards she has received over the years, and has left behind a trail of brilliant performances in her acting history. Who wouldn't want to see this familiar countenance on television again?

How I wish, I could return on a time machine to those days where I squeezed onto the couch with my family to enjoy the wonderful shows she has devotedly put up for her audience.

She has, in recent years, bore children and still managed to keep that devilish figure. Even as she busied herself with her acting profession, the superwoman was capable enough to bring up her children as well!

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Queen of Caldecott Hill

Zoe's presence in the Singapore Entertainment Industry is one of the most celebrated and coveted.

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Good Old Days

Zoe Tay, reminds me of the nostalgic times I had with my grandmother when she was still around. We would sit by the television when I came back from school everyday in the afternoon just to watch channel 8 drama replays from 3 to 5pm, and later on again at night. Although she was not one of my favourite actresses, she was my grandmother's favourite and I would still vaguely remember her rooting for Zoe Tay during every single star awards that we would watch together.

I would say that Zoe Tay's acting career has peaked during the 90s when she was known as the "queen" of TCS, back before the days when mediacorp came about. She would always take on loud main character roles, and even now when I see her on television I would inevitable picture her character scolding someone at the back of my head. I admire her versatility and charisma in shoes, when put in different situations she would always never fail to make the character something seem so real. An actress with a very unique style I must say!

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The queen of acting in Singapore

Honestly, if you as a Singaporean can say that you do not know who Zoe Tay is, you must either be really too young to have seen her act in local dramas (although I believe some really young people would know her!), or you are living in your own world. The majority of Singapore SHOULD know who Zoe Tay is!

I remember Zoe Tay as far back as The Unbeatables. I watched a repeat airing in the early 2000s, and she and Li Nanxing were some of the reasons why I really wanted to watch the show (storywise was so typical). Her acting was too good, and she definitely has the looks, and can do various roles. She also does not look her age at all, which is such a fortunate thing. I will always know Zoe Tay as one of the best actresses in Mediacorp, or perhaps even the best.

Given the fact that Zoe Tay is still having a career today proves her success in what she does. In 2013, she will be starring in the film Mister John, so fans will have something to look forward to after not having seen her in dramas since February. I believe that Zoe Tay will continue to have a very successful career, and perhaps one day she will break through even further than where she is now!

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