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Sora Ma is a Singaporean-based Malaysian Chinese actress who entered the entertainment industry relatively late compared to her peers, at the age of 27. She was offered a contract by MediaCorp after she was able to reach the top 5 in Star Search 2010.





  • Metropolitan College (KL) and Curtin University in Perth
  • Double Major in Management and Marketing
  • Rural Services Society – Teaching young kids to read and spread the awareness of scholarships

Work Experience:
Modeling, Financial advisor

Jogging, yoga, music, watching dramas and movies, singing.

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She is definitely Malaysian

I could tell that she is a Malaysian by just listening to her speak Mandarin. Her Mandarin had a very strong Malaysian accent. Many years ago, when Mediacorp first filmed their drama series, they used post production dubbing so at that times, the voice you hear may not be the actual voice of the actors or actresses.

But now, with the better sound filtering system, they are able to film with live voice recording. This in a way become a challenge for certain actors or actresses that may want to sound correct pronouncing the words in Chinese. If they concentrated too hard in getting the correct pronunciation out, they may not be able to act so naturally. This may be why Sora did not appear natural when acting.

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Not a big fan..

Sora Ma participated in Star Search in 2010, and she emerged as one of the Top 5, so I suppose that the judges must have seen some potential in her back then. It's been a good two years though, yet I am still unable to see any of that potential materializing.

I'm not a big fan of Sora Ma, I'll admit that. She lacks a certain charisma to draw her viewers in and turn them from mere spectators to fans. I first witnessed her on the big screen in a Channel 8 drama, and I have to say that that was some really awkward acting. Her facial expressions were a little too stiff, which made her acting all the less believable, and she seemed unfamiliar with the very words that she was speaking. In fact, I even cringed at her scenes with Desmond Tan, as she was unable to make the romance seem real.

Although relatively pretty, I am a firm believer that looks alone won't get an actress far. Perhaps she should start unleashing that very potential the producers saw in her for a start.

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More chances needed

Although it has been quite some time since she debuted, she does not seem to appear a lot on dramas and variety shows. I think that maybe because she came from Malaysia, there seems to be an accent whenever she speaks although it is not that obvious and heard frequently. I do think that she has a lot to show us.

I have seen her act in one of the dramas in Singapore and I think her acting was a little awkward. She should be given more chances and acting roles for her to improve and since she is chosen from the Star Search, I think she does have the potential.

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(Updated: November 14, 2013)

Wait and see.

With a model-like figure, it's no surprise that Sora Ma frequently appears on various magazines.

I first saw her on PK 爱情 Let's Play Love, a web series shown on xinmsn.

My first impression of her: ambitious. No surprise there for she was one of the Top 10 Star Search 2010《才华横溢出新秀2010》10强.

It's been two years now and Ms Ma has yet to convince her acting chops. After all, good roles are hard to come by.

She may have entered the entertainment industry relatively late compared to other fellow MediaCorp artistes, but hey, she's a living proof of the quote,' it's never too late to start'.

Personally, I feel that Sora Ma is a good name. A star's name.

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