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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on July 24, 2014    

Benjamin Heng is a bilingual Singaporean actor under FLY Entertainment. He was featured in numerous local dramas on Channel 5 and Channel 8 like 'It Takes Two' and 'Calefare'. The aforementioned drama was nominated under 'Best Comedy Programme' in 2009's Asian Television Award ceremony. 

He is no stranger to hosting TV programmes either. He hosted top-rated local shows like 'Money No Problem' and 'Durian King' to name a few. 

Additionally, he is capable of performing in theatres too. He was seen performing for local theatre productions like 'Mee Pok Man' and 'Asian Boys Volume 1'.

He was also known as a singer and guitar player. He was the 'frontman' and 'drummer' for two differing local bands; 'Pink Punk' and 'The Sputniks'.

Recently, Benjamin Heng was spotted in a drama shown on Channel 8 called 'Recruit Diaries'. 


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