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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on January 31, 2014    

Shaun Chen first started out as a model and was talent scouted by MediaCorp from the numerous billboard ads, where he was the face for Maxis. His debut on screen was in the form of dramatised hosting from the hit variety programme, "City Beat". He was later cast as an entrepreneur in "City Heroes" and later in the 100-ep "Holland V" whereby his character “Xiao Xin”, a successful business man who suffers from temporary memory loss, made him a household name.

Shaun has since taken on myriad leading roles in numerous Mandarin drama series, including "Yummy Yummy", a joint-production between Hongkong’s TVB and MediaCorp Studios and in 2006’s highly-rated "C.I.D", where his outstanding performance earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in the Star Awards. In addition to his work on television, Shaun also worked with acclaimed Singapore horror film director director Kelvin Tong, for the movie "Men in White". 

In 2009, Shaun was involved in "Your Hand in Mine", the 180-ep long-form Chinese drama.

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Have greater potential

Personally, Shaun Chen doesn't strike too much of an impression on me. He's relatively good-looking, with a refined gentlemanly aura and a prince-charming disposition, but somehow he lacks a little... charisma. (Let's refer to Christopher Lee and Qi Yu Wu for a better understanding)

His acting is acceptable I would say, with sufficiently convincing facial expression, fluctuating intonations in his speech and adequate fluency in the delivery of his lines. It is a pity though, he is rarely given leading roles or complicated characters to challenge his acting skills. I would be excited to see his performance if he is being given the chance to shine with characters that have more areas to work on.

After his marriage with Michelle Chia, I've seen lesser of his appearances on screen. However, he made his appearance again on one of my favourite shows "Dream Makers" which made it really refreshing and delightful to see one of the familiar faces again.

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Shaun Chen is definitely an actor in Singapore whom I’d consider as flexible or versatile. He thrived when it comes to acting as a villain. Neither did he falter when it comes to acting as a protagonist. I recalled how his realistically naturalistic form of acting succeeded in evoking either fury of annoyance or fluttering joy depending on the roles in which he was acting.

There’s some actors in Singapore who is just a pretty face onscreen. Period. Their way of portraying their characters weren’t that convincing hence I’ll usually just lean back and sigh whilst I bask in the chiseled facial structures of theirs. However, that wasn’t the case if we’re talking about Shaun Chen. Despite him being rather appealing, he succeeded in swaying my attention to his skills and character that he portrayed in within each show instead of merely the physical appearance. Impressive!

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A likable actor

Shaun has always been one of the Mediacorp Actors that I really like. In terms of his acting, it seems that he is always cast into two extremes. Either a role that is really good at heart or a role that exhibits the ugliness of human nature. In both scenarios, he always manages to convey the mood that is required of the scene.

Although he is versatile in terms of his ability to play two diverse roles, he can be a little wooden when acting with a lack of emotion on his face. However, his looks make up for that flaw of his.

Since he is one of the few actors that I actually like from Mediacorp, I actually did stay tuned to watch his wedding - that was publicised on national television - between him and Michelle Chia.

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