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Megan Foo
Listing created by Megan Foo on January 31, 2014    

A seasoned actor with more than 20 years of experience, Chen Tian Wen is a well-known face in both Singapore and China due to the numerous series that he has starred in. In addition to his acting skills, he is well-versed in the Martial Arts.

Tian Wen’s most notable works include classics such as "Man From The Past", "Airforce" and "The Royal Monk". In fact, his roles as a swashbuckling hero in "Man From The Past" and as a bumbling monk in "The Royal Monk" are still remembered by local and China viewers until this day. From the macho, no-nonsense action hero to the sensitive new age guy, Tian Wen has matured into a versatile actor capable of handling a diverse range of roles through the years. 

Off screen, the sporty artiste holds a black belt in Taekwondo and is an avid golfer. Active in community and charity work, Tian Wen has lent his celebrity influence to organize various events to help the needy.

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